Prince Edward Island issues 165 new ITAs in latest draw

Prince Edward Island issues 165 new ITAs in latest draw

Alisha Khan Alisha Khan
[Published 22 Jul, 2022 | 07:04 AM]
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In its largest provincial draw of 2022, Prince Edward Island has sent invitations to apply to 165 skilled workers and entrepreneurs for Canada immigration prospects.

Invitations were issued on July 21 through the Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) streams for Business Impact, Express Entry, and Labor Impact.

138 invitations were sent to candidates for the Labour Impact and Express Entry programs, and 27 were sent to applicants for the Business Impact program.

Candidates for the Business Impact program needed at least 60 points.

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About PEI Express Entry 

The Prince Edward Island Provincial Nomination Program (PEI PNP) Express Entry stream does not require applicants to have a job offer from a PEI employer at the time of submitting their Expression of Interest, in contrast to many other Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) streams aligned with Express Entry.

The Canadian government does an Express Entry draw roughly every two weeks. The lowest-ranking candidate who receives an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence must meet a CRS cut-off score for that draw. An official electronic Application for Permanent Residence must be completed and submitted within 60 days of receiving an ITA (eAPR).

Candidates obtain provincial nomination depending on whether their qualifications and work history match PEI's labour needs, and this nomination can greatly improve a candidate's chances of being invited to submit an Express Entry application for permanent residency.

Application procedure 

Express Entry's Expression of Interest (EOI) system is used by the PEI PNP Express Entry stream. Candidates must submit a profile to PEI's candidate pool if they match the eligibility requirements. The PEI Express Entry Ranking System will then be used to compare every applicant in the pool to one another. In one of the category's recurring draws, the top candidates will be requested to submit a comprehensive application to the stream. The PEI PNP Express Entry profile, pool, and ranking system are distinct from the Express Entry profile, pool, and ranking system, despite the fact that applicants must have an active Express Entry profile to be eligible.

On their IRCC online account, successful candidates must accept the provincial nomination. The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of the candidate will rise by 600 points after accepting the provincial nomination, all but ensuring they would be offered an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence in the upcoming Express Entry draw.

 The applicant must prepare and submit an official application for Canadian permanent residency within the time frame specified after receiving an ITA. Express Entry-submitted requests for permanent residency are typically processed within six months.

In 2021, PEI sent out 1,933 invitations overall, down from 1,955 in 2020. The remaining 169 2021 invites went to Business Impact candidates, while 1,764 went to Labour Impact and Express Entry applicants.

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