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Are you planning on moving to Canada from the United States?

The number of Americans planning to move to Canada from US has increased dramatically in recent months. As a result, we've prepared this step-by-step guide on relocating to Canada from the United States.

Let us help you with how to Immigrate to Canada from the US.

More than 10,000 Americans relocated to Canada in 2019, and this number further kept increasing in 2020 and 2021. Immigrating to Canada from the US may present you and your family with a plethora of work, health, and education opportunities. However, before traveling to the great white north to visit, study, or work, you should know your legal alternatives for entering and staying in Canada.

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How to get PR in Canada from the US?

The Express Entry method in Canada is one of the simplest ways to immigrate to Canada and get Canada PR from the US. The bulk of Canadian immigration applications for the country's three economic immigration categories are processed through Express Entry. If you meet the requirements for one of the programme listed below, you may be eligible for Canadian permanent residence through Express Entry. Eighty percent of Express Entry applications for permanent residency are completed within six months, making it one of the world's quickest immigration programs. These three federal economic immigration streams are:

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSW)

You'll be qualified for the Federal Skilled Worker Program if you could score at least 67 points out of 100 points on the FSW selection grid, have at least one year of skilled job experience and fulfil minimal language criteria in French or English.

Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST)

You will be eligible for the Federal Skilled Trades Program only if you meet minimum language requirements in French or English, have two years of experience in a skilled trade, and have either a Canadian certificate of qualification to practise your trade in Canada or a job offer in your skilled trade in Canada.

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

You may be qualified to apply to the Canadian Experience Class if you fulfil the minimal language criteria in French or English and have worked in a skilled capacity (NOC 0, A, or B) in Canada for at least one year on a valid work visa.

These programme's are competitive and based on a score. Remember that simply meeting the eligibility requirements for any of these programmes is not sufficient. Candidates are given a score and rated against other individuals, and only the top-scoring candidates are eligible to apply for Canada PR from the US.

 NAFTA Work Permits

The North American Free Commerce Pact (NAFTA) is an economic agreement between Canada, the United States, and Mexico that promotes trade between the three nations by letting certain kinds of temporary workers into each other's markets, among other things. For example, through the International Mobility Program, NAFTA work permits can be provided to American nationals who have a qualifying employment offer from a Canadian business to temporarily come and work in Canada without the need for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

They also enable American corporations with Canadian offices to rapidly and easily transfer American individuals into management or executive positions.

Employer Specific Work Permit

You may be able to enter Canada on an employer-specific work permit if you have a legitimate job offer from a specific employer. A Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is normally required for an employer-specific work permit. This is a document that indicates the company attempted to recruit a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to fill the post before offering it to a foreign national.

Anyone who wishes to change employment after entering Canada on an employer-specific work visa must apply for a new work permit.

Spousal Open Work Permit
If your spouse or common-law partner is a temporary foreign worker or international student in Canada, or if you are pursuing inland sponsorship, you may be eligible for a spousal open work visa. Since this type of license is not employer-specific, if you change jobs, you will not need to obtain a new work permit as long as your current permit is still valid.

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Cost of moving to Canada from the US

Most visa applications require the submission of government processing fees. These fees apply regardless of nationality or country of origin. Processing costs vary based on the immigration program for which you are eligible.

If you are planning to move to Canada from US then you should be well aware of the costs and different kinds of fees. The application fee for a Canadian employment permit is $155, while the application fee for a Canadian study permit is $150. In addition, when applying for permanent residency, there is a $490 Right of Permanent Residence fee (RPFR) that must be paid after the application is accepted. For more information on other forms of fees and costs, you can contact our expert Canada immigration consultants.

Visiting and settling in Canada
If you have a valid US passport and are visiting Canada, you do not require a Canadian visa or an electronic travel visa (ETA). However, suppose you are not a Canadian citizen or permanent resident or are not from a visa-exempt nation, such as the United States. In that case, you will require a visiting visa to enter Canada. If you have a Green Card from the United States, you do not need a Canadian visa to enter Canada. You will, however, require an eTA if you are travelling to or transiting via a Canadian airport.

You can lawfully stay in Canada for up to 6 months on a tourist visa to travel, look for a job, or even engage in some short-term study programmes. After that, however, you cannot work or even apply for a work or study permit within Canada.

You must be admitted to Canada in addition to completing the conditions for moving to Canada from the United States. People who are otherwise qualified for immigration but are not admissible are referred to as inadmissible. Inadmissibility is classified into two categories: medical inadmissibility and criminal inadmissibility.

You may be medically ineligible if you have a medical condition that might endanger Canadians or place an undue strain on Canada's publicly financed health and social services. You may be barred from entering Canada if you have a criminal record. Simply minor offences that may not result in jail time might cause enormous complications when attempting to relocate to, or even visit, Canada from the United States.
If you suspect you may be inadmissible to Canada for medical or criminal grounds, you may take action. Please contact us to explore your choices for travelling to Canada from the United States.

Once you've decided to move to Canada from the United States, you'll be required to make a plan to settle in:

  • Find a place to live.
  • Find schools and/or jobs.
  • Organize your finances and healthcare.

Fortunately, Canada boasts some of the greatest newbie services in the world, and they are all free!

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Canadian Citizenship
To apply for Canadian citizenship, you must be a permanent resident (PR) of Canada and have been physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days (about three years) in the five years before the day you sign your application. Any time spent in Canada as a student, visitor, or worker prior to becoming a permanent resident during the past five years counts as one half-day, with a maximum of 365 complete days. So, the sooner you begin your stay in Canada, the sooner you will be on your way to becoming a citizen!

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