Move to Canada from India as a Healthcare worker

Move to Canada from India as a Healthcare worker

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[Published 29 Jan, 2024 | 11:56 AM]
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Did you know? 

Between 2017 and 2022, Canada welcomed over 21,000 Healthcare workers - just over 4,000 workers a year! According to the current Canada Immigration Levels Plans 2024-2026, IRCC plans to double this number, bringing around 8,000 workers a year in the coming years. Great news for Indian healthcare workers looking to move to Canada in 2024.


See, Indians have been for a long time, the largest source country for immigration to Canada. Back in 2022, there were approximately 118,095 Indians who applied for Canada PR visas. Out of these, 59,503 applied for Canada PR visas to Canadian citizens. So, just as with any other industry where immigrants are hired - Indians dominate the Healthcare sector in Canada.

Canada PR for Indian Health Professionals

How to immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare worker?

Canada needs more and more Healthcare workers. For this very reason, Canada has opened numerous pathways to immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare worker from India. Some of the best options include:

Option 1: Express Entry

Category-Based Express Entry Draws

On May 31, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) announced that it had finalized a new category-based selection for Express Entry Canada 2024. Healthcare is one of the six categories chosen by IRCC to prioritize category-based draws of Express Entry in 2024. A total of 35 occupations have been selected for the Healthcare occupations category. Some of the occupations finalized include Dentists, Nurses, Physiotherapists, and Doctors.

Standard Express Entry Draws

Standard Express Entry draws select candidates to apply for a Canada PR visa through one of the Express Entry streams - the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP), Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP), and Canadian Experience Class (CEC). Candidates are ranked based on their Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score. The higher your CRS score, the more your chances of receiving an ITA to apply for a Canada PR visa from India. Standard Express Entry draws are open to all eligible occupations - and not just Healthcare workers.

Option 2: Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs) are programs that are managed by individual provinces and territories in Canada. Every province in Canada has its own unique eligibility criteria, requirements, and application process. If nominated by a province or territory can through the federal government and apply for PR. PNPs are designed to meet the specific needs of each province or territory, and they often prioritize candidates with job offers or connections to the local community. A majority of the provinces in Canada have already conducted targeted draws for Healthcare occupations. Top examples of PNP streams available for Healthcare workers from India include:

  • Ontario PNP’s Human Capital Priorities Stream
  • British Columbia PNP’s Skills Immigration Category
  • Saskatchewan PNP’s International Healthcare Worker EOI Pool
  • Nova Scotia PNP’s Labour Market Priorities Streams
  • New Brunswick PNP’s Internationally Educated Healthcare Professionals

How to immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare worker?

Getting Canada PR from India as a Healthcare worker is only the first step towards a career in Healthcare in Canada. Healthcare workers must obtain accreditation or licensing to work in Canada. Each province has its institution that licenses internationally educated workers.

In-demand jobs in Canada for Indian Healthcare workers

Here are the top 8 in-demand jobs in Canada for Healthcare workers in 2024. 

Registered Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses (NOC 31301)

  • Job Openings: 155,400
  • Average Salary: CAD$ 51,900 - CAD$ 93,256 Per Year

Licensed Practical Nurses (NOC 32101)

  • Job Openings: 27,800
  • Average Salary: CAD$ 42,473 - CAD$ 66,557 Per Year
Nursing Coordinators and Supervisors (NOC 31300)

  • Job Openings: 23,100
  • Average Salary: CAD$ 43,200 - CAD$ 104,796 Per Year

General Practitioners and Family Physicians (NOC 31102)

  • Job Openings: 48,900
  • Average Salary: CAD$ 74,759 - CAD$ 52,967 Per Year
Specialist Physicians (NOC 31100)

  • Job Openings: 29,800
  • Average Salary: CAD$ 100,664 - CAD$ 547,366 Per Year
Professional occupations in Health Diagnosing and Treating (NOC 31209)

  • Job Openings: 17,900
  • Average Salary: CAD$ 26,466 - CAD$ 123,516 Per Year
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Pharmacists (NOC 31120)

  • Job Openings: 16,100
  • Average Salary: CAD$ 53,132 - CAD$ 145,200 Per Year
Physiotherapists (NOC 31202)

  • Job Openings: 14,300
  • Average Salary: CAD$ 49,500 - CAD$ 97,884 Per Year
In the 2022 year-end, there were 143,789 job vacancies for Healthcare workers - making it the single sector with the highest number of job vacancies in Canada.

A career in Canada as an Indian Healthcare worker offers not only job security but also the chance to make a positive impact on people's lives. Whether you're on the front lines of patient care or behind the scenes in administration, these in-demand healthcare jobs provide diverse opportunities for immigrants wanting to work & settle in Canada.

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We at Nationwide Visas have assisted thousands of individuals to successfully immigrate to Canada as a Healthcare worker. Our qualified and experienced Canada PR consultants in Bangalore - are equipped with the proficiency to accurately assess your case and advise the most suitable course of action for best serving your needs.

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