7 Things to Know Before You Apply for Canada Student Visa

7 Things to Know Before You Apply for Canada Student Visa

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[Published 16 Dec, 2021 | 02:29 PM]
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You will be truly excited after you receive the confirmation of your place in the Canadian University that you had applied to. You have to now apply for the Canada Student Visa. Though you are excited to move to Canada to fulfill your dreams you are also nervous to an extent.

The major concern for you at this point in time for your Canada immigration is getting approval from Visa authorities. Several queries loom in your mind including the consequences of the rejection of your Canada Student Visa application. You would like to ensure that your application is complete and compliant to maximize successful outcomes.

More than 130,000 overseas students obtain the Canada Student Visa every year for studying in Universities and Colleges in Canada. They are attracted by the infinite opportunities and vibrant culture of the nation along with the world-class education system. Global collaboration, scientific publications, and research are the three major focus areas of Canadian academic institutions.

However, you must also be aware that thousands of Study Permit applications are rejected annually. The authorities at the Embassy of Canada offer Study Visas only to those applicants whom they judge to be genuine and who can offer all the documents. Thus, it is highly essential to submit a complete and compliant Canada Student Visa application. Equally important is to avoid major errors that can disqualify your application. 

While it is not tough to obtain a Canada Student Visa, it is necessary to ensure that all important requirements are fulfilled. Also crucial is to timely address the concerns raised by the Visa Officer like extra documents, etc.  

So it is now clear that several factors have to be considered when you plan to file your Canada Student Visa application. These aspects include your chosen institution, financial ability, language requirements, and others.

Moreover, it is also vital to approach competent and reliable Study Overseas Consultants. This will ensure the smooth and successful processing of your Canada Student Visa application. Here are the 7 factors that you must consider while applying for the Study Permit:

 1. Intake

You have to first consider the appropriate time for commencing your studies in Canada. This implies deciding the suitable intake period based on your chosen course/program and University/College in Canada. The month that you select for starting your study course or program in Canada is vital. 

All the formalities, filing work, documentation, etc have to be completed before the date of intake of your program. On average, Canada Student Visa application is processed approximately in 2 or 3 months. Thus it is advisable that submit your application for a Study Visa at least 3 months before your intake date.

2. DLI - Designated Learning Institution

You must ensure that you apply for admission only to those Post-secondary Institutions in Canada that are accredited or recognized. In order to become qualified for a Canada Student Visa, obtaining an acceptance letter from a Designated Learning Institution is a mandatory requirement. 

The University or College in Canada that you submit an application for admission must be included in the list of DLIs. An Immigration Consultancy that has a reliable network across Canada can assist with genuine admission and Study Visa services.

3. Finances

Your ability to finance your studies in Canada plays a major role when you apply for Canada Student Visa. Practically, you must have an education plan for studying in Canada according to your budget. 

Expenses such as Tuition fees, living costs, travel expenditure, Visa fees as well as other miscellaneous expenses must be considered. Thus, you must efficiently manage all your finances while applying for the Canada Study Visa.

4. Language proficiency for studying in Canada

Proof of proficiency in the English language is not present in the list of mandatory documents for a Canada Student Visa. However, Universities in Canada will seek evidence of proficiency in the English language except if you are from an English-speaking nation. The accepted tests for the English language are: 

  • PTE Academic
  • C1 Advanced

5. Preparing all the essential documents for the Canada Student Visa

You have to arrange the following mandatory documents: 

  • Completely filled Canada Study Permit application form.
  • The original Acceptance Letter from the University/College.
  • A valid travel document /passport that must also allow you to return to your home nation.
  • 2 Latest passport size photos as per the specification and with name and birth date on the reverse side. 
  • Evidence of monetary support for your study program (You must be able to prove to have CAD 11,000 to 10,000 annually for living costs). 
  • The Intent Letter. 
  • Evidence of payment of Canada Study Permit fee.

If you intend to study in Quebec province, you will also need:

  • Certificat d’acceptation du Québec
  • French and English translations of your documents
  • A statement from the translator
  • Certified replica of the original documents

6. The Canada Student Visa application process

Once you obtain the Letter of Acceptance from the University, you have to proceed with the application for Canada Student Visa. It is better known as Study Permit in Canada. 

The steps involved in obtaining your Canadian Student Visa:

  • You must apply for the Study Permit online on the IRCC website before arriving in Canada. 
  • You can send the documents for the Visa application through the post if you cannot file them online or due to internet connection limitations. 
  • Offer the Letter of Acceptance from a DLI – a University/College recognized by the Government of Canada.
  • Provide evidence of adequate monetary resources for supporting your education in Canada ( Tuition fees, living costs, etc). 
  • Offer evidence that confirms no record of criminal acts 
  • Provide medical records that confirm your good health and file full medical exams if needed.

As per the latest Visa policies, your Study Permit application will be processed in 2 weeks if you have a family member working in Canada or have applied for Work Permit. You can extend or renew your Study Permit if: 

  • You intend to study further in Canada
  • Your Program has been extended
  • You change the University 

The Canada Student Visa expires 3 months after completion of your studies i.e. after you receive notification for completion of the program. You can still remain in Canada for traveling or exploring. Application for Work Permit can also be submitted that enables you to be employed full time or part-time or as self-employed. 

Valuable Tip: You must verify if your home nation is included in the list of Biometrics for Study Permit applications.

7. Appointment for interview and Biometrics

You may have to appear at a VAC – Visa Application Centre for providing your biometrics based on your citizenship. The fee for biometrics is extra apart from the regular fee for the Visa application. Some applicants are exempt from this requirement as their nation is not included in the list. 

Based on your individual circumstances, you may also have to appear at a VAC for an interview. Local VACs will charge a nominal fee for the usage of their services. 

Processing Times for Canada Student Visa application

The processing times for Canada Study Permit can be up to 3 months after you submit the Visa application. It can also be processed within 3 months. This varies depending on the circumstances in your home nation.

You can apply through the Student Direct Stream for faster processing of your Study Permit application. The processing fee starts from CAD 150 and usually the application is processed in 20 days. SDS is available for students from the following nations only: 

  • India
  • China
  • Pakistan
  • Morocco
  • Senegal
  • The Philippines
  • Vietnam

Best Study Overseas Immigration Consultancy

Nationwide Visas with 14 plus years of industry experience and extensive network has an enviable success rate for Canada Student Visa applications. We can help you in crafting and achieving a successful overseas career. 

As an aspiring overseas student and career aspirant, it is immensely beneficial for you to consult a Study Overseas expert like us as every application is unique demanding full attention. If you wish to apply for the Study Permit for Canada or any other nation, you must preferably avail services of our experienced and competent Study Abroad experts.

Our Immigration Consultants are professionals who offer timely and expert guidance and support. The immigration services that we offer for Canada are accredited with ICCRC. We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and client service for all our immigration applications. 

As already emphasized, the competition and deadlines for study permit applications mandate selecting proficient and competent Student Visa Consultants. We can assist you in identifying and obtaining admission into accredited institutions in Canada. The testimonials of our successful Study Permit applicants demonstrate our inimitable track record and expertise.


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