Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in Australia

Job Opportunities for Mechanical Engineers in Australia

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[Published 20 Jun, 2024 | 12:42 PM]
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Mechanical Engineering is a rewarding career owing to the sense of accomplishment resulting from turning ideas into reality. The demand in Australia for Mechanical Engineers is quite high. Not surprisingly many Mechanical Engineers apply for Australia PR Visa from India every year.

A Mechanical Engineer must have abilities to solve complex problems and innovative skills. Working on cutting-edge technology and enhancing the efficiency of machines is what they find exciting.

In Australia, the average annual salary of a Mechanical Engineer is $105,000. The salary is variable based on the experience and industry. Mechanical Engineers at the entry level get an annual salary of $80,000 while experienced professionals get more than $130,000 annually.

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The remuneration occasionally consists of diverse benefits based on the employer. A few companies offer life or medical insurance schemes, while others offer house allowances or cars.

Job Outlook

A promising career, Mechanical Engineering jobs are projected to grow by 0.2% in the upcoming 5 years. As Mechanical Engineers are involved in all aspects development of machinery, they are invaluable in the machine manufacturing sector. These professionals resolve critical challenges in the lives of people like supply chain concerns and environmental pollution through improvement of the machinery utilized for the production of diverse products.

Analytical skills and attention to detail are required for working as a Mechanical Engineer as they develop intricate designs for industrial processes.

Mechanical Engineers have career progression in the Aerospace, Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology and Biomedical industries. Some of them progress in their careers and become Production Managers.

A few kinds of Mechanical Engineers include:

Robotics Engineers

Mechanical Engineers who specialize in Robotics create Robots and Robotic Systems that can perform functions of humans. Robots usually assist in hazardous’ compound’ production. Their job functions include designing the plans to develop and maintain the Robots.

Aerospace Engineers

Employed in the aerospace industry, Mechanical Engineers develop space vehicles or devices that enable scientists’ space travel. Aerospace Engineers also design and create products that enhance survival for prolonged periods in space. Their role also sometimes involves creating Rovers and Satellites.

Safety Engineers

Mechanical Engineers who apply scientific principles to enhance the workers’ safety in industry ambiance are Safety Engineers. For instance, they evaluate production methods and upkeep machinery to make sure it functions safely.

Manufacturing Systems Engineers

Designing precise and high-performance equipment or systems for raw materials is the duty of Manufacturing Systems Engineers. They design machines that minimize the wastage of energy, materials, or resources.

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Boosting salary as a Mechanical Engineer

The salary of a Mechanical Engineer relies on their specialization area, company size, and educational credentials. They have numerous specialization opportunities that enhance their income prospects.

For instance, working as an Industrial or Aerospace Engineer is likely to improve the salary prospects of Mechanical Engineers in comparison with working in a generalized domain with less specialization.

A few employers are also in a position to offer higher salaries due to the complexity of the position or the availability of resources. For instance, Mechanical Engineers who are employed in Healthcare or Biotechnology are likely to get higher salary due to the role complexity.

Bigger firms are also ready to offer higher salaries owing to affluent resources. This may be not possible for smaller Startups.

Boosting salary as a Mechanical Engineer

Work Environment

As Mechanical Engineers are employed in diverse sectors, their work environment is variable based on the industry. The majority of the Mechanical Engineers employed in manufacturing spend most of their work hours in climate-controlled buildings and factory settings. Those who are working in Healthcare are required to develop medical machines and equipment. Maintaining machines usually in outdoor industrial settings is required to work in the Mining sector.

Work Schedule

Depending on the project, Mechanical Engineers work 40-plus hours every week. The majority of them work during standard hours of business with intermittent overtime to meet the deadlines. They may also meet clients in the evenings and during weekends.

Most Mechanical Engineers work full-time while short-term contracts and part-time roles are also available based on their requirements.

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