Australia immigration needs to be increased to 200,000 yearly: ACCI

Australia immigration needs to be increased to 200,000 yearly: ACCI

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[Published 24 Mar, 2022 | 03:54 PM]
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The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has said that Australia immigration has to be increased to 200, 000 annually for catering to acute skill shortages and promoting economic recovery post-pandemic. It also implies that Australia PR Visa must be accessible to more immigrants. 

The leading business association has supported demands for increasing skilled immigration to Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has asked for expanding the yearly immigration intake to 200,000 immigrants. ACCI is seeking almost doubling of the skilled immigration program to help in the post-pandemic economic recovery of Australia. 

Businesses and industries in Australia are grappling with the acute scarcity of workers after the nation closed its international borders in March 2020. Meanwhile, ACCI has also announced its “Better Australia” strategy highlighting 10 objectives aiming to enhance the economic performance of Australia by 2050. As a part of these reforms, the group has suggested aligning immigration targets with acute skills shortages for maximizing the economic outcomes. 

Chief Executive of ACCI Andrew McKellar was quoted by SBS News that the statistics of 200,000 skilled immigrants to Australia annually is fairly possible. This will actually help in promoting a stronger economy and boost the overall growth of jobs, added McKellar. The business group has said that the suggested figure is comparatively closer to roughly 150,000 skilled immigrants that would normally arrive in Australia annually prior to COVID-19. 

McKellar also added that one of the major points here is definitely the speed with which Australia reopens its international borders. Offering access to quarantine-less travel will be a crucial aspect of the solution, he explained.

Government of Australia reviewing immigration program

Josh Frydenberg the Treasurer of the Government of Australia said that the Government is reviewing the intake and allocation of the Australia immigration program. It will have an impact on the economy inclusive of aging and population demographics. We are aware that immigrants are usually of a younger age than the broader population, said Frydenberg.

The Government of Australia is evaluating all these factors and also the volume and composition of the immigration program revealed by the Treasurer. 

The strategy of ACCI highlights that both the Federal and State Governments of Australia have to acknowledge the long-term advantages of permanent and temporary immigration. The report states that the ideas, abilities, and skills of immigrants in Australia will develop and increase the nation’s human and natural capital. It further adds that a sustained focus on more skilled and younger immigrants will offset the aging population and the likely decline in competitiveness and tax base. 

Meanwhile, the Fitch Ratings have indicated that the immigration disruption has the potential to impact the GDP growth of Australia over a medium period. It is likely that the growth potential of Australia will decline to only 2.1% yearly from 2.9% as per the agency for credit rating. It states that the pre-pandemic levels can be reached only by 2023 and it is doubtful if immigration will increase in the forthcoming years to accommodate the shortfall for 2020-2021. 

Dominic Perrottet the Premier of New South Wales has announced that he favors a ‘larger NSW’ and would like to collaborate with the Federal Government for increasing skilled immigration.

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Immigration increase required to fill the shortfall of jobs in Australia 

The Infrastructure Advisory Body of the Federal Government has also indicated that increasing immigration is required for addressing the scarcity of skilled workers. Infrastructure Australia has published a report with findings that more immigrants will be needed for catering to the deficit of 105,000 jobs. 

The Intergenerational Report of the Government has reported that net overseas immigration is likely to reach 235,000 individuals annually by 2024-25. It is likely that in 2020-21 roughly 97,000 individuals are predicted to exit Australia and 77,000 individuals will exit in 2021-22. 

The ACCI has also warned in its report that the economic growth of Australia has been curbed by low growth of productivity, low inflation, larger wealth disparity, and low growth of wages. 

The policy reforms suggested by the group include a focus on assuring legislation on minimum conditions and industry awards for minimum wages for addressing concerns regarding the stagnant growth of wages. It has also advised fair and flexible workplaces with job security for enhancing productivity towards the new industrial revolution. 

The report by ACCI also suggests a strategy to de-carbonize the economy for assisting in incentivizing business investment and fulfilling global commitments on climate change. McKellar said that a bipartisan unanimity is needed for a clear commitment on net 0 emissions by 2050.

Australia Skilled Immigration Program

Australia is an immensely renowned destination for skilled immigrants across the world. Anyone seeking to apply for skilled immigration to reside and work in Australia has to apply through the Skill Select Program. Australia PR Visa can be obtained by skilled workers through this program. This is based on their work experience, educational credentials, and language proficiency for fulfilling requirements for Australian immigration. The system is alike online job platforms and aligns potential employees with employers. 

Australia Skilled Immigration Program

The Skill Select or General Skilled Migration Program substituted all the existing skilled workers' visas in 2012-13. You are required to secure a minimum of 65 points under the Skill Select/GSM points’ grid for qualifying to apply. 

Skill Select Program Steps

  • You have to first confirm if you can secure at least 65 points if your occupation is present on the list of skilled occupations and if you are qualified to apply
  • You have to file an EOI - Expression of Interest before receiving the invitation to apply for Australia Visa. Before filing the EOI, you have to fulfill certain basic conditions including an assessment with a score of at least 65 points.
  • The invitation to apply will be offered to you if only your EOI is chosen even if your score is less than 65 points 
  • Candidates who secure the best scores across multiple occupations are offered an invitation to apply 
  • You have to submit the Australia PR Visa application within 60 days of receiving the invitation

Basic Requirements for Australia Skilled Immigration

You have to fulfill several basic requirements for receiving an invitation to apply through the Skill Select Program for Australia immigration. Here is a brief outline of the minimum standards that must be fulfilled by the applicants though it is not an exhaustive list of all criteria for eligibility. 


You have to be aged less than 45 years while you receive the invitation from the Department of Home Affairs in Australia. 

English Language

You must be adequately skilled in the English language for working in Australia and have proficiency minimum at the competent level. It is assessed through the IELTS - International English Language Testing System. All applicants from non-English native speaking nations have to appear for the test. 

Nominated Occupation 

You are required to nominate a skilled occupation in your application that is suitable for your qualifications and skills. The occupation that you nominate must be present on one of the relevant lists for Skilled Occupations. 

Skills Assessment

You have to obtain an assessment for your skills prior to applying from a designated Australian authority for assessment for assessing the occupation that you have nominated. You must also receive an affirmative result. 

Health Assessment

You have to appear for a medical examination and prove that you are having fairly good health. It has to be carried out by a doctor who is registered with the Embassy of Australia. 

Character Assessment 

You must have a good character and normally this requires a check for a criminal record. 


You must secure the points required for the appropriate Australia Visa. 


If you owe any debts to the Government of Australia, they must be paid before filing the application. 

Previous Visa

You must not have received a Visa cancellation earlier or a past application refusal while staying in Australia. 


You are required to submit an EOI. 

You must not proceed with your application through General Skilled Migration if you are not able to fulfill these essential requirements.

Australia Visa Subclasses under Skill Select / General Skilled Migration

  • Australia Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa
  • Australia Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Australia Subclass 485 Graduate Temporary Visa
  • Australia Subclass 489 Provisional Sponsored or Skilled Nominated Visa 
  • Australia Subclass 887 Regional Skilled Visa 

Do you need advice, help, or further information for your Australia PR Visa application? 

Nationwide Visas has 15 plus years of experience helping candidates in immigrating to various global destinations such as Australia, Canada, and Germany. If you wish to explore your options for the Australia PR Visa pathway and assess your eligibility, just get in touch with us by filling out our free assessment form and we will contact you at the earliest. 



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