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British Columbia Entrepreneur Strategic Projects

The Strategic Projects of the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP) is an Entrepreneur Stream pathway for immigration to Canada. It is designed to attract successful foreign owned business corporations that want to open a new operational branch in Canada. It is specially for entrepreneurs who have identified new strategic business investment opportunities in the British Columbia for the mutual growth and expansion of both, their business and the province.

In this process, the company can propose five key staff members who too shall work and settle in the province of British Columbia and to manage the business operations. The nominated staff may also eventually apply for a PR in Canada.

The companies should be able to generate significant annual revenue along with managing the proposed business. Under this immigration stream, the businesses should create high-impact occupations in industries like, technology, new media, advanced manufacturing, forestry, specialized engineering and scientific research and development.

What are the eligibility requirements of the Company?

  • The enterprise should make a minimum equity investment of $500,000.
  • It should also create at least three new jobs for Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada for each foreign key staff member proposed
  • The company should establish or purchase and expand in British Columbia.

What are the eligibility requirements for key staff members?

Apart from requiring the key staff members to be eligible for immigration status in Canada, the BC PNP shall not allow the applications from immigrants:

  • That are prohibited from entering Canada
  • Are not lawfully residing in their current country of residence
  • Are staying or working in Canada without authorisation
  • Having an unresolved refugee claim
  • Having a removal order outside of Canada

How can you apply for the BC PNP Strategic Projects category?

Step 1: Conduct an exploratory visit

BC PNP highly recommends the investor company’s entrepreneur and the nominated key staff members to conduct an exploratory visit to BC and gather vital information on the local business environment before submitting the application to BC PNP

Step 2: Discussion of business proposal

All the applicants applying under this category must contact the BC PNP to discuss their proposed business concept. The prospective companies are also required to register their interest to apply under this category, thereby paying a registration fee of $300 and provide the following information:

  • All the basic company information: year of establishment, number of employees, business activities to be carried, sales revenue etc.
  • Nature of business to be carried in the province
  • Core company’s relation to the proposed business in BC
  •  Commercial variability study and due diligence
  • Detailed investment breakdown
  • Estimated annual revenue
  • Kind of jobs proposed for Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada

Step 3: Apply to the Strategic Projects category

If the business proposal meets the economic and labour requirements of the province, the BC PNP will send an application package through email to the candidate applicant and the key staff members. Upon receiving the package, the candidate and staff members must submit all the required supporting forms and documents along with a corporate application processing fee of $3,500 and an additional $1000 for each proposed staff member.  after the initial assessment of the submitted application all the key staff members and the candidate shall be required to attend in-person interview at the BC PNP office in Vancouver.

Step 4: Signing the Performance Agreement

Once the application is approved, the company’s designated authority shall sign a Performance agreement with the Province of British Columbia. Each staff member shall be issued a letter of support for Work Permit by BC PNP in order to apply for a 2 year’s work permit from Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

Step 5: Application for PR

After the successful completion of work permit, if the company meets all the terms of performance agreement, the key staff members may apply for a Canadian PR within 180 days from the date of nomination.