Top 15 Australia In-demand Jobs for Skilled Professionals in 2023

Top 15 Australia In-demand Jobs for Skilled Professionals in 2023

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[Published 21 Jun, 2022 | 03:11 PM]
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Australia is a developed country with a high gross domestic product per capita and a low poverty rate. It provides a good standard of living, excellent education, and extensive political rights, among other things. Jobs in Australia showcase excellent prospects and have attracted a large number of immigrants. Job searchers must analyze their talents and concentrate on enhancing those that are most in-demand right now in order to qualify for one of Australia's most in-demand professions in 2023.

Here's a list of the top 15 possibilities for job searchers in Australia, along with annual salary ranges and top companies that are now recruiting:

1. Registered Nurse

Nursing is among the most in-demand occupations in Australia, especially now that the COVID-19 pandemic is raging. Career prospects for people with prior nursing experience, as well as those who are about to graduate from nursing programs, are excellent, with several employment vacancies. The average salary of a registered nurse in Australia ranges from AUD $86K to AUD $130K per year 

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Top hiring companies: Act Government Health, Far West NSW Local Health District, Hunter Valley Private Hospital

2. Software Developer 

In Australia, there are numerous opportunities for skilled software developers. If you have a strong software development portfolio and development experience, you'll be able to work with a wide range of organizations, from manufacturing to healthcare. The average salary of a Software Developer is AUD $51K to AUD $100K per year.  

Top hiring companies: Sharp and Carter, Daifuku Oceania Limited, Civica, BCS Group

3. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineering is high in demand in Australia right now, and many businesses are eager to hire qualified electrical engineers. If you have an electrical engineering background, now is the time to brush up on your abilities and technical knowledge in order to improve your chances of qualifying for these positions. The average salary is AUD $65K to AUD $120K per year is the salary range.

Top hiring companies Hiring: Csa Recruitment, Frontline Construction, Hays, Aecom

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4. Construction Manager

Construction management is one of the most lucrative possibilities to choose from among the many in-demand occupations in Australia right now. If you have a background in construction management and consider yourself to be a fantastic project manager, there's a strong chance you'll be able to land one of the numerous roles available around the country. AUD $62K to AUD $190K per year is the salary range.

Top hiring companies: Bunnings, Allegra Recruitment, Itw, Randstad

5. Civil Engineer

As infrastructure demands and difficulties expand, so does the demand for talented and experienced civil engineers. If you have a background in civil engineering and are looking for jobs in Australia, your chances are excellent. For recent grads, there are several junior civil engineering employments available. AUD $62K to AUD $110K per year is the range of average salary. 

Top hiring companies: Pearl Recruitment Group, Living Recruitment, Cookson and Roberts 

6. Plumber

Plumbers are among the most highly sought-after professionals in Australia and around the world. Plumbers that can work on residential houses, business buildings, and everything in between is always among the in-demand occupations in Australia. If you've completed the training required to become a certified plumber in Australia, or plan to do so soon, you'll find lots of employment opportunities. The annual Salary ranges from AUD $58,500 to AUD $84,500

Top hiring companies: Discovery Parks, 1st Executive Pty Ltd

7. Human Resource Manager

In the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes, human resource managers play a critical role. They also provide ongoing training and make an effort to ensure that personnel is well-supported in their positions. There is a rising demand for qualified and experienced human resource managers across Australia, in a range of industries, so this is a viable career path. Salary ranges from AUD $63K to AUD$130K per year. 

Top hiring companies: Queensland Health, Mojo Recruit, Polyglot Group

8. Supply and Distribution Manager

Supply and distribution management is critical to the retail industry's success. They're in charge of planning, organizing, directing, and coordinating the supply of goods and services for various businesses. With the increased demand for rapid and economical shipping across the county and around the world, qualified supply and distribution managers who can oversee these operations are in-demand occupations in Australia. The average salary ranges from AUD $83,404 to AUD $137,724 per year 

Top hiring companies: Queensland Health, Mojo Recruit, Polyglot Group

9. Project Manager

Having a professional project manager on your team can benefit a variety of firms around Australia. Project managers play a crucial role in keeping everyone engaged, productive, and on track toward their goals, from IT and web development businesses to marketing firms. This career has a lot of potential, especially as the job market continues to improve. Salary ranges from AUD $61K to AUD $160K annually. 

Top hiring companies: Chandler Macleod, Ach Group, Healthcare Australia

10. Accountant

A firm, no matter how large or small, may always benefit from having an experienced accountant on staff. Individuals might also hire accountants to assist them to manage their finances. Because accountants can accomplish so much, there are a lot of career openings in Australia, many of which have a lot of room for advancement. The average salary range is AUD $50K to AUD $160K per year. 

Top hiring companies: Autonexus, Crown Melbourne Limited, Seer

11. Psychologist

Another example of high-demand healthcare employment in Australia is that of a psychologist. Psychologists and mental health professionals are in greater demand than ever before, and jobs in Australia are bright both now and in the future. After all, individuals will always desire and require high-quality mental health care. Salary Ranges from AUD $60K to AUD $120K annually. 

Top hiring companies: South West Healthcare, Monash Health, Serco Plc

12. Sales Associate

There are a variety of sales associate positions available in Australia, ranging from retail to healthcare and technical sales. People with all levels of expertise are welcome to apply, from total beginners to seasoned sales professionals. Sales occupations appear to have high prospects, and many are even open to remote employees. The annual average salary of a sales associate is AUD $38K to AUD $71K. 

Top Hiring companies: Jess Zacker Prosper, Rebecca Kirner, Napier Healthcare

13. Delivery Driver

The COVID-19 pandemic strengthened our reliance on delivery, and even as constraints begin to lift, consumers will not return to ordering less. The demand for delivery drivers is likely to grow even more in the future, making work opportunities for individuals looking to break into the profession quite lucrative. AUD $42,822 to AUD $55,442 per year is the salary range.

Top hiring companies: Programmed, Basile Imports, Doordash

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14. IT Security Specialist

As more businesses move their activities online and embrace cutting-edge technology, the in-demand occupations in Australia for IT security specialists are projected to rise. Those with an IT background who understand what it takes to secure businesses from data breaches will find it quite easy to get work in Australia. The annual salary range is AUD $107,680 to AUD $168,009.

Top hiring companies: NTT, Crown Melbourne Ltd, Pwc

15. Administrative Assistant

Professional administrative assistants are needed in a variety of industries, from healthcare to construction. Administrative assistant jobs in Australia are plentiful now and, in the future, if you are exceptionally organized and detail-oriented, and if you don't mind working in a front-facing role with a lot of human interaction. Salary ranges from AUD $42,000 to AUD $74,000 per year. 

Top hiring companies: Act Government Health, Mercy Health, Tasmanian Government.

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