Study in Canada: Student Accommodation Options

If you are planning to study in Canada, you must first get a Canadian study permit, which also functions as a Canadian student visa for the duration of your stay. If your course or program lasts six months or less, you do not need a Canadian student permit. 

For more information on a study permit and Canadian permanent residence status, read our comprehensive guide.

Finalizing accommodation or a suitable livable place in Canada is one of the most stressful aspects of studying in Canada. Some students prefer to live on campus, close to their classes and libraries, while others prefer to live off-campus, relying on public transportation, walking, or driving to and from school. The good news is that Canadian educational institutions offer high-quality housing assistance to prospective students.

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Most post-secondary institutions in Canada have an international students' office where international students can access tools to help them find on and off-campus affordable housing options. Many educational institutions feature on-campus apartments or dormitories where students can rent housing for part or all of their academic year. Most colleges and universities now have an internet resource where off-campus lodgings are regularly posted.

On-campus accommodation alternatives for Indian students, wishing to study in Canada shortly may be more limited than in prior years. Many shared dorms have been converted to single dorms or shuttered as a result of COVID-19, potentially reducing the capacity for students living on campus dramatically. If you know where to search, there are lots of different accommodation possibilities for international students.

Begin by determining your monthly budget

Cost estimation for accommodations available on monthly rentals

While selecting your accommodations, you should first access that how much you can afford to pay each month. Average rental prices in Canada's main cities (e.g., Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal) are significantly higher than in smaller cities and villages. In a shared accommodation setting, a fair starting point for rental cost is between CAD 700 (INR 42,000 approx.) and 1,000 CAD (INR 60,000 approx.) per month per room (apartment, house, or student housing). Depending on where you reside, you might expect to pay more than 1,200 CAD (INR 72,000 approx.) per month for a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Utilities, transportation, food, and household furniture can all add to this expense, so don't forget to factor them in.

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On-Campus Accommodations

In Canada, educational institutions usually provide students with the option of renting on-campus housing owned by the school. These facilities, known as dorms or apartments, have numerous advantages. Living on campus allows students to be near to their classes. Many students prefer on-campus accommodation because it allows them to live with their peers, allowing them to experience the multicultural academic environment, explore networking possibilities, and form new friendships.

On-campus accommodation may involve the purchase of a meal plan, which allows students to consume meals at on-campus cafeterias, allowing them to spend less time cooking and more time studying. On-campus accommodation can sometimes come with additional perks, such as access to the school's fitness center or other such facilities.

Off-campus Accommodations

Off-campus accommodation alternatives will differ based on where an educational institution is located. Schools in expensive metropolitan locations, such as Toronto and Vancouver, will almost certainly have a variety of apartments and condominiums for rent nearby. Schools in smaller cities and towns may have fewer alternatives, but it is also usual for housing costs to be lower in less populous places. There are usually both short-term and long-term off-campus accommodation alternatives accessible wherever the institution is located.

Short-term housing is typically preferred by international students, who lack the financial ability and certainty to invest in a long-term home. Rental properties are the most frequent type of short-term housing. These are accessible for single residents, roommate groups, and families. Since rent can be expensive, many students prefer to live with roommates to split the bill. 

It is important to note that a rental agreement or lease is a formal agreement with the person who owns the property, known as the landlord. Such agreements are legally enforceable, and the tenant will be held to specific obligations, such as paying rent on time and not intentionally causing property damage.

Before signing such a rental agreement, thoroughly read the terms and consult with the foreign students' office, if you have certain doubts. A homestay program is another popular off-campus living option.

Homestay is a term used by some schools to describe the placement of students with families in the area where they are studying. Each homestay is unique, although students normally have their room but live with the family, sharing meals and responsibilities.

According to the Canada Homestay Network, a homestay will cost you between CAD 600 (INR 36,000 approx.) and CAD 1000 (INR 60,000 approx.) a month, depending on how many meals and amenities are included. You can also be charged on a per-night basis, instead of the per-month calculation.

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