Minimum IELTS Score to Get Australia PR in 2023

Minimum IELTS Score to Get Australia PR in 2023

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[Published 21 Jul, 2022 | 03:53 PM]
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If you want to study, reside, or work in Australia, you must meet the IELTS band requirement. There are several different types of visas, including business visas, work visas for skilled workers, and study visas.

Some of these visas lay the groundwork for later gaining permanent residency, PR in Australia. The most widely used exam of English language ability worldwide is the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Both immigration and Australian schooling are determined by the score.

The recommended validity time for an IELTS test result is two years from the test date. An internationally recognised 9-band approach for assessing English language competency is the IELTS Tests. The minimum IELTS score needed for Australia immigration and permanent residency is six in each of the four English language proficiency categories—speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Australia PR gives 0 points for an IELTS band 6 score. You receive 10 points if your IELTS score is greater, or band 7, or IELTS level. IELTS band 8 or above results in a maximum of 20 immigration points in Australia's point system.

Australia PR Eligibility

You must keep an eye out for the following indicators to be eligible to apply for a subclass 189 (Skilled Independent visa) or a subclass 190 (Skilled Nominated visa).


If you are under between the age group of 25-32 years, you receive full points for age. However, being above 45 years of age will make you score no points at all.

Age Points
18 – 24 years 25 points
25 – 32 years 30 points
33 – 39 years 25 points
40 – 44 years 15 points
45 – 49 years 0 points


Another important factor is the applicant's degree of education. You may receive extra credit if your educational background is Australian. Your points increase as your educational background does.

Education Points
Doctoral Degrees 20 points
Bachelor's/Degree Master's 15 points
Australian advanced diploma or trade qualification 10 points
Skills Evaluation Certificate 10 points

Work Experience 

The number of points you receive will also depend on how many years of job experience you have. For "Overseas Work Experience" and "Australian Work Experience," a total of 20 points may be earned. Australia-specific work experience weighs more than international experience. However, the number of working years has a big impact on your Australian PR points, and those with 10+ years of experience gain the most.

Language skills 

According to the Australian PR points calculator, your proficiency test results (IELTS, TOEFL iBT, CAE, OET, or PTE Academic) hold a set number of points. Your command of the English language is assessed as excellent, proficient, and competent. Accordingly, points are given out in decreasing order. Anyone who has less than adept skill does not receive any points.


Your points could increase if you have Australian family members who could sponsor you. In some instances, the state will support a candidate based on their line of work.

  • Nomination by a Family Member- 10
  • Sponsorship by the State- 5

Spousal factors 

  • Only under specific circumstances can your spouse assist you in gaining points.
  • You receive 10 points if you are single (i.e., have no spouse or de facto partner).
  • You receive 10 points if your partner is an Australian citizen or permanent resident.
  • You receive 10 PR points if your spouse is under 45 years old, scored "competent" on the English proficiency test, falls under the same occupational code as you, are on the same type of visa as you, and also has a favourable skills evaluation.
  • You receive 5 points if your companion speaks English well but does not share your skill set or fall under the same visa category as you.
  • Australian Specialist Education (5 points) - You will receive 5 points if you have a doctorate or a master's by research from an Australian university and have worked in the field for at least two academic years.
  • Study in Regional or Metropolitan Area (5 points)- You are awarded 5 points if you plan to attend school in a rural or sparsely populated area of Australia. This is presumably part of the Australian government's effort to entice residents to relocate there.

Other factors 

  • You receive 5 Australian PR Points for speaking a local language.
  • You gain 5 points if you spent a professional year in Australia performing the chosen skilled vocation for at least 12 months prior to receiving your invitation to apply.
  • You receive 5 points if you have a valid State Nomination (190 visa).

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