How to convert Canada Visitor visa to work permit?

How to convert Canada Visitor visa to work permit?

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[Published 25 Jun, 2022 | 04:50 PM]
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While visiting anywhere abroad, the traveler is advised to constantly uphold the law and preserve a clean profile. Though visitor is prohibited from accepting any paid employment offer in Canada per the terms of their visitor visa, the only option to modify a travel visa is to reapply for a Canadian visa that includes a work permit.

The immigration department may approve a candidate's profile for a work visa if it satisfies the employer's eligibility standards and the candidate has all the required legal documentation. If the candidate is found guilty, he or she might never be permitted to live permanently in Canada. Additionally, each candidate's visitor visa must have expired in order for them to exit Canada. But there is a possibility to convert one's visitor visa to a work permit. Let’s first define what a Visitor Visa and a Work Permit mean.

Convert Canada Visitor Visa to a Work Permit

Visitor Visa

A travel visa is intended for visitors on a Canada Visitor Visa who want to travel and have a vacation while they're in Canada. It permits the holder of the visa to visit different regions of the nation and learn more about different Canadian provinces, but it forbids job-seeking or employment within Canada. Working in Canada while on a visitor's visa is rather against the law.

Work Permit

On the other hand, in order to accept a job offer that enables the applicant to work for a Canadian employer lawfully, a work visa is required. There are no shortcuts to employment in Canada; candidates must adhere to immigration regulations and pursue moral workplace practices. Working in Canada while on a Canada visitor visa may result in the applicant's deportation to their country of origin and a prohibition on their ability to enter Canada again, according to the criteria of visitor visas outlined on the Canadian Immigration website.

In addition to this, it is mandated by law that all employers in Canada only hire applicants who have a valid work visa and SIN (Social Insurance Number) number. Any Canadian employer who hires applicants with a Canadian guest visa is in violation of the law. Employers run the risk of getting into serious legal difficulties by hiring an applicant without a work visa.

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What is the eligibility for applying for a work permit from inside Canada while on a tourist visa?

What is the eligibility for applying for a work permit from inside Canada while on a tourist visa?

A work permit request can be made by the applicant from within Canada if:

  • The candidate, his/her spouse, or parents are in possession of a current Canada study or work permit,
  • The prospective employee already has a work visa for Canada, but he or she wishes to apply for a work permit for a different position. In this situation, the applicant must pass specific application processing stages before being qualified for the Canadian work visa.
  • The applicant holds a temporary or short-term resident permit that is valid for six months or more.
  • The candidate is in Canada because he or she has already submitted an application for permanent residency within Canada.

In this case, Canada uses a point-based system called the CRS Score. You will have a decent chance of receiving an ITA and subsequently a PR visa if you have high points in the CRS score calculator. CRS has made improvements in a number of areas, including age, education, and good English skills.

Some applicants do choose a different path to obtain a work permit for Canada. They choose a student visa by initially expressing interest in a certain course provided by a Canadian educational institution. As a result, they are able to earn a local Canadian academic degree and engage in part-time employment. The candidate may stay in Canada for a while after completing the course and look for employment there. After completing the course, the individual might finally be given a long-term work permit if they are successful in finding employment within the permitted time frame.

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