IRCC Announces Changes To Canada International Student Program

IRCC Announces Changes To Canada International Student Program

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[Published 28 Oct, 2023 | 04:21 AM]
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Thanks to Canada’s top-notch educational institution, quick study visa pathways, opportunities to work while studying, and diverse society - the Great White North is a top destination for international students.

A summary of the recent Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) data shows that from January to June 2023, the Canadian government issued more than 280,000 new study visas - 77% more compared to the same period in 2022.

While international students for a long time, have contributed to life on campuses throughout the country - they have faced certain serious challenges while navigating Canada’s International Student Program. On October 27, 2023, Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of IRCC announced plans to implement several measures to solidify Canada’s International Student Program.

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  • Starting December 1, 2023, post-secondary Designated Learning Institutes (DLIs) in Canada will be required to confirm every acceptance letter issued to international students - directly with the IRCC. The new and improved verification process is designed to protect potential students from letter-of-acceptance fraud. It will also ensure that every Canada Study Visa is issued based only on genuine letters of acceptance.
  • IRCC will also adopt a “recognized institution” framework for the fall 2024 semester. This new framework will benefit post-secondary DLIs that set a higher standard of services, support, and outcomes for international students. The DLIs in Canada will also benefit from the priority processing of Canada Study Visa for applicants who want to attend their school.
  • IRCC will also complete an assessment of Post-Graduate Work Permit Program eligibility criteria in the coming months. IRCC will begin introducing reforms to better align the PGWP to meet the needs of the Canadian labour market - as well as regional and Francophone immigration goals.

IRCC recognizes the important social, cultural, and economic benefits that international students from around the world bring to Canada. For these benefits to continue, IRCC has made these changes to better address challenges to the integrity of the International Student Program.

Changes To Canada International Student Program

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Canada’s international student population has quadrupled over the past 15 years. Canada broke records by welcoming over 550,000 international students in 2022. The top sources of new international students were India (226,450 students), China (52,165 students), and the Philippines (23,280 students). The leading destinations were Ontario (411,000 students) and British Columbia (164,000 students).

According to a statement made by Marc Miller, Canada is on track to welcome over 900,000 international students in 2023. 

IRCC continues to issue a large number of Study Visas.



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