Quebec Eases Overseas Workers Hiring via Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Quebec Eases Overseas Workers Hiring via Temporary Foreign Worker Program

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[Published 25 Feb, 2022 | 02:13 PM]
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Quebec Province will be making it easier for employers to recruit overseas workers through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in a range of in-demand occupations. It has announced lists of occupations submitted with the Government of Canada that will be eligible for:

  • Simplified processing of Canada Work Permit
  • Exemptions from recruitment and posting efforts
  • 20% to 10% hike in the ceiling of Temporary Foreign Workers for every workplace

The changes will greatly influence Canada immigration of several overseas workers to the Quebec province. They have been declared by the Social Solidarity, Employment and Labor Ministry for addressing the critical scarcity of workers in the province.

Major sectors that have been included for implementation of the new policy include Catering, Food Processing, Accommodation, and Retail Trade. These industries are facing maximum shortages of labor.

Speedy processing of Work Permits under Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Deputy Minister of Immigration and Minister of Labor Jean Boulet has said that the negotiated exemptions will permit many companies to recruit essential workers with respect for their rights. He also called upon the Government of Canada to endorse the changes as every effort counts in the present scenario of the scarcity of labor.

The Quebec Government is making all efforts to ensure that the Temporary Foreign Worker Program fulfills the requirement of businesses in the province, added the Minster.

Jean Boulet said that the Quebec province has highlighted the sectors of economic activity and also the occupations that will benefit from the exemptions. We look forward to speedy approval from the federal government so that workers can obtain Work Permit under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program at the earliest, he added.

The new policy for Canada immigration has been announced after a pact concluded between the Governments of Quebec and Canada on 4th August 2021. The agreement highlighted the need for action on the International Mobility Program and Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The following lists were shared with the Federal Government on 1st November 2021. The provisional policies are likely to remain effective till the conclusion of 2023.

List of Level C Occupations selected for easy processing

Job descriptionNOC
Clerks Personnel1415
Insurance, Banking, and additional financial clerks1434
Parts-persons and Storekeepers1522
Crew and Transportation route schedulers1526
Assistants - Dental3411
Orderlies, Nurse aides, and Patient service associates3413
Assistants - Secondary and Elementary school teacher4413
Account and Sales representatives6411
Retail salespersons6421
Travel and Tour guides6531
Animal care workers and Pet groomers6731
Forestry and Logging laborers6563
Material handlers7452
Truck Transport drivers7511
Subway operators, Bus drivers, and other Transit operators7512
Operators - Heavy equipment (except for crane)7521
Equipment operators - Public works maintenance and related work7522
Operators - Skidder and Chain saw8421
Forestry and Silviculture workers8422
Operators – Machine, metal, and mineral processing9411
Foundry workers9412
Operators - Forging machine and Metalworking9416
Operators - Machine and Other metal products9418
Operators - Plastics processing machine9422
Operators - Rubber processing machine and related work9423
Operators - Sawmill machine9431
Other wood processing inspectors Lumber graders and graders9436
Operators - Industrial sewing machine9446
Operators - Beverage and associated products processing & Process control and machine food9461
Meat cutters, Industrial butchers, Poultry preparers, and related workers9462
Seafood and Fish plant workers9463
Fixture and Furniture assemblers and Inspectors9532
Furniture refinishers and finishers9534
Plastic products Finishers, Assemblers, and Inspectors9535
Coaters, Industrial painters, and Metal finishing process operators9536

List of Level D professions free from the process of external posting

Job descriptionNOC
Clerks, Order fillers, and Store shelf stockers6622
Kitchen helpers, Food counter attendants, and associated support occupations6711
Cleaners - Light duty6731
Cleaners - Specialized6732
Caretakers, Janitors, and Building superintendents6733
Grounds maintenance and Landscaping laborers8612
Forestry and Logging laborers8616
Metal fabrication Laborers9612
Wood, paper, and pulp processing Laborers9614
Plastic and rubber products manufacturing Laborers9615
Beverage, food, and associated products processing Laborers9617
Seafood and fish processing Laborers9618

Sectors and professions in the low-wage component targeted by the 10% to 20% increase in the TFWs limit per workplace

CashiersRetail trade apart from food6611
Clerks, Store shelf stockers and order fillers6622
Cleaners - Specialized6732
CashiersAccommodation and catering6611
Kitchen helpers, Food counter attendants, and associated support occupations6711
Cleaners - Light duty6731
Beverage, food, and associated products processing LaborersManufacture of drinks, food, and tobacco9617
Cleaners - Light dutyCompanies and services administrative, management of companies and support and others6731
Cleaners - Specialized6732
Caretakers, Janitors, and building superintendents6733
Grounds maintenance and Landscaping laborers8612
Cleaners - Light dutyHealthcare6731
Forestry and Logging laborersForestry and logging8616
Metal fabrication LaborersMetal manufacturing9612
Plastic and Rubber products manufacturingPlastic and rubber manufacturing9615
Pulp, wood, and paper processing LaborersWood manufacturing9614

List of NOC B, A, and 0 Level Occupations selected for easy processing

Job DescriptionNOC
Managers - Purchasing0113
Managers - Engineering0211
Managers - Architecture and Science0212
Managers - Corporate sales0601
Managers - Accommodation service0632
Expert occupations in Marketing, Public Relations, and Advertising1123
Supervisors, Administrative Support and General Office Workers1211
Officers - Administrative1221
Assistants - Administrative1241
Valuators, Assessors, and Appraisers1314
Technicians and Chemical Technologists2211
Mineral and Geological Technologists and Technicians2212
Electrical and Avionics Mechanics, Aircraft Instrument, Technicians and Inspectors2244
Industrial Designers2252
Drafting Technicians and Technologists2253
Non-destructive inspection technicians and testers2261
Video and Audio Recording technicians5225
Interior decorators and Interior designers5242
Fashion, Theatre, Exhibit and other Creative designers5243
Wholesale and Retail buyers6311
Accommodation, tourism, travel, and related services supervisors6313
Dressmakers, Tailors, Milliners, and Furriers6342
Supervisors, Contractors, and carpentry trades7204
Cable and Electrical power line workers7244
Other ground transit operators and Motor transport and Overseer7305
Aircraft inspectors and Aircraft mechanics7315
Motor vehicle body repairers7322
Petroleum, chemical processing, and gas and Utility Supervisors9212

Canada PR Visa pathway through Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Statistics reveal that there is a major increase in the number of new Canada PR Visa holders in Canada through the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. It also includes IMP - International Mobility Program and Canada Study Visa holders.

In the last one and a half years, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada have focused on immigrants already residing in Canada for Permanent Residency. It is due to the impact of the pandemic as well as the closing of international borders.

Immigration Levels Plan for 2021-2023 outlined by Canada aims at roughly 1% of the population of Canada for immigration intake in these 3 years. This implies 401,000 Permanent Residents in 2021, 411,000 Permanent Residents in 2022, and 421,000 Permanent Residents in 2023.

The result of the ambitious immigration targets is that overseas nationals who are already residing in Canada under TFWP or IMP or as Study Visa holders are already one step ahead when it comes to obtaining Permanent Resident status. It has assisted them in obtaining Canada PR Visa at an exceptional rate.

Before the pandemic, in 2019, the immigrants who had held Study Visa or work experience through IMP or TFWP accounted for just 21.9% of the total 341, 175 fresh Permanent Residents in Canada. In 2020, this category was the major source of fresh Permanent Residents that accounted for 27.6% of the total 184,585 Permanent Residents in Canada.

Canada PR Visa pathway through Temporary Foreign Worker Program

Canada is now prioritizing skilled and highly educated overseas nationals for immigration to boost its economic recovery from the pandemic. In the first 8 months of 2021, the % of fresh Permanent Residents who had previous work experience through IMP or TFWP or Study Permit authorizing work increased to 45.7% of the 222, 275 fresh Permanent Residents in Canada.

The Temporary Foreign Workers Program accounted for roughly 2.6% or 5, 765 of the total fresh Permanent Residents to Canada in 2020. It is thus evident that more overseas nationals are now immigrating to Canada through the TFWP and successfully obtaining PR status.

Obtaining Canada Permanent Resident status through the Temporary Foreign Workers Program is a two-stage method of Canada immigration. First, candidates have to arrive in Canada as provisional workers through the Work Visa pathways. In the second stage, they must submit an application for Permanent Resident status by utilizing their work experience in Canada for boosting their application’s impact.

Do you want to immigrate to Canada through the Temporary Foreign Workers Program?

Nationwide Visas is the top Immigration Consultancy in India for Canada PR Visa and has 15 plus years of experience in the industry. We offer immigration assistance and support through ICCRC accredited Immigration Consultants.


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