Top 3 Tips for Indians to find a job in Australia in 2023

Top 3 Tips for Indians to find a job in Australia in 2023

Alisha Khan Alisha Khan
[Published 04 Mar, 2022 | 04:02 PM]
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Many Indians who immigrate to Australia or plan to settle in Australia find it tough to find a job in the nation. It is normally not due to deficiency of qualifications but owing to unfamiliarity with the occupations in-demand for immigrants.

Australia releases every year a list known as MSOL. It consists of all the occupations in-demand for that particular year. With accurate qualifications, skills, and knowledge you can find a job and settle in Australia easily. We have covered here all the important aspects that Indians need to know to find a job in Australia in 2023.

Different Occupations and Average Salary Packages in Australia

Occupation Annual Salary  in AUD Job Profile
Accountant 97,542 Advertising Agency - Senior Management Accountant
79,439 Management Accountant
58,441 Experienced Accountant - Undergraduate / Graduate
54,891 Business Services -Intermediate Accountant
79,417 Commercial Accountant
103,000 Public Practice - Senior Accountant
57,217 Tax Accountant
57,000 – 73,000 Tax Accountant -Intermediate
79,621 Tax & Business Services - Senior Accountant / Accountant
Software Engineer 73,541 JVM, Java8, Kotlin /Backend Software Engineer
78,484 Software Engineer - Junior
102,934 Full-Stack Software Engineer (NET/Java) -Senior
61,894 Laravel Developer - Mid-level
77,949 Software Engineer - C++ | QT
Agricultural Engineer and Scientist 75,000 Embedded Software Engineer
88,000 C# | C++ | DDS - Software Engineer - Senior
120,000 Environmental Scientist
74,000 Grains Trainee Research Officer
65,000 Agriculture Graduate – Grain
81,170 Quality Technologist -Senior
Civil Engineer 73,687 Design & Drainage -Professional Engineer
113,922 Civil Engineer - Senior
70,000 Graduate Civil Engineer
60,000 Civil Works -Site Engineer
Electrical Engineer 160,000 Supervisory Role Electrical Engineer
125,000 Engineer - Electrical Systems
120,000 Industrial – Heavy Industry: Electrical engineer
100,000 Building Services - Electrical Engineer
70,000 Electrical Engineer – Graduate
125,000 Power Station (Maintenance Strategy) -Electrical Engineer
75,000 Electrical Engineer -Graduate
75,000 Graduate Electrical Engineer
100,000 – 135,000 Building Services - Senior Electrical Engineer
Electronics Engineer 140,000 Medical Devices - Senior Electronics Engineer
65,000 Electronics Engineer - Junior
85,000 Automotive Products -Electronics Engineer
120,000 Electronics Design Engineer
78,000 Aerospace Engineer Officer/ Electronics Engineer
70,000 Electronic Analytical Instrumentation - Field Service Engineer
101,000 – 113,000 Senior Electronic Engineering Specialist
100,000 – 140,000 Medical Devices - Senior Electronics Engineer
55,000 – 65,000 Electronics Engineer - Junior
85,000 Automotive Products -Electronics Engineer
Graphic Designer 50,000 – 55,000 Graphic Designer - Junior
60,000 pro-rata Digital Graphic Designer -Part-time
60,000 Digital and Graphic Designer
85,000 – 94,000 Graphic Designer
37,000 – 40,000 Digital Print Industry - Junior Graphic Designer
65,000 Web-Development Company - Mid-Weight Graphic Designer
65,000 B2C and E-Commerce -Graphic Designer
65,000 Artwork, Brand Design, Logo’s & Marketing Campaigns - Graphic Designer
65,000 Pre-Press Trades Worker / Graphic Designer
70,000 Graphic Designer & Web Publisher
General Physician 300,000+ Doctor - General Practitioner

270,000 General Practitioner

300,000+ FRACGP-VR GP General Practitioner

300,000 Non-VR or VR General Practitioner

300,000 General Practitioner / Doctor

200,000 General Practitioner AMDS

350,000 General Registration / GP - AHPRAs Vocational Registration
Registered Nurse 77,000 Night Duty Registered Nurse
82,000 Community Registered Nurse
77,000 Aged Care Registered Nurse
79,000 Endoscopy Suite - Grade 2 Registered Nurse
86,000 Registered Nurse (Offender Health)
72,000 Maternity Leave Registered Nurse

Now, you have a clear idea regarding the occupations in-demand in Australia and their average salaries. You can now start with the right measures for finding a job in Australia. 

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Here we present the top 3 tips for Indians to find a job in 2022 and settle in Australia: 

1. Immigrate to Australia on a Skilled Visa

Immigrate to Australia on a Skilled Visa

The following are the pathways for skilled migration to Australia: 

Australia Subclass 189 Visa

The Skilled Independent Visa or the Australia Subclass 189 Visa is a Permanent Residency Visa that permits you to settle in Australia without State sponsorship or a job offer. Good proficiency in the English language and a positive report for skill assessment are the chief requirements for this Visa. It is a renowned option for overseas nationals including Indians as this Australia Visa has minimal eligibility criteria. 

Australia Subclass 190 Visa

The Skilled Nominated Visa or Australia Subclass 190 Visa is a Permanent Residency Visa that permits you to indefinitely settle in Australia and work. But this Visa needs you to have a nomination from a State to qualify as indicated by the name. 

Australia Subclass 482 Visa

Australia Subclass 482 Visa allows employers to cater to the scarcity of workers by selecting skilled workers across the world. They are chosen to fill the suitable vacancies in the labor market of Australia. This Visa is also known as the Temporary Skill Shortage Visa. It authorizes your stay in Australia for up to 4 years. 

2. Apply for Assessment of Skills

Appropriate authorities for assessing skills provide the reports for assessment of your skills. These are agencies that confirm if your skills are on par with the standards defined for working in a very suitable occupation in Australia. They assist you in demonstrating your qualifications overseas. 

Some of the Authorities that assess skills for the Australian job market include:

  • TRA - Trades Recognition Australia
  • Engineers Australia
  • IML - Institute of Managers and Leaders National
  • VETASSESS - Education and Vocational Training Assessment Services 

The lists of all eligible skilled occupations are outlined within the following 4 lists of occupation in-demand in Australia: 

  • ANZSCO - Australia and New Zealand Classification of Regular Occupations
  • ROL - Regional Occupation List
  • STSOL - Short-term Skilled Occupation List 
  • RSMS - Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

The majority of the occupations in each list have their individual authority for the assessment of skills. The Department of Home Affairs accepts only a report for skills assessment issued by the appropriate assessing authority. It is the responsibility of the applicants to contact the appropriate authority for their occupation and acquire an assessment for skills if necessary. Every authority for assessment has its charges, timelines, and assessment procedures. 

Obtaining a relevant assessment for skills is mandatory for a few Australia Subclass Visas. It may also be requested for other streams. You have to be acquainted with all the available details about the Australia Visa that you wish to apply for. It will assist you in determining if you require a skills assessment and the timeline for obtaining it. 

3. Connect on International Job Portals


LinkedIn chiefly provides Senior or Executive roles and White-collar occupations aimed at job seekers universally – native or immigrants. 1 out of every 4 Australians is enrolled with LinkedIn making it one of the most renowned job search portals in the nation. 

A database of 6 million job seekers with profiles for all sectors is present in the database of LinkedIn Australia. The differentiating aspect of LinkedIn from other job portals is its option to chat and connect with colleagues or prospective employers. 


Since being launched in 1997, Seek is the top job portal in Australia. More than 13 million job seekers are present in the database of Seek. Three out of four Australians are enrolled on Seek. Thousands of job opportunities are available to job seekers on Seek on a daily basis. 

Seek also provides career advice and company reviews apart from an increased storage facility for resumes. You can also track your job applications through the applicant tracking system of Seek. 

APS Jobs

APS Jobs is popular as the gateway to public service in Australia. It is a platform for agencies of the Government to display vacant job openings and general information for job applicants. Some employment decisions like Graduate Programs and promotions are also published on it. 

The APS Jobs portal permits users to create accounts. They can then receive job alerts over email when job openings matching their search are advertised. It also has a comprehensive range of prospects offering temporary, part-time, and full-time roles across various locations in Australia. There are Management, Entry-level, and Technical roles along with Project Administration, Policy, and Support roles. 

Grad Connection

Grad Connection is the top graduate recruitment platform in Australia. It is a free portal that assists you in searching for internships and jobs for graduates across top employers in Australia for launching your career. 

You can research the firms on the portal, connect with fellow graduates in the forums, and be identified by employers who view your profile on it. 

Updates for Indian Job Seekers seeking to settle in Australia 

The occupations in-demand list for Australia Subclasses 491 Visa and 190 has been updated by NSW - New South Wales region in Australia. 

For the Subclass 190 Visa, NSW is asking immigrants having an EOI to submit an application for nomination only if they are currently residing in the NSW region. 

The number of regions has increased to 13 from 8 for the Subclass 491 Visa enhancing the chances of applicants to receive the Visa. They have the option to submit an application through the following 3 streams for qualifying for a nomination from the region: 

  • Recently completed studies in regional NSW 
  • Living and working in regional NSW  
  • Living and working outside of regional NSW 

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