New Australia immigration targets 2022-23

New Australia immigration targets 2022-23

Alisha Khan Alisha Khan
[Published 25 Jul, 2022 | 06:10 AM]
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To help Australia's economy rebound in 2022–2023, a new migration plan has been created. 160,000 candidates will receive invitations as part of the scheme. Invitations will be distributed in one of two categories, which are as follows:

• Skill

There are 109,000 spots available in the skill stream. The stream was implemented to increase the economy's capacity for production. This will assist in filling employment openings due to talent shortages. Following is the migration plan for 2022–2023 in the Skills category:

 o Employer Sponsored- 30,000 

 o Skilled Independent- 16,652

 o Regional- 25,000

 o State/Territory Nominated- 20,000

 o Business Innovation & Investment- 9,500

 o Global Talent (Independent)- 8,448

 o Distinguished Talent- 300

• Family

The Partner visa stream has been created. Families will be reunited as a result, and the applicants will have the opportunity to apply for Australian citizenship.

In order to bring families together in 2022–2023, partner visas will be prioritised. This will reduce the processing time for the partner visas. There are anticipated to be 40,500 partner visas issued in 2022–2023 for planning purposes. It should be emphasised that the amount won't go up to the cap. A child visa, with a limit of 3,000, is another visa for 2022–2023 planning. The ceiling will not be reached in this category either. Migration plan for 2022-23 under the Family category are follows:

 o Partner- 40,500

 o Parent- 6,000

 o Child- 3,000

• Special Eligibility

The visas that cover unusual circumstances fall under this stream. Permanent residents who have been away from Australia for a while may fall under this category. There are 100 of these visas available.

Each year, the Migration Program's scope and makeup are determined in tandem with the budgeting process for the Australian government. The Department of Home Affairs (the Department) held extensive consultations with state and territory governments, experts from academia and business, union representatives, and community organisations between November 2021 and December 2021 in order to inform the planning levels and policy settings of the 2022–23 Migration Program.

As part of the planning process for the 2022–23 Migration Program, the Department also requested public input. This procedure has now finished. For more information, see Australia's Migration Program for 2022–2023. The programme is planned taking into account input from the public, economic and labour force estimates, international research, net migration abroad, and economic and fiscal modelling.


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