Work Overseas: In demand jobs in Canada in 2023

Work Overseas: In demand jobs in Canada in 2023

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 31 May, 2022 | 05:13 PM]
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The Canadian job market continues to witness an increase in in-demand jobs in Canada. It is thus in a position to constantly welcome skilled overseas workers every year. The rate of job vacancy in the nation is high as many high-demand jobs in Canada are unfilled.

The “2023 Top 15 Trending Canada Jobs” by Randstad offers comprehensive details about in-demand jobs in Canada. It also offers insights regarding Canadian industries that have witnessed incredible growth in recent times.

Aspiring immigration candidates seeking to work in Canada must take note of the following:

Key Account Manager

The job role of a Key Account Manager involves devising strategic partnerships for their business and providing sales. They must also put forth customer service efforts for retaining their profitable clients. This role is vital for the success of businesses in post-pandemic times.

NOC Code: 0601

Average median wage hourly: $50.00

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The demand for Developers is ever high as businesses heavily rely on technical solutions. Many PNP - Provincial Nominee Program options are also available for candidates having work experience in this domain due to huge demand.

NOC Codes:2175, 2174

Average median wage hourly: $38.46

Marketing Manager

The projection is that 19,000 plus Advertizing, Public Relations, and Marketing Manager Jobs will be created by 2028. These Managers assist businesses in implementing both offline and online marketing strategies. Provinces such as Ontario frequently invite Marketing Managers from the Express Entry pool directly to fulfilling the demand for this occupation.

NOC Code: 0124

Average median wage hourly: $ 43.27

Registered Nurse

In-demand jobs in Canada In the healthcare sector are present across the nation. Nurses are offered an increasing number of perks and bonuses due to the vast shortage. Nursing professionals can even access multiple Canadian immigration programs due to the huge labor scarcity.

NOC Code: 3012

Average median wage hourly: $ 40.00

Highest-paying jobs in Canada in 2023


High-demand jobs in Canada include Drivers even as the economy is booming after the pandemic. They have an amazing advantage in the labor market as they operate handle local deliveries and operate large commercial vehicles.

NOC codes:7514, 7513, 7512, 7511

Average median wage hourly: $ 19.50

Customer Service Representatives

CSRs assist customers in resolving issues personally, by phone call, virtual chat, or email. They are in huge demand in Canada in the post-pandemic times.

NOC Codes:6551, 6552

Average median wage hourly: $ 19.00


23,000 Plus welding jobs are likely to be added Canadian economy by 2028. Prince Edward Island and British Columbia have a particularly high demand for welding roles. Those with welding experience also have a strong edge across Canada.

NOC Code:7237

Average median wage hourly: $ 19.00


In-demand jobs in Canada includes Engineers irrespective of whether they are working in virtual or physical infrastructure. Employers are actively seeking overseas workers due to the gaps in the labor market.

NOC Codes:2148, 2147, 2146, 2145, 2144, 2143, 2142, 2141, 2134, 2133, 2132, 2131

Average median wage hourly: $ 44.00

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The successful operations of a company are reliant on an Accountant. Managing finances is a very crucial requirement for continued success even as businesses expand in the post-pandemic economy.  Accountants can find jobs across Canada and have good growth prospects in the upcoming years.

NOC Code: 1111

Average median wage hourly: $ 35.75

Cloud Architect

An increasing number of companies in Canada are adopting remote work resulting in demand for Cloud Architects. They are needed for supporting and implementing cloud solutions. The demand for these roles will only increase over the years.

NOC Code: 2171

Average median wage hourly: $ 41.03

HR Manager

Human Resource Managers assist businesses in compliance with labor laws, reducing staff attrition and supporting the company’s growth. Employment expansion in Canada is a result of the economic boom in post-pandemic times. These Mangers are required to do onboarding fresh employees and manage the growth of the company.  Canada has a demand for HR Managers across the nation.

NOC Code: 0112

Average median wage hourly: $ 49.74

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23,400 Electricians will be needed by Canada between 2019 and 2038 for filling gaps in the labor market. There is a good gap in demand and supply of Electricians and they are needed for continuity in operations across the nation. Thus, Electricians in various sectors are in-demand every year in Canada.

NOC code:  7246, 7245, 7243, 7242, 7241

Average median wage hourly: $ 30.00

IT Project Manager

The role of the IT Project Manager involves supervising, planning, and implementing the IT goals of a business. The booming tech industry has several in-demand jobs in Canada across the nation. They are required for responding to the increasing demand for workers.

NOC Code: 0213

Average median wage hourly: $ 52.88

Mechanical Engineer

Diverse sectors across Canada have requirements for Mechanical Engineers. If you possess the precise education, experience, and credentials, you can find Mechanical Engineering jobs in Canada.

NOC Code: 2132

Average median wage hourly: $ 42.00

Accounting Clerks

Vital fiscal documents pertaining to businesses are prepared through the assistance of Accounting Clerks. These include account statements, inventory reports, invoices, and bills. The growth of companies in the post-pandemic times has further increased the significance of Accounting Clerks in maintaining operations.

NOC Code: 1431

Average median wage hourly: $ 22.56

Industry and Job Trends for 2023

At the end of 2021, nearly 900,000 positions were unfilled in Canada according to the latest job vacancy report. The sectors having maximum job vacancies include:

Industry and Job Trends for 2022

  • Health care and social assistance
  • Accommodation and food services
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail trade
  • Professional, scientific, and technical services
  • Construction
  • Administrative and backup, waste remediation, and management services
  • Finance and insurance
  • Transportation and warehousing
  • Other services (excluding public administration)
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