How to get a job in Canada in 6 easy steps in 2023?

How to get a job in Canada in 6 easy steps in 2023?

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[Published 23 Dec, 2021 | 04:23 PM]
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If you wish to apply for a job in Canada and are unaware of the exact process of getting a job, it can be really tough. First, you have to find out if the job that you are seeking is an occupation in demand in Canada. Then you need to confirm if you need a Work Permit or not and the type of Work Permit if you do need one. You must also be able to refine your resume on par with standards in Canada. 

Canada immigration for the purpose of work needs to be planned in a very smart, effective, and flawless manner. Here we have outlined the 6 simple and easy steps that you need to follow for applying to jobs in Canada. 

Step One: Do you require the Canada Work Permit?

You may find it surprising, but not each occupation in Canada requires a Work Permit. There are a few jobs that do not require a Work Permit. You must confirm if your chosen occupation in demand in Canada is included in the list of these exempted jobs. 

If your chosen occupation is not present on this list, you will have to obtain the Canada Work Permit. This has to be obtained through the TFWP - Temporary Foreign Worker Program or IMP - the International Mobility Program. Currently, the Work Permits are not being offered via the TFWP. It means that you can only be employed by a particular employer in Canada who has the LMIA - Labor Market Impact Assessment. 

The processing of Work Permits through IMP happens intermittently. But your employer does not have to get the LMIA for hiring you. The Post-Graduate Work Permit and Working Holiday Visa are a few examples of open Work Permits.

Step Two - Updating your CV

You will be well aware that it is quite a task to do this and most of us will be responsible for not updating our CVs or profiles in a regular manner. Now it’s time to put your writing skills to work. Ensure to include your current employment while you update your resume. Additionally, you must make it a point to include a few co-workers who can be good references. Their designation in the company and contact details must also be provided.

A couple of platforms like LinkedIn also have the option of including a recommendation from co-workers in your online CV. You must thus ensure to include all the possible positive facts in your CV before seeking a job in Canada. 

Here, you can also avail of Resume Writing Services from a reputed Immigration Consultancy. The professional touch will ensure that your CV is highlighted and crafted in a way that Canadian employers expect from applicants.

Step Three - Select Companies to apply for jobs

Most of the applicants apply for several job openings with the same cover letter. They also spam their CVs on every possible job portal accessible and both these approaches are highly terrible. 

You must write distinct cover letters for every company that emphasizes your suitability for the job opening in the posting. If you possess skills in specific programs, work experience or skills ensure to include these details for highlighting your application.

You must bear in mind to avoid self-praise while also including your actual career achievements. If you can offer exact figures quantifying your contribution to the company, you must do so. It is important that you remain honest and avoid the temptation to exaggerate.

Do not apply to all Job Postings

You must apply only for selected jobs as some companies can discuss with each other your application. This will reveal that you have applied with the same cover letter every time. It does not provide a good impression on your first application. 

Moreover, several companies hire Recruiters for finding the appropriate candidates. If your application is viewed by them every two to three months, they may neglect it. This is because you would have not been hired yet for a reason apparently. 

A few exciting job portals are present that you can use for applying to jobs in Canada. Here are some of the most universal ones you can update your CV on:

Common Websites for Job Listings in Canada
Canada Job Bank – It is an amazing job portal and is most frequently used for seeking jobs in Canada.
E Jobbo – It aligns your qualifications and skills with job postings in Canada.
Career Builder – It is a universal job portal that keeps you updated with fresh job postings.
Eluta – This is another helpful platform that lists the top 100 employers in Canada.
Monster – Provides immense career assistance through expert support to assist you in finding the right job opening.
Simply Hired – It provides both full-time and part-time job openings.
Indeed – It is an international portal that caters to all size and shape industries.
Workopolis – It is assisting SME and Corporate size businesses in finding the right candidates for the last 15 years.
Wow Jobs – It lists a maximum of 100,000 jobs at any point providing you the opportunity to explore the perfect job opening for you.

Step Four – Keep a track of Your Applications

You can email the company for following up on your application if it is some time since you submitted your application for the job opening. This demonstrates that you are interested as well as proactive in obtaining the job. It can also distinguish your application from other applicants. 

The same holds well for interviews too. If any company sends you an email confirmation for the interview, you must ensure to revert with an email of thanks. Being slightly polite also can make a big difference. 

If someone had put forth extra efforts for helping you with your application like for instance the Receptionist, call them to express your appreciation. At times this can be the deciding factor in lining up some great Canadian jobs for you.

Step Five – Networking is the key

This can be a great option to highlight your name in the right places. You can network in professional arenas such as career fairs or job events. Such events are also the best opportunity to connect with professionals who work in your field. 

Doing volunteer work in Canada can be the right way to get noticed. You can obtain highly valuable work experience in Canada. Moreover, you can also closely connect with a few noted names in the industry for enhanced marketing of your profile when you advance to a paid full-time job. 

Canada also offers a few job assistance services that assist you in making the essential connections when you arrive newly. Offered by almost every province and territory in Canada, these services are for new arrivals.

Step Six – Ensure to get Your Qualifications Accredited

Diverse professions like Teaching, Nursing, and Trades like Engineering are regulated in Canada for safeguarding the safety and health of the public. It means for working in an occupation in demand in Canada that is regulated, you may have to register with the regulatory authority in the territory or province. 

Moreover, you may have to demonstrate that your educational credentials are on par with standards in Canada. This is specifically if the jobs to which you apply essentially specify a requirement of Post-secondary education. 

You can obtain the accreditation for your credentials through Educational Credential Assessment - ECA from autonomous third parties like WES - World Education Assessment. The processing of this ECA can take around ten days and necessary fees must be paid for it.

Is ECA needed for all Canadian jobs?

All jobs in Canada do not require an ECA. Some jobs require a different type of accreditation. It is applicable for: 

  • Physiotherapists
  • Social workers

The above occupations require approaching the regulatory authorities to apply for extra training or exams that can consume both time and money. These can at times even have a processing period of 6 months and you must thus ensure to plan your Canada immigration accordingly. 

Some skilled trades also require extra certification and it differs according to the province. So you must research your chosen region before proceeding with the documentation.

Best Canada Immigration Consultancy

Do you wish to start your application process for occupation in demand in Canada? We at Nationwide Visas can help you in exploring some exciting jobs in Canada as well as appropriate Canada immigration programs. Our team of highly proficient and experienced Immigration Consultants can assist you with any type of immigration application or challenge.

We will ensure that all your documents are assessed and verified and file them along with the appropriate forms on your behalf with IRCC. The Canada immigration services that we offer are accredited with ICCRC - Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. You need to just provide basic details in our contact form to receive personalized consultation for your immigration plans. 


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