Top Provinces for French Speakers to Immigrate

Top Provinces for French Speakers to Immigrate

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[Published 25 May, 2024 | 08:08 AM]
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Indians planning to immigrate to Canada as French speakers often have this question on their mind, “which is the best province in Canada for French speakers?”. Well, Canada has one of the strongest communities for French speakers, especially in Quebec. But not a lot of people know about other provinces with Francophone communities.

Canada is planning to welcome 26,100 French-speaking immigrants in 2024. In 2025, 31,500 PRs and in 2026, 36,000 PRs with in-demand skills and experience in Canada's In-demand Occupations will be welcomed under Express Entry’s category-based selection draws by IRCC.

Immigrate to Canada as a French speaker

Popular Provinces in Canada for French-speaking Candidates

Consider the following provinces if you are interested in applying for Canada PR from India in 2024:

  • Quebec

There is no surprise in the fact that Quebec tops the list when it comes to the best province for French-speaking immigrants. In fact, it is the only province in Canada to have French as its official language. More than 75 per cent of residents in Quebec speak French and 95 per cent have some or the other level of French skills. Besides that, Quebec has more to offer.

Cultural activities, history, and stunning landscapes are what make Quebec appeal to newcomers. Mainly, Montreal attracts many Indians and others due to job opportunities and culture. The city hosts several international events, music shows, film festivals, and more that will keep you engaged.

  • Ontario

Next up on the list we have Ontario, among Canada’s most popular immigrant-friendly provinces. Many people don’t know that it has a French-speaking population, the largest outside of Quebec. The province offers specific immigration programs such as Ontario’s Express Entry French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream for candidates interested in living and working here - and knowing French -  to get PR.

Among all the cities, Toronto stands out as the most attractive destination for Indians, where the majority of them choose to settle with families. The city has a strong Francophone community. As per the 2021 census, more than 60,000 of Toronto’s population spoke French or had French as their first language. More than 239,000 individuals had knowledge of the French language.

  • New Brunswick

Another surprising entry to this list of top provinces for French Speakers to immigrate is New Brunswick. It is the only officially bilingual province in Canada where nearly one-third of the population speaks French and has francophone and anglophone communities.

If you consider this province, you can expect beautiful scenery of mountains, rivers, forests, and other natural wonders. Camping or hiking can be majorly enjoyed here along with festivals and a strong francophone culture. In this province, more than  90 per cent of the 98,000 residents speak French as a first language.

  • Alberta

No. 4 and last on the list is Alberta, a great place for immigrants to consider settling as French speakers. The province is known for stunning natural attractions and has vast reserves of natural gas. You can witness the Rocky Mountains, a thriving cattle industry, and Dinosaur Provincial Park.

Settling in Alberta will not be that expensive compared to other cities in the provinces, which makes it an ideal choice for many Indians. Calgary and Edmonton are the main urban centres in Alberta, appealing to a large number of French-speaking immigrants from across the country.

Popular Provinces in Canada for French-speaking Candidates

Apply for Canada PR as a French Speaker via Express Entry

First things first, check if you are eligible to apply for PR under Express Entry Canada. Use a 67-point calculator and add details about your age, work experience, education, and language proficiency in English and French, among other factors. You need 67 out of 100 points to be eligible.

Though you get a maximum of 24 points for English, knowing the French language can get you 4 additional points, which could help you boost your overall score lost in other factors.

If you are eligible, create a profile and enter the pool of candidates. Here, your profile will be ranked using a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and assigned points out of 1200. The higher your score is, the better will be your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for PR in the Express Entry draws.

You get a maximum of 160 points for the language proficiency factor, and up to 50 additional points for French skills (even if it is not your first language). To be eligible for a Canada PR, you need at least an NCLC 7 - equivalent to a B2 level on the TEF test.

Another pathway to apply for Canada PR is Quebec’s Skilled Worker Program (QSW) or Experience Program (PEQ).

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Explore the Francophone Mobility Program, a temporary pathway to immigrate to Canada as a French-speaking candidate. Under this, Canadian employers can hire foreign nationals with French-speaking abilities easily - without requiring a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

To be eligible, you must get a valid job offer from an employer in Canada, outside of Quebec, achieve NCLC level 5 or higher and meet general eligibility requirements.

Canada PR Visa Approval in 150 Days | Davinder's Visa Story

So far, Canada has invited 12,400 immigrants with French language proficiency. If you have French-speaking skills, keep an eye out for the latest Express Entry draws in 2024. Connect with Nationwide Visas, one of the best immigration consultants in Delhi. The team will evaluate your case, offering the best solutions to apply for Canada PR from India.

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