Australia increases stay back years for overseas students

Australia increases stay back years for overseas students

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[Published 07 Sep, 2022 | 06:05 AM]
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The Australian government has proposed new regulations to increase the amount of time international students can work there after graduating and to make it easier for them to land a guaranteed graduate job in order to draw in more international students. The Australian Immigration government is attempting to highlight the talent that is being brought in and the training that is being offered through the system to employers. Consequently, the two-day jobs and skills conference is where the new regulations were suggested are as follows:

  • The maximum period of employment for bachelor's degree holders has risen from two to four years.
  • From now on, the maximum period of employment for graduates with Masters degrees will be five years, up from three.
  • The number of years that Ph.D. candidates may now work has increased from four to six.

Australia intends to retain foreign students after they graduate so they can immediately fill skills gaps in the workforce. As a result, the Australian government loosened its regulations around employment after graduation. According to the new regulations, a bachelor's degree holder can now work for four years after receiving their degree, as opposed to just two years in the past.

After graduating, as opposed to the prior three years, a master's degree holder can find employment for about five years. The employment period for PhD students has been raised from four to six years, and this applies after graduation.

The new rule prioritises nursing, engineering, and information technology students, and more degrees will be announced in October. International students may have the opportunity to apply for Australian PR under these new rules.

The initiative is a first step toward encouraging more international students to pursue careers leading to permanent migration, but it will only be available to those who complete programs in fields where there is a lack of skilled labour, such as nursing, teaching, IT, and engineering.

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Australia immigration for International Students

Nearly 500,000 foreign students travel through Australia Study Visa each year to complete their higher education. Australia is a sought-after destination not only for international students but also for those wishing to immigrate. We will explain how to achieve PR in Australia with a student visa for anyone who intends to immigrate there to pursue their education. After arriving in Australia to pursue their education, students often decide to stay and apply for a permanent residence visa. It is crucial to pick a course of study after considering its possibilities for the future and the likelihood of receiving a PR. In addition to the course, there are other things to take into account:

  • Applicant’s age
  • Educational Qualification
  • English language proficiency
  • Work experience
  • Partner’s skills (if applicable)

Graduates search for employment prospects after completing their courses because of Australia's strong economy. Candidates can select from a number of pathways leading to permanent residency status in order to work in Australia as a permanent resident (PR). To apply for Australia PR Visa from India, the three most popular immigration routes are the Employer Nomination Scheme, Post Study Work Visas, and Skilled Migration.


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