What is the Future of Canada PR in 2023?

What is the Future of Canada PR in 2023?

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 21 Jan, 2023 | 12:56 PM]
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There are different reasons that attract a lot of people to immigrate to Canada. One of the major factors that persuade immigrants is Canada’s immigration plan, which intends to welcome up to 500, 000 newcomers to the country by 2025. Are you in a similar situation and check your eligibility for Canada PR? Well, all this information is for you, and who knows, your Canadian dream might come true in the upcoming years. So, let's find out the benefits of moving to Canada first and then, the future of Canada PR in 2023 and further.

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Why People are Eager to Apply for Canada PR?

  • Opportunities to Work - Canada has a high rate of vacancies and a low rate of unemployment. The country’s labor shortages are usually high, and the pandemic contributed to it as well. With almost a million unfilled jobs, Canada is often in search of qualified, skilled international workers to be a part of its job market. In fact, Canada’s pro-immigration stance is also playing a significant role in welcoming newcomers to the country via different pathways.
  • Top-rated Education - The Maple Leaf country is known as an educated country with 56 percent of post-secondary passed Canadians. This country’s mandatory schooling laws give the opportunity to attain education. Moreover, Canada also invests significantly in making education top-notch. Quality teaching, up-to-date curriculum, practical exposure, and affordability persuades international students to study in Canada.

Why People are Eager to Apply for Canada PR?

  • Multi-culture Population - Under Canadian Multiculturalism Act 1988, the government of Canada fosters a diverse society. This scenario is unique to the world and makes people from 200 different nations live in harmony in Canada.
  • Safety, Peace, and Stability - People from across different parts of the world apply for Canada PR for the peace that they find in Canada. This nation has a lower crime rate, a thriving economy, a stable political system, and the utmost safety. Even, medical services are fundamental rights of the citizens of Canada, which also gives a sense of belongingness to the immigrants to the country.
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So, what’s in the box for Canada PR for 2023?

Canada’s Immigration Levels Plan for 2023 – 2025 targets to welcome half a more than the usual number of newcomers to meet the critical shortages of labor. The core idea is to facilitate businesses to find employees with the required skills. The Canadian government is also focusing on increasing the population in rural areas and small towns in different provinces. In fact, there is a Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot and Atlantic Immigration Program to deal with the shortages in specific regions. The number of immigrants welcomes under Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program will also increase. In addition, refugee and humanitarian immigrants and asylum seekers are also a part of the immigration plan. Canada is planning to fulfill its historic labor shortages with huge vacancies by growing its immigration aims.

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