Immigrate to Canada from Australia

If you wish to Immigrate to Canada from Australia, the process will be normally easier than immigrating from other nations to Canada. These two nations share a unique bond being members of the Commonwealth. Moreover, their mutual cultural links and language make the process of Canada PR from Australia easier. Australians have settled across Canada and a large number of them are residing in British Columbia’s Whistler. However, the process of moving to Canada from Australia can be challenging. Australian citizens can also witness hurdles during the intricate immigration process to Canada.

Let us help you with how to Immigrate to Canada from Australia.

Living in Canada as an Australian

Immigrating from Australia to Canada can be a life-transforming experience. Canada boasts of both advanced tech cities to beautiful countryside destinations. Relocating to a new nation can be puzzling while adapting to the new life, customs, culture, and everyday routine. Here are a few aspects that you must evaluate before you move to Canada from Australia.

Living costs in Australia vs. Canada

Residing in Canada in comparison with Australia is mostly the same or highly similar. Australians earn 36% higher in comparison with Canadians while also paying 35% higher for basic utilities. These include electricity, heating, water, and garbage. The majority of the items in Canada will be slightly cheaper when compared with Australia. However, it amounts to be nearly the same as Australians earn higher in Australia.

Initially, you may consider that the language barrier will be absent in Canada as English is the official language in both Canada and Australia. However, there are certain complications. English (59%) is the chief language spoken in Canada followed by French (23%) and an 18% blend of other languages. French is majorly spoken in Quebec, the only province in Canada to recognize French as its official language.


Australia and Canada have contrasting seasons – when Canada has winter, Australia will be experiencing summer. The typical climates of Canada are termed: polar, prairie, continental, semi-continental, and temperate. The typical climates of Australia are termed desert, tropical, sub-tropical, Mediterranean, and temperate.

As Australia has a huge climate change, many can adapt to the climate and temperature in Canada quickly while others cannot. Canada has 4 distinct seasons with warm winters and long, cold winters. Temperatures on the coast are frequently warmer in comparison with inland, particularly during winter.

How to get PR in Canada from Australia?

Australians have multiple and diverse options if they wish to move to Canada and obtain a Permanent Residency. You can qualify for immigrating to Canada as a skilled worker or obtain sponsorship from family members residing in Canada. Skilled immigrants can choose from various options like Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, Provincial Nominee Programs, or Canadian Experience Class.

Canada also offers an Entrepreneurial/Investor Visa Program for overseas nationals including Australians. Applicants are required to have the funds for investment and fulfill the Visa criteria.

Check your eligibility for Canada PR Visa from Australia

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Working in Canada

The Express Entry Program is an excellent option for skilled workers who wish to obtain a Canada PR Visa. It has several options to choose from such as the FSWP, FSTP, CEC, and PNPs. You can also qualify to apply for Canada PR Visa as an overseas entrepreneur or investor. Taking the help of an Immigration Consultant can be useful in assessing your eligibility and the choice of a suitable Canadian immigration program.

Family Class Sponsorship

Several people who have family members in Canada opt for immigration Through Family Class sponsorship. The relative of the applicant has to be a Permanent Resident or Citizen of Canada. The chances of a successful immigration process are increased by the presence of a child, grandparent, parent, or spouse in Canada. You can discuss your profile eligibility and immigration process requirements with an Immigration Consultant for a clear picture.

Study Permits

Canada has emerged as one of the highly favored study overseas destinations for higher education. 150,000 plus overseas students arrive annually in Canada as provisional immigrants for pursuing their chosen study programs. Several of these overseas nationals choose to study in Canada with the future plan to obtain the Canada PR Visa. Canada offers multiple programs that permit overseas students to obtain a Permanent Residency upon graduation.

IEC Working Holiday Visa

Australians who are young can immigrate to Canada from Australia through the International Experience Canada Working Holiday Program. WH Visa is a Canada Work Visa for Australians that permits them to be employed in nearly any occupation for nearly 2 years. Many of them refer to it as the Canada Open Work Permit. This Visa is not for individuals who wish to obtain the Canada PR Visa. However, it is suitable for individuals seeking to experience the Canadian way of life temporarily.

Eligibility Requirements for a Working Holiday Visa

Australians have to fulfill the following requirements to qualify for the Working Holiday Visa:

  • Be a citizen of Australia
  • Possess a valid passport of Australia
  • Be aged between 30 to 18 years while filing the Visa application
  • Possess CAD $2,500 for covering the living expenses in Canada
  • Be in a position to have health insurance coverage for the period of stay in Canada. You may be asked to offer proof of insurance while entering Canada.
  • Possess a round-trip flight ticket or monetary resources for purchasing a departure ticket upon completion of the authorized period of stay in Canada
  • Must not be accompanied by any dependents

The Working Holiday Visa processing times are around 12 to 8 weeks.

Canada Visa application process from Australia to Canada

Some individuals who wish to immigrate to Canada from Australia begin the application process from Australia. They choose to apply for Canada PR from Australia. However, many others begin the process after arriving in Canada. Australians are permitted by Canada to move freely throughout the nation. Thus, several Australians arrive in Canada, seek a job, and later begin the process of Canada PR Visa application.

Irrespective of your location during the process of immigration, you would have perhaps observed the difficulty it involves. Luckily there are Immigration Consultants who are experts in navigating through the immigration process.  

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witness hurdles during the intricate immigration process to Canada.


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