The Canadian C11 Work Permit Visa- Eligibility, Procedure

The Canadian C11 Work Permit Visa- Eligibility, Procedure

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[Published 14 Jan, 2022 | 02:59 PM]
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Obtaining a work permit is frequently the first step toward obtaining permanent status in Canada. The C11 entrepreneur work visa is an option to explore if you're an entrepreneur or self-employed person who wants to work in Canada and eventually become a permanent resident. 

So, let’s briefly introduce the Canadian C11 work visa ahead. Read on!

What is the C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit?

The International Mobility Program (IMP) in Canada has helped pave the way for Canadian employers to hire temporary workers from all across the globe without having to worry about the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Another LMIA exemption, known as "C11," is available through the same IMP scheme. Entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals can use exemption code C11 to apply for a work visa that does not require LMIA.

The C11 work permit is mainly for two sorts of enterprises. The first group is made up of entrepreneurs who wish to enter Canada temporarily in order to pursue their business plans and careers. The second category is open for the C11 work visa and is considered part of the permanent residence program for entrepreneurs or self-employed people.

With your C11 entrepreneur work permit, whether you want a short stay or permanent residency, you must show the immigration officer that:

  • You are the business owner or a self-employed person with a viable business model and resources.
  • The company/venture/self-employed gig you run has the potential to deliver new economic, social, and cultural benefits to Canadians.

An application will be issued for the C11 entrepreneur work visa to convince the immigration inspector on these two points.

What are the eligibility criteria for the C11 Work Permit?

Owning a business is not enough to qualify for the C11 work permit, rather the candidate has to follow the below-given points to be eligible for it:

  • The applicant has to have the expertise and aptitude to begin a successful venture, or they have the assets and skills, and expertise to buy an existing Canadian business and turn it into a valuable organization.
  • The applicant holds at least 50% of the business they purchase or set up in Canada.
  • The applicant has established a healthy strategic plan that is realistic and makes sense in real-life scenarios.
  • The applicant can devise a sequence of activities that will benefit Canada and Canadians in various fields and walks of life.
  • The applicant should have done enough research and work to establish their business/work in Canada. For example, the candidate must have secured finances to develop the business. 

What is the type Of Business eligible for the C11 Entrepreneur Work Permit?

Below given is a set of examples for your better understanding:

  • Outdoor Adventure Company
  • Lawn care and landscaping
  • Chimney sweeping service
  • Moving services
  • Christmas/Halloween retailer
  • Pool maintenance services
  • Personal trainer or coach

What is indicated by “significant benefit”?

A C11 work permit may be accepted or refused based on its "significant benefit to Canada" outlook. As aforementioned, the immigration officer analyses the applicant's suggested business or commercial strategy for its strategic value to the country.

These are some examples of what "significant benefit to Canada" entails.

  • The applicant's proposed method will provide a boost to the economy of Canadians and permanent residents. The economic stimulus can refer to many different things. For example, it could indicate the creation of new jobs, increased export markets, or development work in any provided area of the country.
  • The applicant's proposed method will result in industry progression in the country. The development of the industry can also be viewed in many different ways. Typically, an immigration officer considers a business to be progressing the sector if it involves technological development, product/service innovation, and distinctions, or enhances the abilities of the Canadian workforce.
  • The applicant's proposed work is advantageous to Canadian society, has no dire repercussions, and will not intrude on the operational processes of Canadian companies.

What are the Two-Stage Immigration for C11 Work Permit Holders?

The first one is to receive a C11 work permit.

And the second one is to apply for the Canadian Permanent Residency visa by meeting the below criteria:

  • You must have successfully managed or managed your business in Canada for 12 consecutive months, along with having a valid work permit visa.

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