Top 3 options for Indians to find a job in Australia

Top 3 options for Indians to find a job in Australia

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[Published 16 May, 2022 | 12:52 PM]
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Every year several thousands of Indians immigrate to Australia with the aim of settling in the Land of Kangaroos. However, many of them find it tough to find a job in Australia. It is not due to the lack of qualifications but because of unfamiliarity with in-demand jobs for immigrants.

Australia releases an annual list known as the MSOL that consists of all the in-demand occupations for that year. You can easily find a job in Australia from the MSOL with accurate knowledge, qualifications, and skills.

We have here briefly described the top 3 options for Indians to find a job in Australia:

Immigrate to Australia on a Skilled Visa

Australia offers 3 major immigration pathways for skilled immigrants:

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Australia Subclass 189 Visa

Skilled Independent Visa is also known as a Subclass 189 Visa and it is a Permanent Residency Visa. It permits you to settle in Australia without State Sponsorship or job offer. The chief criterion for this Subclass Visa is good proficiency in English and an affirmative report for skills assessment. It is a favorite choice for overseas nationals including Indians due to the minimum eligibility criteria.

Australia Subclass 190 Visa

Skilled Nominated Visa is also known as a Subclass 190 Visa and it is a Permanent Residency Visa of Australia. It permits you to indefinitely settle in Australia. As suggested by the name of the Visa, you will require a nomination from a state to qualify for submitting the application.

Australia Subclass 482 Visa

The Australia 482 Visa enables employers to cater to the scarcity of workers by choosing skilled overseas workers. They are brought in for filling suitable job positions in the Australian labor market. It is also known as the Temporary Skill Shortage –TSS Visa authorizes its holder to remain in Australia for up to 4 years.

Apply for Assessment of Skills

Reports for skills assessment are offered by appropriate authorities for assessing skills. It is an organization that confirms if your skills are on par with the standards required for working in a specific occupation. The agency also assists you in proving your qualifications overseas.

The complete list of all qualified skilled occupations for suitable occupations is specified in these four occupation lists:

  • New Zealand and Australian Standard Occupations’ Classification – ANZSCO
  • Skilled Occupation List Short-term – STSOL
  • Regional Occupation List – ROL
  • Sponsored Regional Migration Scheme – RSMS
The majority of the occupations in every list have their individual authority for assessment. The Department of Home Affairs - DHA accepts only such assessment reports for skills offered by the suitable authority for assessment. It is the responsibility of the candidates to approach the suitable authority for assessing their occupations. They must then acquire an assessment of skills if needed. Every authority for skills has its individual procedures for assessment, charges, and timelines. Having a report for appropriate assessment of skills is compulsory for some Subclass Visas and categories. It can be asked of others as well. You must be aware of all the available rules and policies for the Australia Visa you wish to apply for. It will permit you to confirm if submission of assessment for skills is needed and if needed at what time.

Connect on Global Job Platforms


LinkedIn chiefly provides Senior or Executive and White-collar jobs targeted at all job applicants – natives or immigrants. Out of every 4 Australians, 1 is registered on LinkedIn. This makes it one of the highly favorite job search platforms in Australia.

LinkedIn Australia consists of a 6 million-plus job seekers’ database consisting of profiles in all sectors. The unique feature of LinkedIn is its option to connect and interact with potential employers or colleagues.

Connect on Global Job Platforms


Since its launch in 1997, SEEK is the #1 job site in Australia. It has a database of 13 million-plus job seekers. Out of every 4 Australians, 3 are registered on Seek.

Thousands of job opportunities are available to job seekers on a regular basis on Seek. It offers career advice and company reviews apart from an enhanced facility for the storage of resumes. Job applicants can also keep a track of their job applications via the system for tracking applications in Seek.

APS Jobs

Popular as the pathway to public service jobs in Australia, APS Jobs is a platform for the agencies of the Government. It is for advertising their open job positions and publishing specific employment decisions like Graduate Programs and promotions. Job seekers are also offered general information o this job portal.

The job portal also permits its users to create profiles for receiving job alerts via email. This is when the job positions that they are seeking are published in ads.

Exhaustive ranges of job opportunities are available on APS. These include technical, management, and entry-level positions including supporting project administration, and policy roles.

Grad Connection

Australia’s top graduate recruitment specialist, Grad Connect is a free portal. It assists candidates in searching for internships and graduate jobs from leading employers in Australia.

Job seekers can research the companies on the portal and interact with graduates on forums. They can also be identified by employers who access their student profiles on Grad-Connection.

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Updates for Job Seekers in India

NSW or New South Wales in Australia has revised its occupation list for Subclasses 491 and 190 Visas effective from 15th December 2020:

  • Subclass 190 Visa – Immigrants who have an EOI are being requested to file an application for nomination only if they are residing in the NSW currently
  • Subclass 491 Visa – The number of regions have been increased to 13 from 8 improving the chances of the applicants obtaining this Visa
Applicants of the Subclass 491 Visa have the option to file an application through any of the 3 pathways to qualify for nomination from NSW:

  • Working and residing in Regional NSW
  • Completed studies recently in Regional NSW
  • Working and residing outside Regional NSW
You can connect with Immigration Experts and Overseas Career Counselors at Nationwide Visas for a better understanding of opportunities and the job market in Australia.

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