Find the Most Relevant Information Regarding GMAT Exams for 2023

Find the Most Relevant Information Regarding GMAT Exams for 2023

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[Published 29 Dec, 2022 | 04:32 PM]
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Any student who aspires to pursue a business degree knows about the GMAT. This test is an ideal assessment of the applicant’s caliber, work ethic, and potential for their proposed study program. International students who wish to attain an MBA abroad, attempt the IELTS exam as well as the GMAT exam simultaneously. Their idea is to be linguistically eligible and showcase their aptitude for the business school. Mostly all the top-notch business institutions worldwide ask for good GMAT exam scores during admissions. This test is designed to display students’ reasoning skills and problem-solving abilities, which are necessary for pursuing an MBA from a reputed university or college. Just like higher bands in the IELTS exam enhances the chances of admission to the top institution, similar is the case of GMAT. In fact, with good GMAT exam scores, students often receive scholarships for their chosen programs.

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Structure of a GMAT Exam

As a reliable study abroad consultant in Delhi, our team can guide you through the structure of GMAT in an in-depth manner. However, we are giving a brief overview of the beginners about the GMAT- Graduate Management Admission Test. The core idea of the GMAT exam is to give a recap of high school studies to the students that usually resolves around mathematical concepts and English language skills. The judgment is done based on how critical the candidate’s thinking is and how deeply and perfectly they analyze the information and also, their problem-solving skills under time pressure. GMAT is nothing like the IELTS exam and no English language proficiency is accessed. The score is calculated out of 800 with a minimum score of 200 and the tests last up to three and a half hours. The test is divided into four sections, namely- Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Integrated Reasoning, and Analytical Writing Assessment. Let’s under a bit more about the sections in brief-

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Structure of a GMAT Exam

  • Quantitative Reasoning focus on numerical literacy and mathematical ability with questions related to finance, accounting, geometry, arithmetic, algebra, and managerial statistics.
  • Verbal Reasoning is the second section that determines the candidate’s ability via reading comprehension, critical reasoning, and argument evaluation with three different types of MCQs.
  • Integrated Reasoning is another section of the GMAT exam that resonate with the current business world and tests candidate based on their decision-making and problem-solving patterns via table analysis and graphic interpretation.
  • Analytical Writing Assessment evaluates the applicant’s communication skills and critical thinking with a 30-minute task. The student is supposed to write an essay on an argument question and analyze it properly.
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To be eligible to appear for a GMAT test, a candidate should be 18 years of age. But students who are between 13 to 18 years of age need their parents or legal guardians to sign a permission letter to fill out the GMAT test. Usually, undergraduate students or working professionals go ahead with GMAT as they are most likely interested to pursue an MBA. The best score to acquire in the GMAT out of 800 is more than 600 or whatever limit pre-set by the proposed college or university. It is allowed to retake the test after 16 days of the first attempt, but 5 times is the maximum number of attempts in a year. The English language is the medium through which students give this exam. That’s it with the brief idea about the GMAT exam. Nationwide Immigration Services can be your Best immigration consultant in Delhi and guide you related to every step related to distinct exams and visas. Reach out to know more.

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