Australia’s highest paying jobs for Indian professionals

Australia’s highest paying jobs for Indian professionals

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[Published 23 May, 2024 | 05:59 PM]
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Most people who search for jobs abroad look for security, higher wages, and a workplace driven by good work ethics. Do you agree?

If you are searching for jobs abroad in 2024, immigrate to Australia for a stable economy, quality of life, and work-life balance.

The Government of Australia issued 27,402 visa applications to temporary residents due to work in 2022-2023. You will be shocked to know that the highest paying jobs in Australia can cost around an average of AUD 250000 (~INR 1.36 Cr).

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Sectors that offer highest paying careers in Australia

Indian professionals who have skilled experience in these sectors can earn a high salary in Australia:

  • Healthcare

Australia’s healthcare sector is one of the strongest, seeking skilled neurosurgeons, anaesthetists, and other professionals. The sector has put a strong emphasis on quality patient care and advanced medical technologies. Indians with relevant skills and experience will find many jobs and earn competitive salaries in this sector.

Average Salary: AUD 127000 (~INR 69,32,000)

  • Information Technology (IT)

The IT sector of Australia is rapidly growing, opening many jobs for immigrants. New technologies are emerging with each passing day and thus, the demand for skilled IT professionals has increased. From software developers to software architects, immigrants with experience can see a rewarding career in Australia.

Average Salary: AUD 116000 (~INR 63,31,000)

  • Construction

Indians in the construction sector will be shocked to know that Australian Building and Construction performs more than $162 billion worth of building and construction work every year and accounts for approximately 10% of GDP, the fifth-largest sector within the economy. You can be a part of this growth and earn high wages for a comfortable life.

Average Salary: AUD 94000 (~INR 51,30,000)

  • Financial Services

Australia needs skilled professionals who meet the Australia PR eligibility requirements and contribute to the financial sector of the country – which is resilient and well-capitalised. You can work as a financial analyst, financial investment advisor, and other relevant job roles that pay well.

Average Salary: AUD 92000 (~INR 50,21,000)

  • Legal Services

The legal sector in Australia employs more than 100,000 persons on average. If you are a working professional in the legal sector in India, you can immigrate to Australia as a permanent resident. The government of Australia earns the legal workers well and provides work-life balance.

Average Salary: AUD 85000 (~INR 46,40,000)

Sectors that offer highest paying careers in Australia

Highest paying jobs for Indians in Australia

Now that you know which are the top sectors with the highest paying jobs, here are specific job roles within those sectors you can apply for, for competitive salaries. Who knows? You can end up at top global companies including the BHP Group, CSL, Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, and more.

Job RolesAverage Salary (in Australian dollars)Average Salary (in Indian rupees)
NeurosurgeonAUD 425000INR 2,31,92250
CEOAUD 400000INR 2,18,28,000
AnaesthetistAUD 380000INR 2,07,36,600
Financial AnalystAUD 300000INR 1,63.71,000
Head of HR/HR DirectorAUD 300000INR 1,63.71,000
Legal ProfessionalsAUD 200000INR 1,09,14,000
Mining EngineerAUD 180000INR 98,22,600
Financial Investment AdvisorAUD 160000INR 87,31,200
Software ArchitectAUD 150000INR 81,85,500
Construction ManagerAUD 175000INR 95,49,750

Top courses to get highest paying jobs in Australia

Indians who have been working in the in-demand sectors that Australia needs for many years, it will be easier for you to land a job, if you meet the eligibility requirements. 

If you are a graduate and wish to immigrate to Australia, here are the best courses that can help you achieve the job of your dreams. Now, remember, each of the following listed courses will not only help you get a job in Australia, but also in the US, the UK, and Canada.

  • Medical Sciences: Doctor of Medicine, Master of Public Health, Bachelor of Medical Science
  • Engineering: Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical, Civil, Electrical), Master of Engineering Science, Bachelor of Engineering Technology
  • Information Technology: Bachelor of Information Technology, Master of Cyber Security, Bachelor of Software Engineering
  • Judiciary & Legal: Juris Doctor, Master of Laws, Bachelor of Laws
  • Management: Master of Business Administration (Marketing, Finance, HR), Bachelor of Business, Master of Project Management

Top Cities to Find Jobs in Australia

You may get confused about where to apply for jobs in Australia due to the presence of so many cities. These places have many opportunities for skilled Indian workers along with decent wages. But here are the top cities that offer the highest-paying jobs in Australia with average salary:

CitiesAverage Salary (in AUD)Average Salary (in INR)
New South WalesAUD 10000054,58,000
SydneyAUD 9000049,12,200
MelbourneAUD 8500046,39,000
BrisbaneAUD 7500040,93,000
CanberraAUD 7300039,84.000
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Best Jobs in Australia that pay well without a degree

If you don’t have a degree, don’t worry! There are many jobs in Australia you can apply for and get paid well - without a degree.

JobsAverage Salary (in AUD)Average Salary (in INR)
Project manager10000054,58,000
Safety consultant9500051,86,000
Creative designer8600047,19,000
Office Manager8500046,39,000
Social media manager8200044,78,000

NOTE: The salaries mentioned in this blog are subject to change. Kindly check the updated one at the time of applying.

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