Health Insurance for students planning to study in Canada

The landscape alone is enough to make Canada a popular destination for international students, as it is home to the world-famous Niagara Falls and has over 30% of the country covered in forests. According to the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE), international students account for roughly 8% of the post-secondary student population and have contributed to the creation of over 80,000 jobs in recent years. In 2020, there were hundreds of thousands of overseas students studying in Canada. This is part of the government's aim to transform Canadian demographics by attracting more well-educated and skilled individuals to the Canadian university system.

Immigrate to Canada as a Health Insurance Student

United Nations has consistently ranked Canada as one of the best locations in the world to live. Many overseas students are lured to Canada because of its globally renowned education system and better living conditions. Furthermore, the cost of living and tuition costs in Canada are often lower than that of the United States or the United Kingdom, making Canada a popular destination for individuals planning to study in Canada. However, an overseas study has its own set of opportunities and challenges, and selecting the right healthcare insurance plan is one of them.

Canadian Healthcare System

Choosing an international student insurance plan that fits both school and country visa criteria can be difficult, so it's vital to consider your options before purchasing.

While Canada is well-known for its government-funded and free healthcare system, the vast majority of these treatments are exclusively available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. As a result, Indian students planning to study in Canada must obtain health insurance for the duration of their studies.

Those who do not have a or citizenship status should expect to pay for medical care out of pocket unless they have private health insurance. Many immigration programs require temporary residents to obtain private health insurance for the duration of their stay and study in Canada. Temporary residents have the following alternatives for securing insurance coverage:

  • Avail private insurance from an insurance company.
  • Health insurance from employer (for individuals employed in Canada).
  • Insurance from particular school/college/institution (for international students in Canada).

The healthcare system in Canada differs by province. Each province decides whether or not to provide public health care to international students. Indian students planning to study in Canada should be aware of the Canadian health care options available in their province of study. Some provinces provide government health insurance to international students, however, the majority of provinces require students to enroll in private health insurance coverage.

Canadian provinces where public health insurance is available for international students are:

  • Alberta
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Northwest Territories
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Saskatchewan

Some educational institutions provide health insurance packages to international students, while others require students to register for their health insurance packages. Some schools will allow students to opt-out of their student health insurance packages if they can demonstrate that they have private health insurance from another source.

In an emergency, even if a patient does not have a government health card, all provinces and territories will provide free services. However, depending on a person's immigration status, there may be considerable restrictions on the services that can be provided.

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Finding private healthcare options in Canada

For international students interested in exploring private insurance choices accessible in Canada, the following options are available:

  • Use the find insurance public service tool, provided by the OmbudService for Life & Health Insurance, which lists 99 percent of insurance packages offered by Canadian life and health insurance firms.
  • The OmbudService for Life and Health Insurance (OLHI) is Canada's impartial information service for Canadian life and health insurance consumers. This group also provides insurance consumers with independent complaint resolution services.

Medical Insurance for Out-of-Province travels

Provincial health care coverage, whether offered as a free government program or purchased through a private plan, may only cover healthcare expenses incurred inside that province. International students who desire to travel outside of their province of study, whether to another province within Canada or a country outside of Canada, should check with their health insurance provider to see if they will be covered or not. If an international student's health insurance does not cover travel, they can acquire private health insurance to cover medical expenses incurred while on the road.

How Nationwide Visas Can Help?

It can be confusing and stressful to study as an international student in Canada. There are numerous schools and programs to choose from, and study permit applications are frequently denied due to failure to meet government requirements. 

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