Ontario PNP issues 14 ITAs under the Entrepreneur Stream

Ontario PNP issues 14 ITAs under the Entrepreneur Stream

Surya Rathee Surya Rathee
[Published 15 May, 2023 | 04:40 AM]
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On May 12, 2023, the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) conducted a new EOI draw for candidates under the Entrepreneur Stream. The Ontario Entrepreneur Stream is designed to attract experienced business professionals who are willing to invest and establish a business in the province.

A total of 14 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) were issued to candidates, with CRS scores ranging from 135 and 178.

  • Number of ITAs: 14
  • CRS score: 135 - 178
  • Targeted Stream: Entrepreneur

If you’ve been invited

If you have received an ITA, you need not contact the program. You will receive two emails containing the login information and instructions for submitting an application to the OINP. If you received a notice that your Expression of Interest (EOI) was eligible to receive an ITA, but did not receive an ITA this round - the EOI was scored below 135.

Your EOI will however remain eligible to receive an invitation to apply, for 12 months from the date it was submitted to the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program.

Immigrating to Ontario as an Entrepreneur

Immigrating to Ontario as an Entrepreneur offers several benefits, making it an attractive destination for business professionals seeking new opportunities. Here are some key advantages of immigrating to Ontario as an entrepreneur:

  • Strong Economy: Ontario has one of the largest and most diverse economies in Canada, providing a wide range of business opportunities across various sectors. The province offers a stable and supportive environment for entrepreneurs to thrive.
  • Access to Markets: Ontario's strategic location provides entrepreneurs with easy access to domestic and international markets. The province's proximity to major U.S. markets offers opportunities for trade and collaboration.
  • Skilled Workforce: Ontario boasts a highly skilled and educated workforce, which can contribute to the success of entrepreneurial ventures. The province is home to several renowned universities and colleges, providing access to a pool of talented individuals.
  • Quality of Life: Ontario offers a high standard of living with excellent healthcare, education, and infrastructure. The province has vibrant multicultural communities, diverse recreational activities, and a rich cultural scene, providing - a desirable lifestyle for entrepreneurs and their families.
  • Government Support: The government of Ontario provides various support programs and resources to assist entrepreneurs in establishing and growing their businesses. These programs include funding initiatives, business development services, and mentorship opportunities.
  • Immigration Programs: Ontario offers dedicated immigration programs such as the Entrepreneur Stream, designed to attract and support foreign entrepreneurs. These programs provide a clear pathway for entrepreneurs to apply for Canada PR and enjoy the benefits of living and working in Canada.
  • Networking and Collaboration: Ontario has a thriving business ecosystem with numerous networking events, industry associations, and business incubators. These resources facilitate connections, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing among Entrepreneurs, fostering innovation and growth.

It's important to note that specific benefits may vary depending on individual circumstances and business objectives. Immigrating to Ontario as an Entrepreneur can provide access to a supportive business environment, diverse markets, and a high quality of life, positioning entrepreneurs for success in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Source: ontario.ca


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