Top 10 To-Do List after your first arrival in Canada

Top 10 To-Do List after your first arrival in Canada

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[Published 04 Mar, 2023 | 02:45 PM]
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You are quite delighted with your successful Canada Immigration. Now you can make a priority list of to-do things after your arrival so that you can smoothly settle in your new home overseas:

1. Obtain your PR Card

The final processing of your PR application is at the port of landing in Canada. You must ideally stay in Canada till this Card is delivered to you. In case you are leaving earlier, you can have your PR card delivered to a family member/friends’ address in Canada. The status of the application can be tracked on the IRCC website. Confirm the receipt of the Card with your family/friend after it is dispatched.

2. Acquire your Social Insurance Number

In order to work and apply for government benefits in Canada you will require SIN. You can file an application for SIN in person or online or through e-mail after arriving in Canada at the Service Canada Centre.

A few international airports such as the Pearson Airport, in Toronto also have SCCs. You will get the SIN on the same day of application in case you have applied in person. However, it can take a maximum of 20 days to get the SIN through other methods.

Let us help you to do things after landing in Canada

3. Open Bank Account in Canada

A Bank Account in Canada offers you access to your funds after arrival. You can apply for opening the Bank Account from your home nation itself. It will also ease the transfer of money to Canada once you relocate permanently.

You must also apply for a Credit Card in Canada to begin developing your credit history instantly. If you are obtaining a Canadian SIM, you can use Canada’s credit card for payment of your phone bills. Make full payment of your credit card bill timely. It will help you to develop your credit card history in Canada.

4. Obtain a Provincial photo ID or Driver’s license

A Photo Identity of the Province or Driver’s License is usually accepted as ID proof for diverse official transactions. Normally, you cannot get both of these documents simultaneously. So it is preferable to file an application for a DL first if you plan to drive in Canada.

Obtain a Provincial photo ID or Driver’s license

The majority of the Provinces in Canada have a graduated DL system and the first step is the knowledge test.

5. Obtain a SIM card in Canada

While it is not highly essential to get the SIM Card in Canada immediately after arrival, doing so will help you with voice calls and data. A Prepaid phone number in Canada will also make it straightforward for employers in Canada to connect with you once you start applying for jobs.

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6. Acquire your province,'s Health Card

If your Province does not have a waiting period, you must apply for a Health Card of the Province after your arrival in Canada. But you must file the application only after you are assured regarding the Province in which you intend to settle permanently. You are also required to comply with some residency conditions for keeping your Health Card valid.

7. Discover the city and select neighborhoods

After you arrive in Canada, the initial few days offer you the chance to discover the types of housing and rental structures in diverse locations in the city. You can thus shortlist the accommodation options as per your budget. Other factors to consider include transit scores and distance from downtown.

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8. Travel across Canada to locate your new home city

If you are not assured regarding your city for settling in Canada, the initial few days are good for traveling across the nation for exploring your options. You have to cautiously assess all the factors you are seeking in your intended city inclusive of the job market, living costs, and accessibility, and then decide accordingly. It will prevent you from the hassles of relocation later to another city.

9. Reconnect with family and friends in Canada

Many newly arrived immigrants in Canada have connections in the nation. It can be old friends, family members, school alumni, or other connections who have earlier relocated to Canada. These connections can assist you with valuable tips for life in Canada, establish you in their network, or perhaps even offer job references in Canada.

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10. Develop your Professional network

In your initial days, you get good opportunities for meeting people in your profession or industry and developing your network. Such networking meet-ups will enhance your understanding of the local job market, hiring trends, and key sought-after skills by your employers in your targeted industries.

When you begin to actively submit job applications or wish to leverage the connections in your network, this networking can be very valuable. It can also assist with job referrals or mentors along with information about the average salary in Canada.

If you are not sure about your plan of action during your initial days in Canada, connect with Experts at Nationwide Visas.


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