A Perfect Express Entry Canada Profile can offer you a High CRS Score

A Perfect Express Entry Canada Profile can offer you a High CRS Score

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[Published 11 Oct, 2023 | 11:08 AM]
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You can obtain a high score under the CRS score calculator if you are successful in creating a perfect and competitive profile in Express Entry Canada. As an aspiring immigration candidate seeking to apply for Canada PR Visa, you must know that the higher your CRS score, the greater your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for PR.

The CRS cut-off score is variable from one draw to another depending on the number of applicants under the Express Entry Program and IRCC targets. As an aspiring PR Visa candidate, you have to invariably learn to map your CRS scores and explore ways to increase your score.

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Let us try to evaluate the strategies for increasing your score under CRS.

Broad Perspective

More often, it is observed that candidates are highly focused on a solitary factor rather than working on all areas of improvement that can increase the points. We will try to understand this scenario with an example.

An applicant AB is highly qualified and assumes that the one factor in which he is highly proficient is adequate for him to qualify for ITA. However, this is not true. The Express Entry pool can have many applicants with higher proficiency in multiple areas and having prospects of higher scores than the applicant AB.

Thus, even a minor betterment can have a tremendous effect on the CRS ranking.

Language Proficiency

One of the simplest modes of enhancing the CRS scores is proficiency in language. Candidates receive points for providing test results from authorized language tests like CELPIP, TOEFL, IELTS, DUOLINGO, etc. The allocation of points is according to the CLB - Canadian Language Benchmark.

You have to appear for the language test prior to filing the PR application. The maximum score achievable under CLB is 9. This score will not only enhance your CRS score overall but also highly influence your job prospects and assimilation into society in Canada.

Learn French

French is the official language of Canada along with English language. Acquiring proficiency in French can offer you 24 extra points if you are a single applicant and 22 extra points if accompanied by a spouse.

You must note that a higher level of proficiency in the 2 languages or CLB 7 plus combined with a degree at the Post-secondary level offers you extra points under Skill Transferability.  It is possible for you to secure 30 extra CRS points.

Reattempt English language test

One more way to increase your score under CRS is to secure higher in the English language test/IELTS. If your score is less than CLB 9, you can reattempt the test.

You can secure 136 points for 4 competencies in language inclusive of Listening, Speaking, Writing, and Reading. The score is up to 128 points for candidates applying with a spouse.

Provincial Nomination

You must remember that nomination from a Provincial Nominee Program can offer you an extra 600 CRS points. Ensure that you select the provinces having the maximum job openings related to your field through the inclusion of this data in your Express Entry Profile.

The allocation of PR Visas under PNPs is being increased by IRCC every year. The diverse provinces have variable occupation priorities and these are also fluctuating as per the needs of the labor market.  So you have to remain ready and updated with the latest developments under the PNPs.

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Job Offer

If you are able to get a job offer in Canada before applying for a PR Visa, it is an amazing thing. It will enhance your prospects of receiving the ITA along with increasing your score under CRS.

The job offer from the employer in Canada must be for a full-time role. While this helps with a stable financial position after arrival it also offers an extra 200 points under CRS. It is also possible to secure an extra 50 points for the job offer factor. This is if it is a non-seasonal or full-time offer from an employer in Canada under TEER level 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 under NOC - National Occupation Qualification

Adding Educational Credentials

A long-term strategy, adding educational credentials can offer you up to 150 points under CRS. Extra qualifications and skills will enhance your score under CRS and you can get an extra 100 points under the factor of Skill Transferability.

Adding Educational Credentials

The least education credential required is at the higher secondary level. However, to secure points applicants must possess 2 or more credentials at the post-secondary level. If the duration of the study is for 3 or more years it is even better.

Studying in Canada

If you apply for Canada Study Permit and pursue a Post-secondary program in Canada you can get 15 to 30 points under CRS. This will also be of advantage to getting a PR Visa. Further, you can also benefit from working part-time while studying and being accompanied by a spouse who can work full-time in Canada.

Work Experience

You can gain extra points for work experience of up to 36 months. The policy for workers on Temporary Work Permits is also similar. In this way, the applicants have opportunities to gain points under Skill Transferability.

The best option to achieve this is identifying an employer in Canada who is ready to offer an authentic job offer and entry on a Work Permit. Being employed for 12 or more months will offer you extra CRS points. Make sure to specify that you are employed in Canada currently while creating your profile in Express Entry. It will by default enhance your points under the work experience factor.

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The Government of Canada continually updates the immigration policies to enhance the reliability and quality of immigrants in the nation. It is thus crucial to remain updated regarding the latest scoring system and factors for the allocation of points.

Nationwide Visas is the leading Immigration Consultant in India with a 100% success rate in applications. To check eligibility for Canada PR Visa and to start your immigration process, contact our CICC-accredited Immigration Experts. 

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