How to check the status of your Canada PR application with IRCC?

How to check the status of your Canada PR application with IRCC?

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You will receive the acknowledgment of acceptance through an email or letter from IRCC once it begins processing your application. It will also consist of an application number for your Canada PR application. However, you will not receive the acceptance acknowledgment till IRCC opens and reviews your application.

Before you file your application with IRCC, it is advisable that you check eligibility for Canada PR and required documentation. This is because your application will be returned if it is not complete or fees are missing. The same is applicable if an immigration program has been closed, halted, or intake has been reached. You will receive a letter to your physical address or email from the IRCC that explains in detail the reasons for returning your application.

The possibility that there is a delay between the time IRCC receives your application and opens it always exists. There are different methods for determining if your application has been received. The techniques vary based on whether you have applied through:

  • Paper application/ mail
  • VAC – Visa Application Center 
  • Online Account 

If you have submitted the application by Mail 

It is advisable that you opt for a courier agency that requires a signature after delivery when sending your application through the mail. It will offer you confirmation for delivery and the mechanism for tracking your parcel. For some paper applications, you can access communications and comprehensive application status online. This is by aligning the paper application with an online account.

If you have filed the application at a VAC

Visa Application Center will offer you a system for tracking that will enable you to know when your application has been received by IRCC.

Check CRS Score

If you have submitted the application online 

The best method for tracking your Canada PR Visa application is through an online account. IRCC permits you to connect your application with an online account based on the immigration program and if you have applied online. 

You can check the application status and receive messages from IRCC using the online account that helps you in taking quick actions. You will receive a confirmation page for online applications after submission of the application. This confirms that the application has been received.

The IRCC will also share an email and ask you to verify the receipt of the confirmation message in your online account. Every confirmation message has a number for confirmation that you must save for records. The messages might not be sent to you instantly after the submission of the application. IRCC can take many hours for sending the email after you submit the application.

What happens after you send the Canada PR application?

IRCC will first open your application for confirming if it is complete. Payment of all the necessary fees and intake status of your immigration program will also be checked. The Immigration Officer will check if any forms or documents are missing or for any other details that must be attached before sending you the acknowledgment of receipt of the application.


The processing of the application by IRCC starts after it receives the application; opens it and confirms if it is complete. The processing timelines differ based on the volume of the applications received. It also depends on the time that you take to respond to any requests that IRCC makes while processing.

How to check eligibility for Canada PR?

Your ability to immigrate to Canada as a Permanent Resident will be highly dependent on your profile. You have to secure 67 points out of 100 in order to become eligible for submitting an application for Canada PR Visa. The score will be offered to you under the diverse criteria for Canada PR eligibility. Your profile will be offered points based on the following 6 factors: 

  • Age
  • Experience
  • Education
  • Language skills
  • Arranged LMIA-approved job offer in Canada 
  • Adaptability

AGE: 12 Points Maximum

You will receive points for your age. A maximum of 12 points can be obtained for this factor. The calculation of age is done from the date of receipt of your application by IRCC.

EDUCATION: 25 Points Maximum

You will receive points for your educational credentials. A maximum of 25 points can be obtained for this factor. You will need an Educational Credential Assessment report from an authorized authority if you have received the education overseas. ECA report assesses if the diplomas/degrees that you have obtained overseas are on par with standards in Canada.

EXPERIENCE: 15 Points Maximum

You will receive points for your work experience. A maximum of 15 points can be obtained for this factor. The calculation of points is for the number of years of full-time paid work with at least 30 hours per week. An equal amount of part-time work will also qualify.

LANGUAGE SKILLS: 28 Points Maximum

You will receive points for your proficiency in French or English that will facilitate entry into the job market in Canada. A maximum of 15 points can be obtained for this factor. Your language skills will be assessed for Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.


You will receive points for having an LMIA-approved job offer in Canada. A maximum of 10 points can be obtained for this factor. The duration of the offer must be for at least one year. You must also receive this job offer from an employer in Canada before you submit your application for Canada PR.

ADAPTABILITY: 10 Points Maximum

You will receive points based on your previous employment, study, or for relatives present in Canada. A maximum of 10 points can be obtained for this factor. If your Spouse or Common-Law Partner is also immigrating with you to Canada, then they cal also earn you extra points under this factor.

You have to secure a minimum of 67 points under these 6 factors for qualifying to file a Canada PR Visa application. Once you qualify, you can file your application online through the Express Entry system, the highly popular immigration program of Canada. 

IRCC conducts selection draws usually once in two weeks for choosing candidates from the pool of the Express Entry system. The selection is determined by the rank of the candidates awarded through the CRS - Comprehensive Ranking System.

The CRS score required for selection differs for each draw held by IRCC. You will receive the ITA - Invitation to Apply for Canada PR Visa if you secure the cut-off specified for the current draw. 

Your CRS score is determined by various factors like work experience, age, education, etc. There are many ways to enhance your CRS score if it is low. 

How to increase your CRS score?

You may not always secure the required CRS in the latest held draw. The selection draws in the Express Entry pool are held regularly. So you always have the opportunity to increase your CRS score prior to applying for a consequent draw. Once you obtain the required CRS score, you can receive the ITA for Canada PR Visa in the subsequent Express Entry draws.

Some ways to increase your CRS score are as follows: 

Enhance your language test score

You can enhance your CRS score by securing higher points in language tests like IELTS. For instance, if you secure a CLB - Canadian Language Benchmark level 9 you will obtain a maximum of 136 points for your CRS score. You can also obtain a maximum of 72 points by taking up a French-language test.  

Provincial Nominee Program

You can obtain 600 extra points for your CRS score if you receive a nomination from a province in Canada. 

LMIA-approved job offer in Canada

If you get a job offer from an employer in Canada that is recognized through an LMIA - Labor Market Impact Assessment, you can obtain a maximum of 200 extra points for your CRS score.

Study in Canada

You can obtain a maximum of 30 extra points for your CRS score if you earn an accredited Degree or Diploma by studying in Canada. 

Including Spouse/Partner in application

If you include your Common-law partner or Spouse in your application, it can earn you extra points in 3 ways. Their language proficiency can award you 20 points. The level of education and work experience in Canada can offer you 10 points individually. So a maximum of 40 points can be added to your CRS score. 

Work experience in Canada

If you have less than 3 years of work experience in Canada that is full-time and if you are still working, you can obtain a maximum of 150 extra points for your CRS score. 

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