Everything about the Best Immigration Consultants in India

Everything about the Best Immigration Consultants in India

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You can avail of an exhaustive range of services from the BestImmigration Consultants in India for all your immigration requirements. Through the assistance and guidance from the Immigration Consultants, you can obtain the Visa that you wish to have. You can also obtain the status of permanent resident with ease.

The core services offered by the Best Immigration Consultants in India

The majority of the top immigration consultancies in India offer the following services:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your profile by experts assessment of points and NOC Code.
  • Assistance in applying for ECA with WES.
  • Documents verification.
  • Support throughout all stages in Visa application.
  • Assistance upon receiving the ITA.
  • CV preparation.
  • Resume Writing through experts.
  • Job Search Services.
  • Coaching for IELTS.
  • Post-landing services.
  • Assistance in locating a suitable home for rent.
  • Extra services for dependents and spouses.

What are the distinct features of the Best Immigration Consultants in India?

The distinct features that you can identify in a top immigration Consultancy are:

  • Website: You can learn in more detail about their diverse services through the website.
  • Office space: the leading immigration companies will have a physical presence at various locations.
  • Registration: The Immigration Consultants must be accredited with ICCRC - Immigration Consultants of Canada RegulatoryCouncil.
  • Agreement: The top immigration firms will have in place an agreement. It is very important that you go through it thoroughly prior to signing it.
  • Transparency: It must be possible for you to comprehend their services prior to providing your signature on the agreement.
  • Service fees: You have to consider the quality of the services and then make a comparison with other firms for fees.
  • Market standing: Verify the testimonials from clients and the application rate of success of the firm.
  • Experience: Best Immigration Consultants in India will have a minimum industry experience of 8 to 10 years.
  • Knowledge: The top ImmigrationConsultants are highly educated and are updated with the latest policies and news in the immigration sector.

Nationwide Visas has a success rate of 100%. We are among the leading three Immigration Consultancies in India.

What are the advantages of hiring immigration consultants?

The benefits of opting for immigration consultants are:

  • You can choose the most suitable immigration program through proper guidance.
  • Chances of usual errors in the immigration process and application are nil.
  • You need not get anxious about the rejection of the visa.
  • They are updated with the latest changes in the immigration process.
  • They can provide your assistance in processes apart from the Visa application.

Which is the best immigration consultancy in India?

Nationwide Visas is the best immigration consultancy in India for the following reasons:

  • We have managed more than 30,000 immigration cases.
  • Our record with clientele is quite strong.
  • We offer services for diverse Visa categories.
  • Our success rate is outstanding at 100%.
  • We also provide diverse post-landing immigration services.
  • You can avail of assistance in receiving the permanent resident Visa.
  • We provide alternative solutions/options to any issue.

What are the fees for availing immigration process services?

The fees for immigration process services vary depending on the Immigration Consultancy. Multiple factors are involved in determining the cost of these services and these are:

  • The reputation of the consultancy.
  • Quality of the offered services.
  • The pace of the services.
  • Post-immigration support.
  • Qualification and credentials of the Consultants.
  • Industry experience of the firm.
  • The expertise of the immigration advisors and process consultants.

Nationwide Visas offers you a flexible fee structure - pay-as-you-choose. You can select the service package depending on the services that you require. However, there are some fixed costs as well. These have to be paid to the immigration authorities of Canada.

The costs are calculated by conversion of CAD to INR and are variable with fluctuation in the rate of conversion.

Amount (in INR)
The certificate fee for police Clearance
1114.44 (roughly)
Medical test fee
5572.21 to 27861.03
Fee for Right of permanent Residence
Dependent kid
Processing fee for express Entry (spouse included)
 ECA - Educational Credential Assessment report

5572.21 for evaluation ofdocument

8915.53 for evaluation of course
English - IELTS language test
French - TEF language test

Is it easy to immigrate from India to Canada?

Yes, it is easy to immigrate to Canada from India for the following reasons:

  • Canada has several immigration programs, more than 100.
  • It is easy to confirm the eligibility criteria before submitting the application.
  • Creating a profile online in the Express Entry system is easy.
  • You have various options to enhance your CRS Score.
  • Your points can be checked using the CRS score points calculator.
  • You can also obtain a nomination from a Province.
  • The complete process for processing a Permanent Residency application through Express Entry takes 6 months.

What are the easy pathways ways to immigrate to Canada from India?

The following are the easy pathways for immigrating to Canada from India:

What are the diverse programs for immigration in Canada Express Entry?

The diverse programs for immigration in Canada express entry are as follows:

What is the Study Permit of Canada?

The Canadian Study Permit is a formal document. It authorizes the students who have it to pursue studies in Canada in a DLI - Designated Learning Institution.

What is the Canada PR Visa?

The Canada PR Visa offers immigrants the right to reside and work in Canada. The application for PR Visa has to be filed with IRCC. It offers the status of Permanent Resident to the Visa holders.

What are the benefits of obtaining Canada’s permanent residency?

The Canada Permanent Residents status offers diverse benefits that include:

  • Healthcare: Free healthcare services are available to Permanent residents.
  • Education: Free education until the age of 18 years is offered to Canada PR Visa holders.
  • Citizenship: You can qualify for the Citizenship of Canada if you stay for a minimum of 3 years out of the 5 years as a Permanent Resident.
  • Freedom: You can reside and work in any location in Canada.
  • Sponsor Family: You can sponsor your family members for immigrating to Canada as a Permanent residents.

What are the documents that are necessary for immigration?

The documents necessary for immigration vary based on the nation and the chosen program for immigration. However, there are certain basic documents that are required. They include:

  • Proof of health - Medical reports.
  • Proof of education - educational certificates.
  • Proof of funds - Bank statements.
  • Proof of character - Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Valid passport.
  • Latest color photographs.
  • Proof of work experience - Work experience certificates.
  • Proof of language skills - Language test results.

Can a Visa application be refused?

Yes, there are several reasons why a Visa application can be refused and these include:

  • Submission of erroneous documents.
  • Questionable authenticity of the documents.
  • Failure in demonstrating evidence of funds.
  • Criminal record.
  • The applicant’s intentions are doubted by the immigration authorities.
  • Using services of an unregistered immigration firm.
  • Major health problems.

How to apply for the Canada PR Visa through Express Entry?

The following are the steps to be followed for the Canada PR Visa application through Express Entry:

  • Confirm the eligibility criteria of the program that you intend to apply to.
  • Collate the specified documents.
  • Register your profile in the Express Entry.
  • Fill out the Visa application and submit it.
  • You will be offered a score through CRS.
  • If your score is higher or equal to the cut-off CRS score, you will receive the ITA.
  • You have 60 days to file the complete application for PR after receiving the ITA.
  • Submit all the other necessary documents.
  • Your application will be processed in 6 to 7 weeks.

To conclude:

  • Nationwide Visas is the Best Immigration Consultancy in India.
  • We offer multiple services for immigration and visa processing.
  • Our Immigration Consultants are ICCRC accredited and updated with the latest policies and processes.
  • You have to consider multiple factors while seeking the Best Immigration Consultancy in India.
  • The costs incurred for immigration vary depending on the Consultancy.
  • Immigrating to Canada from India is easy.

If you have any doubts or queries regarding your Canada PR application or choice of the immigration program, contact us now and we will be glad to assist you!


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