What are the recent rules for subclass 476 visa?

What are the recent rules for subclass 476 visa?

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[Published 05 Jul, 2022 | 04:42 PM]
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Skilled Recognition Visa for Australia Subclass 476 makes Australia immigration possible for engineering students by allowing them to enter the country, reside there, and work there for a period of 18 months. Your university degree must have been achieved within the recent two years, according to visa criteria. But the applicant might be given this visa if they don't already have a subclass 485 or subclass 476 visa. The applicants should be older than 31 years old to be eligible to apply for Visa 476.

Even though the Australian Embassy has said that processing timeframes range from 10 to 12 months, you could be able to acquire the visa far sooner than that if you can properly verify your eligibility through papers. This is the processing time for the generic subclass 476. The validity period for this visa is 18 months from the date of issuance. A 476 visa does not authorize an extended stay. The principal applicant is responsible for paying the AUD $405 476 visa charge. Additionally, you must pay a charge for each dependent.

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What are the recent updated rules for Visa Subclass 476?

The most recent regulations in this visa category consist of:

  • To be eligible, you must be younger than 31 years old.
  • You must have just graduated from a reputable university with an engineering degree.
  • You cannot currently be the primary bearer of Subclass 485 or 476 visas.
  • Your command of the English language must be demonstrated.

What are the recent updated rules for Visa Subclass 476?

Other eligibility for Visa Subclass 476 includes:

  • When it comes to the Australia Subclass 476 visa, one of the key qualifications is having an engineering degree.
  • Unlike the majority of other general migration visas, you do not have to go through a point-based process while applying for a skilled-recognized visa. Your eligibility will be assessed at the outset.
  • Since India is a recognized member of the Washington Accord, you should have earned your degree from a school that has been accredited by the NBA. You are only permitted to stay in Australia for a total of 18 months as part of this visa.
  • The current visa fee for an application is AUD 365, which is roughly equal to Rs 17,885 in Indian rupees. This visa may take three to four months to process.
  • There are a number of additional tests and certifications that you must take after passing the English Proficiency test.
  • To guarantee that immigrants entering the country is healthy, health clearance is mandated.
  • In order to confirm that you have no criminal records where you have lived for more than a year in the previous 10 years, you would also need a police certificate.
  • Each member of your family should obtain a police clearance if you intend to immigrate with them. In order to demonstrate authenticity, you must additionally offer certified copies.

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Once you acquire Visa Subclass 476, you can continue residing in the country by extending this visa as you can’t apply for another Skilled-Recognized Graduate visa. While submitting your application, you can be anywhere in the world, but after your visa has been approved, you must leave Australia. While resident in the nation, the visa holder can visit their family.
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