What is the Canada PR application process from India?

What is the Canada PR application process from India?

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[Published 26 Apr, 2022 | 03:31 PM]
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The Canada PR application process from India is quite simple. The Great White North is one of the most preferred immigration destinations for individuals from across the globe – especially Indians. Lenient immigration rules and quick application processing has made it relatively easier to immigrate to Canada.

Immigrating to Canada from India opens up an array of opportunities. World-class education, lucrative jobs, higher salaries, free public healthcare, scenic beauty, and multiculturalism are to name a few.

How do you immigrate to Canada from India?

The Canadian government offers various pathways to Indians immigrating to Canada. Some of the popular ones include Express Entry, Provincial Nominee Programs, Family Sponsorship, Business Immigration, and Quebec Immigration.

We’ll be going through the Canada PR application process under the globally-renowned Express Entry program.

What is the Express Entry program?

Launched back in 2015, the Express Entry program is Canada’s primary source of skilled immigrants. This online point-based program manages three key Federal High Skilled (FHS) streams:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
Having quick processing times of 8-12 months, this direct Canadian permanent residency pathway is most preferred by Indians.

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Canada PR application process steps

STEP 1: Get your ECA done

If you plan on immigrating to Canada from India, you will first need to get your Education Credential Assessment (ECA) done. Education credentials are evaluated by authorized Canadian regulated bodies including WES, ICAS, and CES. An ECA is done to check whether or not your academic background meets the Canadian standards.

STEP 2: Take your IELTS exam

To demonstrate your language proficiency, you will be required to take an exam and obtain a qualifying score. An IELTS or TEFaQ exam assesses your language skills across four modules including Writing, Speaking, Listening, and Reading.

STEP 3: Create an Express Entry profile

Register yourself under the federal Express Entry program by creating an online profile. Your completed profile will then be placed alongside other qualifying candidates in the Express Entry pool.

STEP 4: Apply for a Provincial Nomination (optional)

Securing a provincial nomination from one of the 13 provinces in Canada is a great option to secure Canadian permanent residency. Such provincial nominations from a PNP will automatically award you 600 additional points to your Comprehensive Ranking System - CRS score. Securing a provincial nomination effectively guarantees an Invitation to Apply in a subsequent Express Entry draw.

STEP 5: Get an Invitation to Apply (ITA)

If you meet the minimum CRS score cut-off required in an Express Entry draw – while in the pool, you will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA). You now have 60 days to submit your complete Express Entry application alongside the supporting documents for the information you have provided.

STEP 6: Police and Medical background checks

You will need to get the police and medical background check reports. This demonstrates that you hold no criminal record and that you are in good health to immigrate to Canada.

STEP 7: Application Audit by IRCC

Once you have gone through the Canada PR application process – and submitted an error-free, complete Express Entry profile – the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will now assess and authenticate your information and documents submitted for Canadian permanent residency.

STEP 8: Receive a COPR

If the application audit is successful, the IRCC will issue you with a Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR). You can then use your COPR to apply for Canada PR from India.

Canada PR application process from India: Processing Time and Costs

The Canada PR application process time is calculated from when IRCC receives your application to the time it makes a decision on it. Express Entry has quick processing times, where you can expect a permanent residency application to be processed within 8 and 12 months.

Canada PR application process from India: Processing Time and Costs

Because of the volatility of the Indian and Canadian currencies, the total cost to immigrate to Canada from India may vary – however, the following costs remain constant:

  • Application Fees for Canada PR - CAD $825 (INR 49,500)
  • For a secondary application (which can be your spouse’s), the fees remain the same - CAD $825 (INR 49,500)
  • For Each dependent child, the fee is (below 22 Years) – CAD $225 per child (INR 13,500)
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fees - RPRF (Landing Fees), per adult - CAD $500 (INR 30,000)
  • Right of Permanent Residence Fees - RPRF (Landing Fees), per child - NIL (NIL)
  • Language Proficiency Test Cost (CAD $250 – INR 14,700)
  • Medical Test Cost (CAD $95 - INR 5,500)
  • Police Clearance Certificate (CAD $20 - INR 1000)

Take Away

The Canada PR Visa application process is more open, flexible, and immigrant-friendly when compared to the immigration processes of other countries such as the USA and the UK. It is easy to qualify. If you are an aspiring immigrant seeking a new country to immigrate to – Canada is the place to be.

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