Which places in Canada are best for Indian families?

Which places in Canada are best for Indian families?

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[Published 23 May, 2024 | 04:17 PM]
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Indians have been applying for Canada PR from India for decades with long-term settlement plans.

As per Canada’s immigration stats, more than 437,000 permanent residents were admitted to Canada in 2023 - along with over 604,000 temporary workers - to fill job vacancies in healthcare, the trade sector, and the tech sector. In 2024, Canada aims to welcome 485,000 new immigrants, which will rise in the next two years.

If moving to Canada is also in your books, you must pay attention to several factors that need attention - especially if your family is involved. This includes the cost of living, housing, transportation, education, healthcare, daycare, infant mortality, and more.

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Top cities in Canada to settle for Indian families

Here are the best cities you can consider if you are planning to immigrate to Canada with your family:

1. Toronto, Ontario

Not just Indians but people around the world wish to live and work in Toronto due to job opportunities and career growth. Toronto is one of the best cities to find jobs in Canada from India. Did you know that around 20 per cent of immigrants live here?

Well, 51% of the entire Indo-Canadian community lives in the Great Toronto Area, a hub for jobs. Raising a family in Toronto in terms of schools, transportation, healthcare, and other benefits will be great. The city has some of the world’s top colleges and universities.

2. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver has been attracting thousands of Indians for many years. Beautiful scenery, renowned schools, and cultural diversity are the top reasons why Vancouver is among the best cities in Canada for Indian families. The city’s major sectors are seeking skilled immigrants who can contribute to the local economy through healthcare, tech, and other fields.

You can earn a stable income while providing for your family. Besides jobs, Vancouver has a stunning backdrop of mountains, where you can enjoy skiing and hiking together on weekends. A healthy lifestyle is highly encouraged in Vancouver, which you can see through events and festivals.

3. Ottawa, Ontario

Consider Ottawa when you are planning to move to Canada from India with family. The city features an amazing blend of culture, history, and a high quality of life. Plus, there is a great focus on the safety of the families especially kids, providing a safe and secure environment.

Ottawa will help you lead a balanced lifestyle. The best part of living here? The Ottawa River and several historical landmarks, museums and the Rideau Canal, you can explore with your loved ones.

Top cities in Canada to settle for Indian families

4. Calgary, Alberta

With urban amenities and great outdoors, Calgary stands out as one of the best Canadian cities for Indians to settle with family. Many cultural events are organized here throughout the year, creating a welcoming environment for immigrants.

If you wish to move to Canada, check your Canada PR eligibility and apply to settle here permanently. Your kids can study at world-class schools and universities while you can get a stable job in finance, energy, or sectors of your expertise.

5. Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax’s safety, healthcare system, and growing job opportunities appeal to Indian families the most. In addition, there is a mix of urban amenities and a community-oriented atmosphere, making Halifax an attractive place for Indian families seeking a comfortable lifestyle.

While Halifax may not be at par in terms of economic opportunities with the larger cities of Toronto and Vancouver, it has other positive features such as proximity to nature, a sense of security, and a high quality of life.

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Tips to Choose the Best City in Canada to Settle with Family

  • Set your priorities straight

First things first, you need to find out what your and your family’s priorities are. These can be career growth, education, healthcare, cost of living, and lifestyle choices. This can help make an informed decision.

  • Make a detailed list of cities and provinces

Know everything there is about cities and provinces in Canada. See which place aligns with your family’s needs and preferences such as culture, climate, or recreation.

  • Keep job opportunities in mind

As a permanent resident holder, it is important to take up a stable income job to live a comfortable life in Canada. Therefore, research the job markets in potential locations. Search for industries you have expertise in while considering the unemployment rate of that region.

  • Assess the quality of education offered

If you have kids or plan to have them in the future, you must evaluate the education system in the specific areas you are considering. See schools at primary and secondary levels, and also check for the availability of reputed universities and colleges.

  • Analyse the cost of living

Make sure to evaluate how much living in a Canadian province is going to cost you. Consider factors like housing, utilities, transportation, and other everyday expenditures. This will help you make a budget plan and provide for your family accordingly.

  • Investigate the crime rates

For any family moving to a new country, safety is no. 1 priority. Therefore, ensure to analyse the crime rates in the potential locations to know if they are secure for living. Pick locations with low crime rates and friendly neighbourhoods.

  • Find out about the transportation options

It is important to know what transportation and infrastructure are like in each of the places you picked. Choose places which are located close to public transportation, airports, and major highways. Easy access to places will make your everyday life easier.

  • Consider the cultural and recreational activities

One of the most important aspects is to search which area has several cultural amenities and recreational activities. Consider places with parks, museums, and community events. A well-rounded recreational scene will contribute to a healthy and happy family life.

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The “best” place for your family in Canada will depend on your requirements. Don’t rush!

Take your sweet time to research and compare different factors for an informed decision. After all! This decision will alter the course of your and your family’s lives. 

If you’re having trouble deciding, connect with the best immigration consultants in Hyderabad, Nationwide Visas. Whether you need help with your application, documentation, finding jobs, or else, we’ve got you covered!

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Good Luck!

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