How to Get a Canadian Provincial Nomination Certificate?

How to Get a Canadian Provincial Nomination Certificate?

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[Published 14 Jul, 2022 | 04:50 PM]
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It can be difficult to navigate the various Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) that each province offers, each with a variety of streams, to determine which ones you qualify for. The fact that provinces frequently modify the standards and open and close streams further complicates the situation. The key to receiving a provincial nomination is devoting the necessary effort to investigating and keeping track of all programs you might be qualified for.

The additional work is usually worthwhile, though. You can submit an application for Canadian PR status after receiving a province nomination certificate. An additional 600 Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) points are earned for a nomination if you're applying to a provincial stream that is compatible with Express Entry. The invitation to submit an application for Canadian permanent residence is basically guaranteed by these extra points.

Additionally, there are PNPs for applicants who do not have an Express Entry profile, often known as "basic PNPs." If a base PNP issues you a provincial nomination certificate, you can apply for permanent resident status directly. Every program for provincial nominees is different. However, the following general programs for a provincial nomination certificate:

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1. In-demand Occupation

Examples can be Saskatchewan Occupations In-Demand, Ontario Human Capital Priorities, or Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream.

There are numerous provinces that have PNP streams specifically designed to attract foreign employees with experience in particular professions. Provinces can use these programs to address labor shortages. The professions that are seen to be "in-demand" fluctuate with time and between provinces. The best strategy to obtain a provincial nomination certificate may be to carefully watch these lists for all the jurisdictions that provide in-demand occupation streams.

2. Employer Job Offer 

Examples of this category include Ontario Employer Job Offer or Nova Scotia Skilled Worker.

The province's employers are able to fill their labor needs. Job Offer streams allow employers access to the global market if they are unable to fill a post from the local labor market. You can be qualified to apply for a provincial nomination certificate if you have a job offer and your employer is situated in a province with this kind of nominee scheme.

PNP streams specifically designed to attract foreign employees

Job Offer streams have the advantage of allowing companies to avoid the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) procedure in many cases. Many provinces are able to provide "letters of support" to successful nominees thanks to agreements they have with the federal government. Instead of submitting an LMIA, you can utilize these letters to request a work permit from Canada. This makes it simpler for firms to hire candidates who are from abroad, which may also make it simpler to land jobs in Canada. Express Entry profiles are not required to apply for many Job Offer streams. In other words, even if you are ineligible to join the Express Entry pool, you can still be able to obtain a nomination certificate.

3. Experience as International Student

Examples of this visa pathway include British Columbia International Graduate or Manitoba International Education.

For candidates who have prior academic experience studying in the province, the majority of provinces have a provincial nomination stream. Graduates from overseas universities are really among the most sought-after immigrants. You may be eligible for up to 30 extra CRS points for your education alone if you've completed a post-secondary study in Canada and are in the Express Entry pool.

4. Skilled Worker

The Skilled Workers category includes examples like Saskatchewan Experience or Manitoba Skilled Workers in Manitoba Category.

You may be able to obtain a provincial nomination if you have previous temporary employment experience in the province. Many provinces have programs to aid temporary employees in making the move to permanent residency. When you file for a nomination in some of these streams, you must already be employed in Canada and have received a full-time, permanent job offer from your employer. Some merely require current work experience in the province.

Starting off as a temporary worker can help you in many ways if you aren't already eligible to immigrate to Canada. To increase your chances of receiving a permanent employment offer, you might concentrate on your language skills and expand your professional network.

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5. Business streams

Examples of Business immigration streams are British Columbia Entrepreneur Immigration Stream and Ontario Entrepreneur Stream.

Some provinces provide nominations on a provincial level to candidates who are prepared to open and run a business there. Typically, in order to qualify for these types of streams, you must have managerial experience and minimum personal net worth.

6. Employer Job offer in Occupation In-Demand

Examples include British Columbia's Healthcare Professional Category or Ontario's In-Demand Skills. Provinces occasionally offer immigration pathways to candidates with experience in in-demand professions who also have job offers from employers in such professions.

Provincial nomination certificates are more and more common pathways of immigration to Canada. There are numerous Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs), each of which has its own requirements for participation. The above-mentioned are the most commonly found provincial nomination programs.

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