Germany Employment or Work Visa

Germany Employment or Work Visa

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Germany is a nation of abundant opportunities not just for Germans but overseas citizens from third-world nations as well. The land of innovation and invention is the 4th largest economy globally and shelters world-renowned companies and corporate firms. Thus, Germany offers opportunities to several non-Germans to obtain employment and settle in the nation. Thus, Germany immigration for employment is on the rise year after year. 

The Germany Work/Employment Visa offers opportunities to eligible overseas nationals to work in their respective fields and settle in Germany. It provides the Visa holders the chance to arrive and be employed in Germany for 2 years. There are also possibilities of extension of the Visa, and afterward filing the application for EU Blue Card or other categories of Residence Permits. 

Types of Long-Stay Visas for Working in Germany

You can apply for the following for Long-Stay Germany Visa for working in Germany:

  • Employment – If you possess already an offer of a job in Germany Self-Employment – If you wish to work as a freelancer in Germany or establish a business 
  • Germany Job Seeker Visa – If you intend to stay in Germany for searching/seek a job 
  • To work as Au Pair – For youth who intend to learn more about the German language and culture 
  • Working Holiday Visa – For youth from several nations that have a pact for Working Holiday Visa with Germany

Who requires a Germany Work/Employment Visa?

Nationals of the following nations can file an application for Residence Permit for purposes of work after arriving in Germany with no Visa. 

  • EEA/EU member states 
  • Australia
  • The United States of America
  • Canada
  • Japan
  • Israel
  • New Zealand
  • The Republic of Korea
  • Switzerland

Nationals from remaining third-world nations must get a Germany Work Visa prior to their arrival in Germany. 

We have here outlined the various processed to be followed inclusive of required documents for obtaining the Germany Work Visa. 

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Categories qualified to file Application for a Germany Work Visa

All overseas nationals can file an application for a Germany Work Visa provided they fulfill the criteria for working in Germany. The provisions of residence of overseas nationals in Germany are governed by the “Act on the Residence”.  Accordingly, the streams that are qualified for filing application for a Germany Work Visa are as follows: 

Highly qualified overseas nationals, specifically:

  • Researchers having special technical knowledge
  • Teaching staff in outstanding positions or
  • Scientific staff is outstanding positions 

Intra-company transferees, specifically: 

  • Specialists
  • Managers 

Additionally, qualified third-world nation citizens having a non-academic vocational qualification or a University degree are encouraged to apply for a Germany Work Visa if they fulfill the following criteria: 

  • A scarcity of skilled workers exists in the profession in which you want to practice in Germany 
  • You possess an authentic offer of a job 
  • Your educational credentials are considered as on par with a Degree in Germany 

How to Apply for a Germany Work Visa?

The process of filing an application for a Germany Work/Employment Visa is as follows: 

How to Apply for a Germany Work Visa?

  • Obtain an offer of a job in Germany 
  • Confirm if you require Germany Visa for staying long in Germany 
  • Confirm the authority/location where you have to file an application for Visa 
  • Collate all the essential documents as per the official specifications 
  • Book an interview appointment for the Visa 
  • Make a payment of the fee for Germany Work Visa 
  • Appear for the interview 
  • Await result for your Visa application 

Documents Required for a Germany Work Visa

You have to submit multiple documents with the Consulate/Embassy of Germany in your nation of residence for demonstrating that you fulfill the criteria for the Work Visa. These documents are a vital component of your Germany Work Visa application apart from the interview. 

Ensure that you collate/arrange the following documents as per the specified instructions: 

  • 2 filled applications, take a printout, and provide your signature 
  • 2 Photographs of passport size, ensure compliance with stringent specifications 
  • Authentic Passport of your nationality 
  • Evidence of Residence – Your utility bill and/or Driving License in your name is the evidence of your residence in the jurisdiction of the Consulate where you intend to file an application 
  • Insurance of Health 
  • Mandatory certificate offered by the employer in Germany and its validity must commence from the date of employment. Separate travel insurance must be offered for the period from arrival in Germany till the commencement of employment if it has not been included already in the mandatory health insurance. 
  • A binding offer of job/employment contract specifying information of gross yearly remuneration and an exhaustive description of employment in Germany 
  • If applicable approval from the Federal Agency for Employment 
  • Your latest resume that outlines your educational credentials and professional work experience 
  • Evidence of qualification – Marks sheets, Certificates, Diplomas, etc or similar records that demonstrate your qualifications 
  • Personal Covering Letter that explains the definite purpose and period of stay 
  • Evidence of nil record for crimes
  • Evidence of payment of Visa fees 
  • Declaration of accurateness of the information provided 

Where to file an application for a Germany Work Visa?

The application for a Germany Employment/Work Visa has to be filed at the representative agency of Germany responsible for Visa approval in your nation of residence. It can be any one of the following: 

  • The Embassy Germany
  • The Consulate of Germany
  • A-VAC - Visa Application Center
  • In case of the absence of German representative agencies in your nation of residence, it will be situated in a neighboring nation
  • The Consulate/Embassy of another nation situated in your nation of residence to which Visa admission has been outsourced by Germany 

Germany Work Visa Processing Time

The Long-stay Germany Work Visa application processing time can be from 1 to 3 months from the application date. It also varies based on the volume of applications currently being received by the German Embassy and your circumstances as well. 

Arriving on a Germany Work Visa

You can arrive freely in Germany after you obtain the Work visa. But you have to nevertheless fulfill some procedures after arrival in Germany for obtaining the German Residence Permit. 

You have to visit the Office for Foreigners in Germany situated closest to your place of residence. While some of these offices accept walk-in applications, some of them mandate booking advance appointments for interviews. You have to appear for an interview and also offer the essential documents for the German Residence Permit. The documents are as follows: 

  • Your authentic Passport of nationality 
  • Residence Permit application form 
  • 2 Photographs 
  • Report of nil criminal record 
  • Evidence of German language proficiency 
  • Confirmation of Health Insurance 
  • Evidence of job offer 

Your employment contract will determine the period for which you will be permitted to possess the Residence Permit. It will have 2 years validity of the contract also has a validity of 2 years. Nevertheless, the Permit can be extended any number of times until you can keep up your employment status. 

Tips on finding a Job in Germany

You can follow certain tips on finding a job in Germany if you wish to work in the nation. Overseas nationals can apply for several job openings in Germany. If you possess professional credentials, it is not tough to find an appropriate job. Here are some valuable tips for overseas nationals to obtain a job in Germany: 

Search jobs online

You must seek jobs on recruitment websites in Germany. There are innumerable online platforms that advertise jobs for both Germans and overseas nationals. You can confirm the job offers there to find out any suitable job openings for you. 

Apply for the job 

You must send the application for the job after you find a suitable job. Normally, the majority of the firms will seek the following documents from you: 

  • Your CV
  • Copies of educational credentials 
  • Testimonials from employer 
  • Your work samples

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Appear for the Job interview

Many of the firms will provide you the option to appear for the interview digitally through Skype. But a few also have stringent rules that specify the personal presence of applicants for the interview. In this case, you have to file an application for a Job Seeker Visa and appear for the interview. You should arrive at your nation of residence and file an application for Germany Work Visa if you obtain the job. 

You can also consider first applying for a Germany Job Seeker Visa and then arriving in Germany for searching for suitable jobs. However, these are only some of the options to get a job in Germany. You can also opt for availing of Job Search Services from experts such as Immigration Consultants who will also be highly valuable for filing the Visa application as well. 

Nationwide Visas offers end-to-end solutions for Germany immigration to aspiring immigrants including support for filing Germany Work Visa, Germany Job Seeker Visa application, and Job Search Services.


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