Australia Migration Program 2024-25 Planning Levels Announced

Australia Migration Program 2024-25 Planning Levels Announced

Sanjay Yadav Sanjay Yadav
[Published 04 Jul, 2024 | 01:02 PM]
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The Government of Australia announced the planning levels for the Migration Program 2024-25 in the Federal Budget. Several measures have been included that impact Skilled Visa, Work Visa, and Family and Spouse Visas. The major takeaways include:

  • Allocation of PR Visas capped at 185,000 with a focus on skilled immigration; this must be noted by aspirants seeking to apply for Australia PR Visa
  • Funding for worker education and employer compliance has been increased
  • The work experience requirements for TSS Visa have been reduced by half
  • Business Innovation and Investment Visa and Global Talent Visa to end in 2024 and will be replaced by new National Innovation Visa
  • From fiscal year 2025-26 there will be a transition to a Multi-Year (4-year) Planning Model
  • The Migration Plan is aligned with long-term housing, infrastructure, and service needs
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  • Addressing shortages of skills in priority sectors and keeping updated Australia Skilled Occupation List
  • Prioritizing processing of Regional Subclass Visas
  • Reinforcing community and family bonds
  • Boosting the labour force and its participation rates

Migration Program Planning Levels: 2024-25

Category Subclass Visa PR Visa Allocation
Employer-Sponsored 44,000
Skilled Independent 16,900
Regional 33,000
State/Territory Nominated 33,000
Business Innovation & Investment 1,000
Global Talent (Independent) 4,000
Distinguished Talent 300
Skill Total 132,200
Partner 1 40,500
Parent 8,500
Child1 3,000
Other Family 500
Family Total 52,500
Special Eligibility 300
Total Migration Program/PR Visas 185,000

Program Composition and Objectives

Skill Stream: 71% of the program; 132,200 places

Family Stream: 28% of the program; 52,500 places

  • Primarily Partner visas (40,500)
  • Child visas (3,000)

Special Eligibility Stream: 300 places

  • Individuals in special circumstances, inclusive of returning PRs

Employer-Sponsored Category Visa

  • Increased to 44,000 Visas from 36,825
  • Pathway to permanent residence expanded

Program Composition and Objectives

State/Territory Nominated Visa

  • Increased to 33,000 Visas
  • Supports economic regional and labor needs

Skilled Independent Visa

  • 16,900 places, decreased from 30,375
  • Still higher than pre-COVID levels

Business Innovation and Investment Program

  • Decreased to 1,000 visas from 1,900
  • To be closed in July 2024
  • BIIP Will be replaced by the New National Innovation Visa

Global Talent Visa Category

  • Reduced to 4,000 Visas
  • Transitioning to a National Innovation Visa

Family Stream

  • Parent visa at 8,500 places
  • Other Family Visas at 500 places
  • Child Visa at 3,000 places remains driven by demand
  • Maintained at current levels
  • Partner Visa is demand-driven for flexibility and decreased processing times
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Sustained focus on compliance

The Government of Australia has amplified its crackdown regarding employer compliance through the allocation of funds for immigration reforms. It has announced $15 Million in the upcoming 3 years for diverse initiatives. This includes offering education and information to immigrant workers about safety at the workplace and compliance measures.

Funds have also been earmarked for a Data-Matching Pilot between the Australian Taxation Office and the Department of Home Affairs to review employment and income data.

Removal of BIIP Visa and Global Talent Visa

The Australian Government has announced the termination of the Global Talent Visa and Business Innovation and Investment Program Visa. These two programs will be replaced by a fresh National Innovation Visa that will be launched by the end of 2024. The new Visa will target extraordinarily talented immigrants who will propel the growth of sectors of national significance.

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Changes specific to Indian, Chinese, and Vietnamese nationals

  • Work and Holiday Visas from India, Vietnam, and China will now be subject to a pre-application ballot process to help in managing the demand for the program.
  • The maximum validity of Subclass 600 Business Visa for Indian citizens will be extended to 5 years from the current 3 years
  • A fresh Subclass Visa MATES - Mobility Arrangements for Talented Early-professionals Scheme for young Indian professionals will be launched in November 2024. The current allocation is 3000 Visas. The applicants have to be aged 30 to 18 years and possess skills and knowledge in targeted study fields. The Visas will authorize a maximum stay of 2 years in Australia and will be subject to a process of ballot.

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