Job Outlook for Mining Engineers in Australia

Job Outlook for Mining Engineers in Australia

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[Published 21 Jun, 2024 | 12:28 PM]
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The demand for Mining Engineers in Australia is at its peak like never before. The mining business in Australia is booming and the nation has emerged as the top global exporter of Coal, Zinc, Rutile, and Lead.

Australia is also the chief exporter of Aluminum, Gold, and Uranium. So if you are keen to immigrate to Australia as a Mining Engineer and apply for an Australia PR Visa from India, now is the perfect time.

Based on average taxable income, Mining Engineering is the eighth most highly-paid occupation in Australia. Australia has a booming mining sector and it is a top exporter of several natural resources, so mining is an exciting career option.

Apply for jobs in Australia as a Mining Engineers

Several items required in day-to-day living like smartphones or medical equipment is manufactured with minerals. Further, with the increasing consumption of energy, the demand for Mining Engineers has also increased.

Mining Engineers in Australia earn an average annual salary of $145,000. Those at entry-level are offered an annual salary of $115,000 and the highly experienced can get up to $190,000 annually.

Australia Visa Options for Mining Engineers

Mining Engineer is an occupation included in the MLTSSL - Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List for skilled immigration. The ANZSCO code for Mining Engineers is 233611 (excludes Petroleum Engineers).

As the occupation is included in MLTSSL, Mining Engineers can qualify to file an application for the following Subclass Visas:

  • Subclass 189 Skilled Independent Visa
  • Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa - Family Nomination
  • Subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional Provisional Visa - State or Territory Nomination
  • Subclass 186 Employer Nomination Scheme Visa - Temporary Residence Transition and Direct Entry streams
  • Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa
  • Subclass 407 Training Visa
  • Subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Work Visa
  • Subclass 482 Temporary Skill Shortage Visa
  • Subclass 494 Employer-Sponsored Provisional Regional Skilled Visa

Australia Visa Options for Mining Engineers

Job Role and Scope

Mining Engineers are responsible for planning and directing the engineering aspects of finding and extracting natural gas, petroleum, and minerals from the earth. They conduct the preliminary surveys of these natural resources with Geophysicists, Prospectors, Geologists, other Mineral Scientists, and other Engineers. The aim is to determine the presence of resources, the practicality of reserves’ extraction, and designing and developing the process of extraction.

Mining Engineers have job opportunities in various regions in Australia but a large percentage of jobs is in Western Australia.  They are chiefly employed in Mining, Construction, and Scientific, Professional, and Technical Services.

The by and large misconception is that Mining Engineers can work only in mines. With global advancement, the demand for natural resources is increasing. This brings the focus on Mining Engineers who can work in:

  • Construction Companies
  • Banks and Investment Companies
  • Consulting Firms
  • Engineering Firms
  • Environmental Agencies
  • Equipment Companies
  • Extraction Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Manufacturing Companies 
  • Mining Companies
  • Quarrying Companies

Mining Engineers can also work both outdoors and indoors based on their position in mine sites offshore, offices, and laboratories.

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Requirements for a Mining Engineer in Australia

To pursue a career path as a Mining Engineer in Australia, you will need a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering with a major in Geotechnical or Mining Engineering. Then you will need 2 or 3 years of graduate work experience before obtaining a professional Mining Engineer position.

You may also have to register with a licensing or professional body through a regulatory authority. This career pathway requires skills like excellent planning, advanced communication skills, and mathematics.

Mining Engineering is an exciting career with diverse design challenges and gratifying outcomes. Often it calls for long work hours, being away from home, and working in adverse environments.

However, the negatives are highly outweighed by the rewards. Successful Mining Engineers in Australia will have the chance to work with several large firms across the nation.

For instance, Vega is a global supplier of process instrumentation and it works closely with Mining Engineers. The aim is to make sure that its measurement products are suited best to optimize mine productivity, efficiency, and safety.

Eligibility to Work in Australia as a Mining Engineer

You will have to obtain a skills assessment to work as a Mining Engineer in Australia. Engineers Australia is the assessment authority for this and 5 pathways are available according to your circumstances.

If you plan to immigrate to Australia through the General Skilled Migration Program, you will require a positive assessment of your work experience and qualifications from Engineers Australia.

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To apply for an assessment of skills with Engineers Australia you will have to offer proof of proficiency in the English language. This is by offering specified score results from approved tests like IELTS.

To know your score under the Australia 65 points calculator for immigration to Australia as a Mining Engineer, contact the Best Immigration Consultant in India Nationwide Visas.

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