All You Need to Know About Portugal Job Seeker Visa

All You Need to Know About Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 14 Jan, 2023 | 12:07 PM]
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Many people prefer to migrate to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to study, work, or dwell. But immigrants are not so aware of the European countries that can actually offer them good living standards. Usually, when someone talks about Europe people assume it is about Germany or France, but more countries are listed as great destinations for expats. Renowned as the best immigration consultant in Delhi, we have guided various clients about Portugal as a beneficial option to work out of India and they have opted for the same.

Portugal is ranked as a top place for expats by distinct surveys and research. This country has a warm climate, the Atlantic Ocean, a low crime rate, tax exemptions, educational development, and medical facilities. However, to blend well in this country, you must learn their native language and carry cash most of the time. Although there are numerous study institutions but today, we will be talking about Portugal's job seeker visa. So, check out the forth-given information. Who knows you might be interested to work in Portugal and make the most of this amazing European country.

Let us help you with the Portugal Job Seeker Visa

Portugal job seeker visa allows the candidate to enter and look for a job in Portugal for 120 days and can be renewed for another 60 days. If the job seeker visa holder gets the job, then he or she must continue the same work activity until the residence permit is provided or the visa expires. The candidate will have to leave the country if they cannot get the job before the visa expiration. However, they can apply for another Portugal job seeker visa one year after the expiry of their current visa. There is a possibility of renewing, but it is provided after thorough consideration before that nothing is promised.

Best immigration consultant in Delhi

As an immigration consultant in Delhi for Portugal, we recommend our clients look for an employer first or contact some acquaintances to find a job for them before applying for this visa. The documents required for this visa are- a valid passport, photographs to identify the applicant, a national visa application filled and signed, a criminal record certificate, valid travel insurance, transport document, financial proof, etc. Connect with our experts for the complete list of documents and to understand the process of a Portugal job seeker visa.

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After reading all this, you must be wondering what it like is to live in Portugal. So, here are some highlights-

  • Portugal has a significant number of immigrants who call this country their home and are satisfied. In fact, Portugal has the best quality of life for expats as per different surveys, which is a great persuading reason for you to apply for a job seeker visa.
  • The excellent climate encourages people to start living in Portugal. There are warm winters, which doesn’t make the weather harsh for any living being. Even, the snow melts quickly due to the temperature and the weather remains sunny mostly.
  • Portugal reserves 9th rank globally for its citizen’s health and well-being and the credit goes to the weather as well as the healthcare system of the country. A positive health environment is also a reason why people choose to live in Portugal.
  • The social and cultural aspect is also attractive as various places provide exceptional entertainment to the visitors. It is common to see Mediterranean Charm as well as the Metropolitan atmosphere in Portugal.
  • Lastly, the cost of living in this country is quite low in comparison with the rest of Europe.
Do not wait further and get your documents and visit our office for more information regarding the Portugal job seeker visa.

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