Latest Saskatchewan EOI draw invites 629 applicants

Latest Saskatchewan EOI draw invites 629 applicants

Alisha Khan Alisha Khan
[Published 26 Aug, 2022 | 05:08 AM]
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The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) on August 25 2022, held its latest draw and issued 629 Canada immigration invites in a new Expression of Interest draw. The province's Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry streams, which targeted 10 National Occupational Classification (NOC) codes issued a total of 629 new immigration applicants with a minimum score of 65. 

From the SINP Occupations In-Demand category 334 candidates were invited with a minimum score of 65, while from the Express Entry 295 were invited with again a minimum score of 65. Occupations targeted for the Occupations In-Demand and Express Entry draw were with NOCs as: 2263, 3143, 3211, 3212, 3214, 3215, 3216, 3219, 3234, 4151.

Details of this latest Saskatchewan PNP:

Check Your Express Entry Eligibility

How candidates for EOI are ranked?

A score is automatically assigned to those who submit an Expression of Interest profile based on a number of factors. The SINP point assessment grid contains the requirements for the EOI point score.

The selection procedure for the SINP's Expression of Interest will follow a progression that starts with locating individuals with the highest point totals. Additional selection criteria will be used if there are too many candidates with the same point total to fulfil the desired number of candidates for the EOI Draw.

Candidates with ties to Saskatchewan PNP will be chosen first among those with equal scores. This includes persons who have a close family member living in Saskatchewan, who have previously worked there, or who have previously attended school there. The following set of criteria will give preference to applicants with the most professional experience and the best language test results.

The EOI system may be used by the SINP to select candidates for particular occupations. The eligibility and selection standards are subject to change at any time. If your employment or previous work experience is not in demand, you won't be contacted to apply and in other conditions as follows:

  •  You don't fit the requirements for an invitation, including the specified jobs
  •  If your line of occupation is on the excluded list
  •  You are currently working on a SINP application (including those being subject to an integrity review or a second review)
  •  You still have a SINP suspension in place.

How to receive your invitation to apply? 

The system draws EOIs, and those that are chosen are sent an invitation to apply. Each draw's invitation distribution is determined by annual processing goals and labour demands. If you receive an invitation to apply, the instructions are included in the invitation. The SINP will accept complete online applications submitted with supporting documentation within 60 days. You can submit a new profile to be considered for upcoming EOI Draws if your invitation has expired.

Your EOI may be deemed to contain misrepresentation if you give inaccurate or deceptive information. You can have your application rejected and be barred from applying to the SINP for two years.

After the day you initially made it, your EOI will continue to be valid for a full year. To remain active in the system once it expires, you must generate a new EOI. You can keep adding fresh details to your profile while your EOI is still open. For instance, you can raise your rating and raise your opportunity of getting invited by:

  •  Taking more tests to raise your language score
  •  Increasing professional experience


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