Top 20 Highest-Paying Jobs in Germany

Top 20 Highest-Paying Jobs in Germany

Abhishek Rai Abhishek Rai
[Published 13 Dec, 2021 | 06:45 PM]
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Are you planning for a Germany job seeker visa?

Germany is often recognized as a beautiful location to work. Germany, located in the heart of Europe, boasts one of the world's finest living standards, a diverse economy, and high average incomes, and is home to many prominent worldwide organizations, providing a plethora of profitable and advanced employment options. If you're looking for a high-paying career and work visa in Germany, you're definitely spoiled for choice.

There is a job out there for you if you have the necessary skills and qualifications. Here, we'll guide you through the top 20 highest-paying occupations in Germany, based on the most current rankings, as well as some information about these positions and what you should think about before moving to this amazing nation.

1. Portfolio manager

Annual wage average: €80,200 (£67,840 / $92,850)

Portfolio managers are responsible for recommending and carrying out financial interventions on behalf of individuals or organizations. They are usually in charge of carefully investing large sums of money and are rewarded appropriately. This position necessitates a comprehensive understanding of financial markets and transactions, as well as networking and relationship management abilities.

2. Program manager

Annual wage average: €80,000 (£67,670 / $92,620)

Program managers are senior project managers who bring together numerous projects (or 'programs') and look for efficiencies and solutions that will eventually increase team or organizational performance. As a result, program managers must be persuasive, competent, and well-organized individuals capable of managing many workstreams at the same time.

3. Lawyer

Annual wage average: €80,000 (£67,670 / $92,620)

Lawyers must have a thorough grasp of the law and case law in order to represent clients in legal agreements, courts, and tribunals. They are highly valued since they must not only have extensive legal knowledge but also be able to explain it in an understandable manner, such as in front of juries, or to construct persuasive arguments to swing a case in their favor. It's a fairly complicated job.

4. Software architect

Annual wage average: €79,000 (£66,830 / $91,460)

Software architects are in charge of strategizing and building software that forms the goods or services of a whole organization. They supervise programmers and coders and, as a result, must have exceptional software skills as well as leadership and project management abilities. Software architects with a high reputation and knowledge of several computer languages are extremely important to a company.

5. Legal consultant

Annual wage average: €77,100 (£65,230 / $89,270)

Legal consultants vary from attorneys in that they serve as advisors to individuals or organizations. Legal consultants cannot, however, represent individuals in court, but they must have a thorough awareness of the legal frameworks in a certain sector, legal area, or country. Given the complexities of German law and how it intersects with EU legislation, legal experts play a critical role.

6. Risk manager

Annual wage average: €76,500 (£64,720 / $88,580)

Risk managers are extremely systematic and analytical individuals who are responsible for identifying and controlling risks to an organization's capital or assets. These dangers might be both external and internal to a company. Risk managers play a larger function than actuaries, and they are frequently asked to detect 'positive risk.' This is a sort of risk that, if correctly handled, can result in financial advantages, such as financial speculation.

7. Channel manager

Annual wage average: €75,600 (£63,960 / $87,540)

Channel managers, who are most typically found in the media and travel industries (but may also be found in many other areas), can best be defined as sales process facilitators. They use marketing methods and relationship-building technologies to guarantee that a company's product or service reaches the largest (or most diverse) potential client base. The position necessitates an extensive understanding of demographics, trends, marketing, and, of course, the clients themselves.

 8. Pilot

Annual wage average: €75,300 (£63,700 / $87,190)

Many airlines have their headquarters or hubs in Germany, notably Lufthansa, which is consistently regarded as one of the finest in the world. Pilots begin as first officers and progress to captains and training captains as their flight hours increase. They often begin by flying modest distances, but many prefer to advance to long-distance flights with international companies. In all situations, this is a position that allows you to travel the globe, but only after extensive training and comprehension of the complexities and attention necessary in this incredibly interesting work.

9. Business manager

Annual wage average: €75,100 (£63,530 / $86,960)

Business managers have a wide range of responsibilities since they are in charge of running a whole company, from the operational and technical elements of the industry in which it works to personnel concerns, financial procedures, sales activities, and everything in between. Whereas business managers in larger organizations are unlikely to be hands-on in these areas, they must understand how to lead teams to bring it all together.

10. Pre-sales manager

Annual wage average: €74,500 (£63,020 / $86,260)

Pre-sales managers create the foundation for a successful and productive sales team. They may troubleshoot or fine-tune goods, produce pitches and presentations to demonstrate the product, create demos, design and explain technical requirements, and aid marketing and manufacturing teams in preparing for the sales process.

11. Service delivery manager

The average yearly wage in Europe is €74,200 (£62,770 / $85,910)

Service delivery managers design programs and procedures to offer a high quality of service in response to the demands and goals of the company, a wide function that can vary significantly from one organization to the next. Service delivery managers are concerned with client engagement as well as leadership, and they must strike an acceptable balance between customer happiness and cost-effective service delivery.

12. EHS manager

Annual wage average: €73,100 (£61,830 / $84,630)

Environmental health and safety managers play a critical role in enterprises, safeguarding human life via the creation, training, and maintenance of safe working procedures. EHS managers may also be tasked with safeguarding the environment from human dangers. As a result, the work entails a great deal of responsibility, as well as a thorough awareness of German health and safety rules.

13. Production engineer

Annual wage average: €72,200 (£61,070 / $83,590)

Production engineers are responsible for developing procedures for producing anything and everything, from soft drinks to automobiles. The function is concerned with efficiency and productivity just as much as it is with technical understanding. Germany's manufacturing industry is one of the largest in Europe, with a reputation for great quality and efficiency. As a result, production engineers are highly valued.

14. Actuary

Annual wage average: €72,000 (£60,900 / $83,360)

Actuaries are involved in risk analysis and assessment, typically in collaboration with insurance brokers, but sometimes with banks and pension funds. The insurance market in Germany is quite diverse, and actuaries are in great demand. The Deutsche Aktuarvereinigung eV (DAV) regulates the profession and accredits new actuaries, holding them to stringent professional standards.

15. Key account manager

Annual wage average: €70,300 (£59,460 / $81,390)

Key account managers are important and senior members of a company's sales team. They are given nearly entire responsibility for one or more of the organization's most significant customers (accounts) and are in charge of maintaining a fruitful relationship and nurturing the account in terms of long-term strategic goals.

16. Trader

Annual wage average: €69,500 (£58,790 / $80,460)

Financial traders work via a business, buying and selling financial instruments such as stocks, derivatives, currencies, or commodities on behalf of their firm's assets. A significant portion of the work entails analyzing analyst reports and making informed decisions about what to trade in and when. Handling the strain that comes with such major transactions is also an important element of the job.

17. Corporate development speaker

Annual wage average: €69,100 (£58,450 / $79,990)

Corporate development speakers deliver lectures and seminars to small and big groups on a variety of topics ranging from leadership to sales techniques. You must have great professional experience and reputation, as well as a natural and compelling presence and impeccable public speaking abilities, to become a corporate development speaker.

18. Tax advisor

Annual wage average: €68,900 (£58,280 / $79,760)

In Germany, being a tax adviser is a highly responsible profession because it is the only function in the finance business that is permitted to make tax forms and declarations on behalf of people and corporations. They are also in charge of certifying papers and interacting with the tax office. As a result, being a tax counselor requires a rigorous qualifying procedure that involves getting a bachelor's degree and three years of professional experience, as well as passing the Steuerberaterprüfung, a three-day test.

19. SAP HR consultant

Annual wage average: €68,900 (£58,280 / $79,760)

SAP HR consultants are SAP payroll and productivity tool specialists that share their knowledge with the rest of the organization, considerably simplifying organizational HR provision and increasing value through data and analytics. In addition, a high degree of technical HR and employment law expertise (unique to Germany and the EU) will be required.

20. Regional manager

Annual wage average: €68,200 (£57,700 / $78,950)

Regional managers are in charge of more than one business unit in a certain area or region, and they work in a number of sectors. In Germany, regions can refer to a single major metropolis or one of the country's component states. Regional managers must be proficient in a wide range of abilities, from operational or technical understanding to more specialized knowledge such as human resources or accounting.

Moving to Germany to work is an appealing notion because there are so many high-paying jobs available in so many different areas. Make sure to properly prepare for any foreign relocation. It could be a good idea to spend a few weeks in Germany to assess if the atmosphere and culture are a suitable fit for you. Take the time to investigate the visa requirements for working in Germany, as they differ based on your country.

Finally, always budget for relocation and the expense of your new life in terms of outgoings, schools, and transportation. This implies there will be no unpleasant shocks if you take a job. Germany has several high-paying jobs available in a variety of industries. This, along with Germany's excellent living standards and quiet, safe, and clean environment, makes the country a highly desirable place to advance your career.

Although, we have tried to cover all the aspects of Germany job seeker visa but it is always recommended to do your own research prior to applying for a Germany Visa.


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