Latest Saskatchewan EOI Draw Invites 500 Skilled Workers!

Latest Saskatchewan EOI Draw Invites 500 Skilled Workers!

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 09 Jun, 2023 | 05:06 AM]
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On June 08, 2023, the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) conducted a new Expression of Interest (EOI) draw - issuing invitations to a total of 500 immigrants. The first Saskatchewan EOI draw of the month issued ITAs to candidates across two categories: Express Entry and Occupation In-demand.

The previous invitation rounds of the year were held on February 16, March 23, April 20, May 03, and May 18.

Who Was Invited?

  • Express Entry

268 invitations were issued from the Express Entry stream with specific NOC codes and a minimum score of 69. Invited candidates also had Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

  • Occupation In-Demand

232 invitations were issued from the Occupation in-demand stream with specific NOC codes and a minimum score of 69. Invited candidates also had Educational Credential Assessment (ECA).

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Occupations Target

Not all occupations were invited. The occupations eligible for the EOI selection in this SINP draw for both Express Entry and Occupation in-demand candidates have the following codes mentioned on the Canada Occupation In-demand List:

11202 - Professional occupations in advertising, marketing, and public relations.
12013 - Supervisors, supply chain, tracking, and scheduling coordination occupations.
12102 - Procurement and purchasing agents and officers.
13201 - Production and transportation logistics coordinators.
21301 - Mechanical engineers.
21310 - Electrical and electronics engineers.
21321 - Industrial and manufacturing engineers.
21399 - Other professional engineers.
22100 - Chemical technologists and technicians.
22111 - Agricultural and fish products inspectors.
22212 - Drafting technologists and technicians.
22301 - Mechanical engineering technologists and technicians.
22302 - Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians.
41402 - Business development officers and market researchers and analysts.
70012 - Facility operation and maintenance managers.
72106 - Welders and related machine operators.
90010 - Manufacturing managers.
92012 - Supervisors, food and beverage processing.

International Skilled Worker EOI System: How Does It Work?

The Saskatchewan International Skilled Worker Expression of Interest (EOI) system is a method employed by the province of Saskatchewan in Canada to select potential immigrants who possess the necessary skills and experience to meet the labor market needs of the province. The EOI system is a key component of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) and aims to attract individuals with the ability to contribute to the province's economy and integrate successfully into the community.

The EOI system operates on a points-based system aka Saskatchewan points calculator - where candidates submit an online profile expressing their interest in immigrating to Saskatchewan. The profile includes information regarding their education, work experience, language proficiency, age, and other factors considered for immigration selection. Based on this information, candidates are assessed and assigned a score.

The Saskatchewan EOI system operates under a two-step process. In the first step, candidates must meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for the program. These requirements include having a valid language test result, educational credentials assessment (if applicable), and relevant work experience in an occupation that is in demand in Saskatchewan.

In the second step, candidates who meet the eligibility criteria are entered into the EOI pool and assigned a score based on the information provided in their profile. The highest-scoring candidates are invited to apply for a provincial nomination through regular draws conducted by the SINP. The selected candidates receive a nomination certificate, enabling them to apply for Canada PR.

The EOI system allows Saskatchewan to efficiently manage its immigration intake by selecting candidates with the highest potential to contribute to the province's economy and society. It provides a transparent and streamlined process, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities for skilled individuals interested in settling in Saskatchewan.


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