Australia has a huge demand for skilled overseas workers

Australia has a huge demand for skilled overseas workers

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[Published 15 Apr, 2022 | 11:47 AM]
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Skilled overseas workers can now obtain the Australia PR Visa with ease even as Australia is facing a severe shortage of skilled workers. Even as the world is recovering from the impact of the pandemic, several advanced economies have been crippled by the scarcity of workers.

To cater to the shortage of skilled workers Australia Skilled Occupation List has been revised and a new PMSOL - Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List has been announced. It is a list of skilled occupations according to the Government of Australia that is required for catering to critical skill shortages for supporting the nation’s economic recovery.

If you are a skilled overseas worker, this is the perfect time to plan your Australia immigration strategy. Australia PR Visa applications of applicants whose occupation is included in the PMSOL will be prioritized through these Subclass Visas:

  • TSS - Temporary Skill Shortage Visa
  • Skilled Provisional Regional Employer-Sponsored Visa
  • ENS - Employer Nomination Scheme Visa
  • RSMS - Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa
The implication is that if you qualify, you will be approved an exemption to arrive in Australia. The application for exemption can be either filed by the candidate or the employer.

Occupations included in PMSOL

PMSOL is an Australia Skilled Occupation List that was announced in September 2020 and it is a provisional list that can change. The PMSOL is subject to review of the labor market in Australia by the Government amidst the impact of the pandemic and demand for skills.

Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs Minister in Australia Alex Hawke declared in June 2021 that 3 more occupations have been added to PMSOL. These are Industrial pharmacists, Retail Pharmacists, and Hospital pharmacists.

As of now, 50 occupations have a high volume of applications in the PMSOL. However, applicants in other highly skilled occupations can still have good chances of Australia immigration due to the less volume of applicants.

The PMSOL has a wide range of occupations that cover nearly all sectors. So if you plan to move to Australia in 2022, there is a wide range of occupations that are in demand. Moreover, the Australia Skilled Occupation List is revised every year and PMSOL itself is a provisional list that can be revised at any time to include more occupations.

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Australia Immigration for work

Skilled overseas workers are always in demand in Australia and the requirement has only been increased manifold due to the pandemic. The nation has a transparent and fair policy when it comes to immigration and is forthcoming toward immigrant workers.

So if you wish to obtain the Australia PR Visa and fulfill the criteria, you can plan your Australia immigration without any doubts. Thousands of overseas workers apply for Australia Work Visa every year.

The best way to obtain the Australia Work Visa for skilled immigrant workers is through the Skilled Immigration Program of Australia. It is applicable for the occupations included in the Australia Skilled Occupation List, essentially a list of occupations scarce in Australia.

The SOL is revised frequently by the Department of Home Affairs in Australia and it currently consists of 200 plus occupations. The list reflects the areas in the labor market that have a scarcity of workers and have a huge demand for skilled overseas workers. You can thus verify if your skills are demanded in Australia through the SOL.

At this point, it is worth examining what is exactly implied by the term ‘occupation ceilings’ regarding Australia Skilled Occupation List. It will help in better understanding of the discussion on a few occupations and sectors having a high demand for skilled overseas workers.

Occupation Ceilings and Australia Skilled Occupation List

The Government of Australia offers a limited number of ITAs- Invitations to Apply for Australia PR Visa for a specific occupation category every year. It cannot exceed this specified limit and this is what is known as occupation ceilings.

Occupation Ceilings are fixed to ensure that a few diverse occupations do not exhaust the majority of immigration intake of the skilled immigration program for overseas workers. No extra ITAs for the specific occupation can be offered till the subsequent year after the fixed limit has been reached.

The result is that even occupations in lower-ranking groups can offer ITAs to prospective immigrants for working in Australia. The occupation ceilings are predetermined for each immigration program year and offer a glimpse of occupations that are highly demanded in Australia for skilled overseas workers.

Australia has a huge demand for skilled immigrant workers even as it attempts to return to the growth mode and boost the economy hit by the pandemic. Several experts are of the view that one of the best ways of achieving this is to accept skilled overseas workers through a Work Visa.

You do not have to feel dejected if you have a specific qualification that is not demanded in Australia. By pursuing a booster or add-on course, your skill level can change and make you qualified for applying for one of the occupations in the SOL.

Many overseas skilled workers can find an Australia PR Visa pathway now as the Australian government has identified the latest skills critical for economic recovery after the pandemic. These skills have been listed on the Priority Migration Skilled Occupation List. Candidates who possess these skills in the IT, Medical, and various sectors can have priority processing of their Australia PR Visa applications. They can also apply for exemption from travel restrictions for arriving in Australia. It removes the biggest hurdle for immigrants amidst the pandemic.

The Top Australia Occupations in Demand: 2021-22

Medical Staff and Nurses

Healthcare is the fast-expanding sector in Australia and a large number of medical employees and nurses will soon be reaching the age of retirement. Thus, there is a huge demand for Nurses resulting in higher occupational ceilings for roles in the industry.

The Top Australia Occupations in Demand: 2021-22

The Healthcare sector in Australia has witnessed the overall highest expansion in the past 5 years and the trend will continue in the years ahead. The highly demanded occupations in this sector are Registered Nurses, Care providers for the aged and disabled, Receptionist, Personal Care Workers, and Nursing support staff.

IT and Software Programmers

At present, the Tech sector has a critical and growing need for Software Developers with diverse competencies. These include workers with experience in Mobile & Backend Design, User Interface, Full-stack, and Front end Developers. As per the report in 2020, 9 out of 15 most advertised jobs were for UE/UI Designers, Software Developers & Engineers.

Construction and Trades

The Construction sector always has a demand for workers, particularly for Trade Workers and Technicians like Plumbers, Joiners, Carpenters, and Electricians. It is not astonishing that these occupations are ranked very highly on the list of most in-demand occupations. Also, there has been a requirement for non-skilled workers as well. So those having experience in the Construction industry can easily obtain jobs in Australia.


Earlier, the demand for immigrant primary school teachers was very high in Australia. However, in recent years immigrants seeking to work in teaching roles at the Secondary school level are demanded in regional Australia. It is for this reason that Teachers are still ranked highly on the Australia Skilled Occupation List.

The scenario is that several qualified Teachers in Australia also have to move to the regional areas for their first job. The least demand for teaching roles is unquestionably for inner-city female teachers in Primary schools.

White-Collar Professionals /Management

Australia has an increasing demand for White Collar Professionals /Management roles similar to Software Developers. It is inclusive of those in the Accounting, Advertising, and Marketing roles. Thus, if you have qualifications and experience in these types of roles, it is likely that you can easily find a job in Australia.

Engineering and Automotive Trades Workers

Australia has a demand for Motor Mechanics across the nation. It is even higher for those who are specialists in areas like Automatic Transmission Mechanic, Automotive Electrician, Brake Mechanic, or Automotive Air-conditioning Mechanic.

This stream also includes other trades like Sheet metal workers, Metal machinists, Fitters, Welders, Metal fabricators, and Panel beaters. However, the demand for exact specializations differs across various States in Australia. 


The demand for qualified and skilled Engineers in diverse categories is huge in Australia. But the occupation may not be included in the list of professions and sectors with high demand for immigrant workers. The roles include Electrical, Transport, Electronics, Industrial, and Mechanical Engineers.

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