Benefits of Moving to Australia from India in 2024

Benefits of Moving to Australia from India in 2024

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[Published 13 Jan, 2024 | 02:40 PM]
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Planning to immigrate to Australia in 2024? Well, you will be happy to know that the Australian government released its 2023-24 permanent Migration Program in 2023. The country is ready to welcome 190,000 permanent residents - a slight reduction from 2022–23 (195,000). For skilled workers alone, Australia has allocated 30,375 places under its Skilled Independent Visa category.

Every year the workforce of Australia calls for skilled workers to apply for Australia PR Visa from India and settle permanently. The primary motivations for immigrants to relocate to Australia are a better lifestyle, job opportunities, and a strong economy. But that’s not all!

There are other major advantages of moving to Australia that you should take into account before coming to an ultimate decision.

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Top 7 Reasons to Consider Before Applying for Australian PR from India

1. High Quality of Life

Australia has one of the most thriving economies in the world. Whether it is students, residents, or citizens, everybody enjoys a top-notch lifestyle, which says a lot about the growing economy of the country. From education to the healthcare system and public transportation, Australia offers state-of-the-art facilities in all its major sectors. Even the World Health Organization (WHO) has certified Australia as one of the best countries to live in with affordable housing facilities.

2. Ample Work Opportunities

Skilled foreign workers applying for Australia PR have nothing to worry about as there are innumerable opportunities for them. Australia is reputed for low unemployment rates in comparison to other nations. The country hires workers with relevant skills and experience for in-demand occupations. In fact, over eight out of every ten immigrants to Australia under the Skilled Independent Visa category end up earning attractive salaries within the first six months of arriving.

3. Easy-to-Follow Immigration Laws

Going through a country’s immigration rules and regulations might be challenging, especially for first-timers. However, Australia offers flexible immigration rules that make it easy for skilled foreign nationals to check eligibility for Australia PR and apply for the visa. Not just them, but their family members with a PR also enjoy unrestricted work rights in the country. There are no hard rules on the visas given to skilled workers and other trained visitors.

4. World-Class Healthcare System

It is extremely important to know how a country's healthcare system works before immigrating. The medicare system of Australia is exceptional - offering world-class healthcare services. Immigrants can access free medical care and treatment in public hospitals, lower costs for prescription medicines, and others. The best thing is that Australia does not just provide these facilities to its citizens and permanent residents, but also to certain visitors after they enroll in Medicare.

World-Class Healthcare System

5. Strong Currency

The Australian dollar is one of the strongest currencies in the world. This allows permanent residents from India and other countries to live a comfortable life here. They can earn well and send that money back to their family members in their home country. Even the minimum wage here is much higher than in other nations, allowing permanent residents the housing, education costs, transportation, and other expenses easily.

6. Free or Subsidised Education

Did you know that public schools or government schools are free to attend for permanent residents and citizens? The Australian Education system is recognized across the globe and takes more of a holistic approach. Your kids can take free or subsidized primary, secondary, and tertiary education. Though English is the common medium of instruction in schools here, many of them offer bilingual programs, encouraging students from Diasporas to benefit.

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7. Hosts World’s Most Liveable Cities

Four cities in Australia were listed among the world’s most liveable city rankings for 2023. Among them, Melbourne ranked as the third most liveable city in the world, followed by Sydney on the fourth. Melbourne has taken a top position for seven consecutive years in a row. So when it comes to Australian immigration, you are promised the best quality of life based on healthcare, culture, stability, education, infrastructure, and more.

The best reason immigrants obtain an Australian PR is that after four years, they can apply for citizenship and become citizens of Australia. Another benefit is that the country has a dual citizenship policy, under which kids born to PR holders in Australia can go for citizenship even before their parents qualify.

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As the clock ticks into 2024, consider these top reasons as a motivation to make Australia your home and unlock a world of new opportunities. No matter what your reason for moving is, Australia offers a life-changing adventure for everyone.

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Good luck!

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