How to get jobs in New Zealand from India?

How to get jobs in New Zealand from India?

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[Published 01 Jun, 2022 | 05:07 PM]
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Many Indians are keen on various Jobs in New Zealand for Indians and would also like to obtain a Permanent Residency. You can choose from several job opportunities in New Zealand that are advertised on various job portals. In order to work in New Zealand, you must possess lawful employment authorization. This implies having Citizenship, Permanent Residency, or Work Visa in New Zealand.

You have to seek suitable job opportunities in New Zealand to obtain a New Zealand Work Visa. The companies in New Zealand that are unable to find talent locally for specific roles must be prioritized.

New Zealand has a list of accredited employers. If you have a skill that is required by them, you can receive a job offer full-time. It means you can obtain the Accredited Employer Talent Work Visa.

Here are some job portals where you can look for job opportunities in New Zealand by accredited employers:

Let us help you with how to get jobs in New Zealand from India?


You must complete your profile and ensure it is up-to-date. The cover letter for each job must be customized along with the CV.

The job description is very important. You must elaborate in your cover letter and CV that you are the perfect choice for the role backing it with your past experience and skills. Your thought process must be similar to a Hiring Manager while working on the job application.

Trade Me Jobs

This job site has focus not only on job openings but can offer you good openings if you are a regular follower.

Angel. co 

A suitable platform for Start-up job openings, this portal is forthcoming to overseas candidates if they possess the required skills.


Having cumulative job openings from across major recruitment agencies, job boards, and career sites in New Zealand, it displays data in an easy format and has easy job search features.

New Kiwis

For making a beginning, this is a good job search site.

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Have the right approach and focused plan of action

You must regularly visit the job search sites and apply to suitable job openings with a Cover Letter and CV. You must also be prepared for refusals as you will not be having a PR Visa or Work Visa.

Completing the process on the job portals requires a minimum of 2 to 3 hours. You must shortlist if there are multiple job openings and work on them individually based on the application deadline.

Applying on various job portals will offer you insight into the skills being sought by employers in New Zealand. Many job openings display contact details of the Hiring Manager or Recruiter. Act smart and contact them through e-mail or phone call if the number is displayed.

You must introduce yourself on the call and focus on highlighting that you are the best candidate for the job role. The duration of the call must be watched for as you are taking time from their schedule so being to the point is highly essential. It will provide a positive impression of your personality and increase the chances of your application being considered.

Being mindful of the time zone is also important as you are seeking job opportunities in New Zealand from India. You must make calls corresponding to the suitable daytime in New Zealand.

Tips for applying to Jobs in New Zealand for Indians

The first step is to identify the employers who are accredited by Immigration NZ. Sites like Wellington NZ offer you good insight regarding the nature of available jobs and candidate profiles being sought by employers.

Your chances of receiving a job offer from an accredited employer increase if you possess the skills required for the job posted on the portal. You can then also apply for the Talent Work Visa. Upon immigrating to New Zealand on a Work Visa, you can apply for Permanent Resident status after some specified years.

Tips for applying to Jobs in New Zealand for Indians

You can follow the following routine:

  • Research all the job sites that have been suggested before your day ends in India
  • Confirm if the employer who has posted a job that you are interested to apply for is accredited with Immigration NZ
  • Wake up early in the morning and apply to jobs, contact by phone or through e-mail. This will be highly appreciated and demonstrate your genuine interest in the job opening. Moreover, it will help you to adapt to the work schedule in New Zealand. The office begins by or before 8 am and concludes by or before 5 pm here.
  • Check for the skills which are included in the New Zealand Skills Shortage List
You can also choose to Study in New Zealand by selecting a suitable qualification that can help you to work and live in New Zealand. It is also possible to apply for PR Visa from India if you are eligible by securing the required points and receiving a Job Search Visa. It is 160 points currently. This will lawfully authorize you to work in the nation and apply for jobs from India and even after immigration.

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Being consistent and cautious is the key

The journey of immigration to New Zealand for work is not as easy as it may appear. You might have received calls from some agencies/agents assuring you that you are eligible for Work Visa or PR Visa.

You must be very cautious in your response to such agents or firms. They might have accessed your CV through job portals and made a rough assessment regarding your eligibility. But always remember that only a thorough evaluation from reliable Immigration Experts can provide you with the real picture. It involves an exhaustive assessment of your education, work experience, and skills required by the overseas destination.

Most importantly, you must understand that there is a difference between Immigration Consultants and Job Placement Agencies. Recruiters cannot offer lawful immigration advice or consultation.

Nationwide Visas is a renowned brand in the immigration industry offering lawful and expert immigration advice. Contact us today to avail of a thorough profile evaluation and immigration strategy from our Immigration Experts.

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