Intra-Company Transfer 

The International Mobility Program or Intra-Company Transfer (as it is commonly known) is an immigration pathway for high-skilled workers to temporarily work in Canada. If an international corporation has a branch in Canada, the company can have their employees get transferred to the branch at the Canadian location. This is an LMIA-exempt work permit hence, it allows the employees and the company to avoid applying for LMIA. Not only does this program benefit the company and its employees but also contributes to the Canadian economy as highly skilled workers transfer their expertise to Canadian businesses.

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NAFTA Intra-Company Transfer:

NAFTA is an international trade agreement pact between Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It facilitates the transfer of high skilled labor between these countries. American and Mexican countries can transfer their employees to Canadian branch of the enterprise. It is available for enterprises that have a qualifying relationship with a parent company, branch, subsidiary or affiliate in Canada. Generally, the requirements for this program are similar to those of the Intra-Company work permit transfer. Similarly, the eligible employees through this program are exempted from the LMIA requirement.

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What are the requirements to qualify for Intra-Company Transfers?

General Requirements:
  • The applicant should be an employee of an international company that has a parent or subsidiary or branch or an affiliate of that company in Canada.
  • The applicant should be transferred through a company that must be having a qualifying relationship with the company in Canada.
  • The applicant should be undertaking the employment at a legitimate and continuing establishment at the Canadian branch.
  • The transfer position should be at a specialized or executive or senior managerial level of employment.
  • At the time of initial application, the employee must show proof of continuous employment through payrolls or any other form in a full-time position for a minimum of one year, in the last three years of period.
  • The applicant should be coming to Canada for an interim period only.
  • Al the other immigrations requirements for temporary entry should be met by the applicant.
Company Requirements:
  • The company must have a physical premises in Canada. However, in specialized cases that involve senior managerial executives. In special cases, it could be acceptable that a new start-up has not acquired an address yet. For example, the new start-up can use its counsel's address until the executive could lease or buy an office premise.
  • The company should have practical and realistic employment duties for the new employee.
  • The company should have enough funds to compensate the employee and operate the overall business in Canada.
  • In case of transferring a specialized knowledge worker, the company should ensure that the operations of business shall be directed in Canada.
  • In the case of transferring senior executives, the company should show that it is large enough to facilitate management functions.

What are the documents required for ICT Canada?

  • The applicant should submit complete signed application forms for the LMIA-exempt work permit.
  • An online copy of the offer of employment should be submitted through the Employer Portal.
  • A business plan should be submitted for Intra Company Transfer to Canada.
  • All other supporting documents like a license to do business, articles of incorporation, profit and loss statements, business tax returns, partnership agreement (if any), proof of funds, etc., for both foreign and Canadian companies, should be submitted.  
  • The employee should submit proof of current employment in terms of dividend payments, work reference letter, shareholder certificate, etc., for ICT transferee. 
  • The Invitation Letter from a Canadian company should be submitted. 
  • An indication of intended duration of stay in Canada
  • The employee should demonstrate the relationship between the enterprise in Canada and the enterprise in the foreign country

What is the time taken to process an ICT application?

Generally, it takes 2-10 weeks to process an Intra-Company Transfer. However, there are priority processing options. These priority cases are for visa-exempt countries and in these cases, it takes a two-week processing period. Note that the time taken for the applicant's biometrics processing is not included in these two weeks.

How to transit from ICT to a Canadian Permanent Residence?

Acquiring a PR means the applicant can work and settle anywhere in Canada. Usually, the intra-company transferees are considered to be in a strong position to receive permanent residency.
In 2015, the Express Entry immigration pathway became one of the most popular programs of economic immigration to Canada. Since then, the Intra-Company transferees received a major boost as the Express Entry System allowed the ITC applicants to obtain Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) while being LMIA exempt. This helps the ITC transferees to increase their CRS scores that in turn increases the chances of being invited to apply for a Provincial nomination or a PR.

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