New Manitoba PNP draw issues 539 Letters of Advice to Apply

New Manitoba PNP draw issues 539 Letters of Advice to Apply

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[Published 08 May, 2023 | 04:22 AM]
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On May 04, 2023, Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) conducted a new Expression of Interest (EOI) draw for candidates awaiting a nomination in the pool.

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This latest Manitoba PNP draw invited candidates from all of the three MPNP streams i.e., Skilled Workers in Manitoba, International Education Stream, and Skilled Worker Overseas.

Manitoba EOI Draw #178: Who was invited?

Skilled Worker in Manitoba

Occupation Specific

  • Number of LAAs issued: 252.
  • Ranking of the lowest-ranked candidate invited: 606.

The occupations under the following National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2021 major groups were considered in this draw:

  • 12 - Administrative and financial supervisors and specialized administrative occupations.
  • 22 - Technical occupations related to natural and applied sciences.
  • 70 - Middle management occupations in trades and transportation.

All Occupation

  • Number of LAAs issued: 199.
  • Ranking of the lowest-ranked candidate invited: 650.

International Education Stream

  • Number of LAAs issued: 39.

Skilled Worker Overseas

  • Number of LAAs issued: 49.
  • Ranking of the lowest-ranked candidate invited: 699.

Of the 539 LAAs issued in this draw, 204 were issued to candidates who declared a valid Express Entry profile number and job seeker validation code.

Is immigrating through Manitoba PNP easy?

Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) can be considered as one of the easier PNPs to apply for in Canada, but it is important to note that the ease of the application process may vary depending on individual circumstances and qualifications.

Manitoba PNP has a range of streams that target specific groups such as skilled workers, international students, business investors, and more. The application process is relatively straightforward, and the province has a clear set of eligibility requirements that must be met. The program also offers a fast-track option for applicants with in-demand skills, which can expedite the application process.

However, like any immigration program, Manitoba PNP requires applicants to meet certain qualifications, such as language proficiency, education, and work experience. Meeting these requirements can be challenging, and applicants must provide comprehensive documentation to support their application.

While Manitoba PNP may be considered one of the easier PNPs to apply for, it is important for applicants to thoroughly research the program and its requirements before applying.


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